Soul BearingA night of praise and music as part of the Inverness YMCA 150th Anniversary year; with the launch of Tommie Mackay's new 'Soul Bearing' album.

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Whist tickets can be obtained on the night, it will encourage Tommie and save you on the evening to:
order your ticket(s) in advance.

Connect Concert

Tommie tells us:

I need to sell 200 tickets to make this a viable night as you will see from the poster the Electrics and Stuart Trotter, along with the Culduthel Christian Centre
have kindly donated their services for expenses which is amazing generous of them all.

This concert is also for all ages and there should be something for everybody: it should be a great night!

He continues:

On a personal note I have been working on this for four years so i would really be appreciative of your support

If you want to book your tickets please call me or drop me an e mail.


Tommie can be contacted at:
T: 01463 234569
M: 0785.337.6078

Inverness YMCA/CYC, 06/10/2009

Tommie Mackay (Guest) 14/10/2009 14:38
I want to give you some information on what the concert is for -

1/ This is a time of praise both collectively and in music,there should be something for all ages

2/ We are attempting to raise some funds for the Youth work at the CYC with the specific objective being that we can support financially one of the Youth to continue working here all profits from the concert are going to this.

The Electrics and Stuart Trotter have kindly donated their services for expenses only, which is quite amazingly generous of them to come up all this way and give up their time to support this outreach.
And Culduthel Christian Centre have kindly donated their premises

3/ The Album Soul Bearing will be for sale, which is dedicated to the 150 years of the Inverness YMCA and 50% of the profits are going directly to the work of the Inverness YMCA the other 50% will be used indirectly for the work of the CYC

All I am asking off you is that you e mail text and generate this around your networks at the moment I have sold just 14 tickets and about another 20 people have said they would attend, as you can imagine I am a bit concerned about this.

I am going to Glasgow to practice with Electrics next weekend 23/10/09 and if I don't think that I can sell between 150 and 200 tickets then I will have to call it off, it would sadden me to have make this decision

So if you could e-mail me with approximate numbers that will be attending before next weekend then I can make that decision.
I only ask this because I realise that I am not known to most of you and especially not for music, so while I am a bit of an unknown in this field the work of the Inverness YMCA means a lot to me; and if I can help in any small part then I count this an honour.

Here are some links of my music on YouTube for you to have a listen to this is just for further information


O Jerusalem

We come to worship

Jesus the Messiah "Yeshua Hamashiach"

Also if you want to here any more of the songs for free then e mail me and I can send you links to the whole album.

Please do not hesitate to call or e mail me for more information.
Mobile 0785.337.6078

Thanks for your support

Malachi 3:16

Tommie Mackay (Guest) 22/10/2009 17:04
Hi just a gentle reminder about the concert at CCC on Saturday the 31st of October

I am off down to Glasgow to practice with the Electrics this weekend and I am seeing a good interest in the concert if I could ask you to give everyone a gentle reminder, as this is to support one of our youth workers and it would be great to see as many as possible

The CD is also here and will be available for £10.00

Once again thank you for your support and I hope to see as many of you as possible on the Saturday the 31st should be a great night

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