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Loneliness leads leader to the lost

A Christian pastor has re-awakened a dormant drama interest in order to engage the lost and as a counter to personal loneliness.

A subversive approach to faithsharing;
a minister/pastor responds to 'Have your say'.
Drama group rehearsing
Drama GroupWITH Christians feeling more and more isolated from mainstream society, is it maybe time to consider more 'subversive' ways of getting the Good News across, in a non-threatening 'slow-burning' way?

Eugene Peterson in some of his books writes about Christians being subversive in faith sharing. In fact he even goes on to suggest that Jesus was subversive in sharing God's kingdom whilst here on earth  – in a manner that didn't really impact the listener until the latter subsequently discovered they had been invaded by God. (Hence the use of parables.)

I have recently felt led to join a local drama group – a passion that I enjoyed some 30+ years ago at secondary school, but subsequently lost. However, the Lord has reawakened this passion and desire within me. On reflection I realise that there are many strands to this prompting from God.

Firstly, I believe that it is part of the ongoing restoration of my humanity because God is creative beyond our ken. He wants us to express that creativity also. More importantly however, I may be the only Christian in that group of people so, as things stand, if the Lord was to return tonight I would be the only one out of between 20 - 25 in the group going to be with Him.

As another strand I have struggled to make true friends amongst Christians since we moved home. Partly this is due to the fact that I am a pastor; but also having prayed for meaningful friendships I can see that the Lord is steering me away from the 'church' to explore friendships outwith.

During my training for ministry, a number of ministers warned me of the danger of living in a Christian ghetto, and advised me – if at all possible – to have hobbies and even friendships away from Christian circles. To be honest I didn't realise that being a Christian can be so lonely. However the Lord makes up for that, and now I believe He is extending my circles of influence in a new, surprising and delightful way.

So, my challenge is to look beyond the usual ways of reaching the lost. Why not start building bridges in new directions, as well as maintaining the existing contacts that we have? Yes, with a view of sharing the Good News of God's Kingdom; but perhaps in a 'slow burning' way.  And alongside that, enjoying all that God has provided for us in His world in full measure.

Psalm 24: 1
The earth is the LORD's, and everything in it,
the world, and all who live in it.

Ed footnotes:
  • Has the artificial 'sacred/secular' divide cut Christians off from the world in which we live?
  • Has church busy-ness assisted in the process?
  • If leadership roles create loneliness, the apostle Paul should have been the loneliest person on the planet, yet his letters are rich with 'relationships'. What has this to say to the present day structures?

Have your say, 14/07/2009

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