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Giving it all away: the Street Pastors' experience

Inverness Community Church and The King's Fellowship hosted a day where Christians came together to hear of some of the experiences of those who have been working in Inverness on the Street Pastor project and other initiatives. The aim was to assist the Christian community in the work of Kingdom building.

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Saturday, 7 November, 2009

9.30am - 9.00pm

Its all white out there

Mark Hadfield of Inverness Community Church says:

"I feel very privileged to have seen God work out on the streets and in pubs and coffee shops over the last few years as believers from as many as fifteen different local churches in the Inverness area have come together for Street Pastors, Healing On The Streets, various expressions of prophetic evangelism, and praying together.

It has been, and continues to be, an amazing journey which has opened our eyes to see more clearly what God is doing in the world around us and how we can co-operate with Him in His Mission wherever we happen to be, and the blessing that comes when we are united in The King's purpose.

Explaining the motivation behind the day Mark continues:

"It is for this reason that we are hosting a day with the intention of giving away what we have learnt and are still learning. We want to help believers to be released into the Great Commission. We understand just how it feels to have never stepped out before, or to have had disappointing experiences in the past that make us feel "maybe this is not for us", and we have learnt so much that we know can help.

We really believe that everyone of us is called to a lifestyle which is the Great Commission and that when we start to "find our groove" which is the unique way each of us is created to do that, then it is liberating and fulfilling, rather than awkward and onerous, and that our relationship with God develops on an altogether richer and joyful level as we see Him at work."

Mark is keen to emphasise that the venture is not a recruitment day to gain new street workers (although that subject will get a mention). Rather it is a time when street pastors will tell inspiring stories, teach from the Bible speak of what they are learning about God's Mission and our lifestyle.There will be practical workshops on topics such as: "How do I offer to pray for someone who has never been in church before?" and "How can I know what God is doing in the midst of distraction?".

Mark concludes:

"We are praying that God will stir something in the hearts of everyone who comes, setting us free from past disappointments, opening our eyes to fresh possibilities, and equipping us by the Spirit to be salt and light wherever we happen to be: the workplace, the bus stop, the supermarket queue, the school gate ... everywhere and anywhere because our lifestyle makes us permanently available to God.

Some pictures from the day-time component of the conference

High resolution copies of any of these pictures (and others) can be obtain from Christians Together.

A sample of feedback from members of the public in response to outreach contact work
Feedback from Street Work

Mark Hadfield, 07/11/2009

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