The Art of Hearing God

The Kings Fellowship is hosting a course on "The art of hearing God" which is described as being a "biblically based, in-depth course which aims to help people hear from God and to develop greater intimacy with Him."

Art of hearing GodDr Mark Stibbe of Father Heart Ministries and author of the book "Prophetic Evangelism" has this to say concerning the course:

"Streams provides the best training available in the ministry of prophecy. They have a very healthy emphasis on both character and charisma, theory and practice, prophecy in the house and prophecy out of the house (i.e. in evangelism). This material has arisen from the work of one of the most authentic and experienced practitioners in the world today. I highly recommend this course."

Mark Hadfield of Inveress Community Church and Street Pastors has written saying:

"I'm familiar with the course content myself. I've spent many years helping people to understand hearing God, something which I believe is the birthright of everyone in Christ. I've found that an appalling lack of solid Biblical teaching on the subject, coupled with, let's be honest here, 'flaky' practice, has quite understandably put many people off or made them wary. So I was delighted when I sampled the course last year, to find one course that lays all the Biblical foundations necessary to have confidence in hearing God clearly, including a strong emphasis on discipleship and character.

The course is not just for those who consider themselves confident or gifted in this area. Neither is the course 'unreal' considering hearing God's voice. It is Biblical. For example, have you ever wanted to understand those times when "heaven seems silent" or to understand what is happening during 'the dark night of the soul'?

I can't recommend this course enough. I thoroughly recommend this foundation course to ANYONE who wants to grow in confidence in hearing God, maybe for the first time, as well as anyone who already considers themselves gifted in this area and has the humility to make sure good foundations are in place (or who wants to progress to courses of a more advanced nature for which this course is a prerequisite)."

The following is copy of the flier which can be downloaded in various formats.

Art of hearing God

The Art of Hearing God course runs in the Kings Fellowship from Thursday, 10 September - Saturday, 12 September 2009.

Further info:
Heather: Tel. 01383 723329

Kings Fellowship, 29/08/2009

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Annette Maclean 31/08/2009 21:24
That's a very high price tag! Any suggestions for why such a course would cost so much?
Eddie Hallahan 31/08/2009 22:35
£95 quid for a 2 and a half day course doesn't seem high to me.
Peter Carr (Guest) 01/09/2009 08:49
Price comparison - Care for the Family held a full day course in a non-church venue in Edinburgh recently for £50 per head, and I am sure that their costs were a lot higher.

I wouldn't pay £95 for something run in a church!
John Parker (Guest) 01/09/2009 11:02
The cost of this course (although it is not high in comparison with secular equivalents) has probably much to do with the American source (or ethos).

Much as I love my American brothers, there has been an increasing tendency here in Britain to adopt trans-atlantic practices. These I would describe as -
1. Taking some faddish 'new thing'
2. Giving it a fancy title along with some new vocabulary
3. Marketing it aggresively as a money-making scheme.

I can't remember the quote exactly about the progress of Christianity but it is something like -
The Romans synthesised it, the Greeks intellectualised it, the Europeans institutionalised it and the Americans commercialised it.
Annette Maclean 01/09/2009 11:52
I would agree Eddie that generally £95 for a 2 day cousre doesn't generally seem to bad (certainly in secular terms) but I would question here what the money is for, presumably there are no venue costs, no accomodation costs, no travel is being provided and it would appear you are paying extra for your food, so I can't really see the need to charge such a high amount and therefore making the course quite inaccessible to most people.
Mark Hadfield 01/09/2009 11:58
I do know that the course struggles to meet its costs - a quality workbook for each student, travel expenses for the teachers (who are all volunteers from around Scotland incidentally, not paid itinerants from the U.S.) etc etc. It's all about economies of scale - if hundreds came to these courses then the per-head cost could be a LOT lower.

I find it amusing that £50 for a one-day course is somehow cheaper than £95 for two full days plus three full evenings. How does that maths work?

"I wouldn't pay £xxx for something run in a church" says something about our expectations of things run in a church, i.e. that it won't be of a high standard. Very sad. (Sorry Peter, but I say it how I see it).

In my work as an engineer we send people on courses that cost in the region of £1000 per delegate per day and we consider it money well spent. Such a shame that we don't value our growth in God's Kingdom as highly as our growth in the workplace. £95 reflects the costs, no profit, and we still complain!

I hate commercialism as much as the next man, but I'll say this for our American brothers and sisters - they take their discipleship seriously enough to meet the expense of doing it well. It's a shame that we don't. We're poverty-minded in so many ways and we have to break that mindset (without swinging the pendulum into the opposite extreme, no question about that).

BUT if anyone genuinely can't afford £95 then that's a different matter. That's where the community of believers does a beautiful thing - and shares what we have for the benefit of all. Speak to your church if you're in genuine need of assistance, and, I'll stick my neck out here, if they're unhelpful then speak to me (but I'll want to hear their reasons, from them, and why you're in need, from you).


p.s. There is a subsidised rate for the unwaged. Phone Heather.
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