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David Wilkerson's anguish

David WilkersonThere will be few who will not have heard of the long and highly-regarded ministry of Rev. David Wilkerson (now of Times Square Church, New York).

The following spoken message has been sent to Christians Together from a number of different sources, each suggesting that the message is worthy of a listening. Ultimately of course it is only the Holy Spirit that can testify  (or not) to the hearts of believers as to whether this is (part of) what the Lord might be saying to His church today.

David Wilkerson, 31/08/2009

Penny Lee 01/09/2009 14:55
That is a very powerful cry of despair.

I defy any true Christian to listen to that and not have their eyes fill with tears. Tragically, I suspect that it is because we all recognise that what he says is absolutely true and in evidence all around us.

O God, let us all come before you with real anguish in our hearts and plead for your presence to come down and fill our lands again with an awareness of You and Your incredible love towards us.

Our world needs Your help.
Annie Morris (Guest) 12/09/2009 13:05 able to put into words the thoughts that have been in my heart for some time.....we go to church to be sad is that? (I mean the old fashioned meaning of "sad" not todays understanding i.e. pathetically weak)
Come Holy Spirit, and deal with us....humble us.....we've become so arrogant and complacent.....
Kathreen (Guest) 28/07/2011 02:47
Dear Heavenly Father:
have mercy on us! Forgive our sins.
Please make us sensitive to Your voice!
Use us In these End Times - give us hearts of prayer.
In the Name of our Lord Jesus, we pray. Amen

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