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Prophesy from Alex Buchanan

Alex Buchanan was, while in active ministry, a pastor, author, teacher and pastor to pastors in the UK and beyond. He gave out this prophesy in July 1975 while working with Leeds City Mission.

First published 03/11/2009

Ed preface: It was an immense privilege to know and, on one occasion, meet with Alex Buchanan and his dear wife Peggy in our home many years ago when they visited Inverness. I have seldom met a man of God who could simultaneously be very very direct but yet so selflessly humble. I benefitted greatly from his fellowship and his truly prophetic insights. I remember at that time Alex talking, without the slightest trace of pride, about the loneliness he felt of having no one to whom he could look to as a 'ahead of him in the Lord'. I have appended a short video to the following article in order to allow readers to know something of the man.

Alex went to be with the Lord in 2010 in his 83rd year.

Alex Buchanan: man of God
Alex BuchananSOMBRE indeed are the faces of my Holy Ones as they look upon your land. They are aghast at the sin that has become so rampant within this nation - a nation once great, a nation once given by me the opportunity to demonstrate righteousness to a great part of this world. You began, but speedily failed: so has your empire disappeared.

There is grief in my heart as I look upon your land where once my name was honoured but has now become prey to any foul spirit. The spirit of harlotry is deep within your land. As I look in my own Church for a bride fair and chaste, even there is harlotry and sin and every form of indiscipline. These things bring grief to my heart and cause my Holy Ones to stand amazed that I should not immediately and fully judge those who perpetrate these things.

They also see the position of my hands, for whereas once my hands were around the country in protection, now my hands are changed and they are above and pointing in judgement, for I am opening the way for the workers of iniquity to come, and I give them liberty to damage and harass your land because you have rejected my protection.

There are among the peoples of your country those who, with skilful words and with the touch from the pit are bringing about those things that shall cause chaos and bloodshed, for the blood of your own countrymen and country women shall stain your streets, even these streets, when you are given over to these tyrants who shall then come fully into view.

They are not all in the one party or on the one side - some of them are so skilfully covered that you do not see them, even in the ranks of those who profess to be your brethren and sisters.. In the ranks of those who appear to lead the very people of God they are entrenched and shall be revealed.

My beloved people, I tell you of things that are to come that you might hear my voice and that you might respond. I wanted to make your land a demonstration to the world of that which is good and that which came from a Country that owned and honoured my law, but alas, it has become a demonstration for the enemy of that which comes when every polluted thing is not only permitted, but made legal by the leaders of the country.

I will judge them and I will judge them heavily; I will cast them down and I will put such rulers that shall bring the country to the very edge of complete destruction.

Yet my ears are still open to hear any cry that might arise to me from my people. I moved up and down your ranks, looking earnestly not only in your eyes, but into the depths of your heart, to see if there are any who will stand in the gap. I long to find those who will stand in the gap. Yes, I long for them - those who will deal severely with every sin and wrong practice; those who will heed my word and instantly obey it: those who will turn aside from the mere selfish desires of the flesh; those who will pay no great attention to the desires for comfort and ease either in body or spirit or mind, but who will embrace the roughness, heat and strife of real warfare.

I long for those who will praise me when everything in them cries out that they should not praise me. These are rugged sons and daughters who will allow my knife to go so deep that the deep hidden things shall be dealt with and worship of self shall cease and the strong forces of the flesh be dealt with in my presence. I long for those who will shut themselves up and learn to weep before me and share my agony; those who will share my longings and yearnings, for do not think I am hard and untouchable.

Understand my heart, beloved, and come and share it with me. Those I look for not only wear the sword, but take it out and wield it, cutting to pieces the enemy, and where necessary using it to deal hardly with the flesh, that the enemies may be crushed wherever they are and I may bring forth into your land peace and safety; so that I may bring through my Church my strong word, my clear testimony, my torrents of love, grace and mercy.

Beloved, where shall I find those who will stand so strong and steadfast that they shall prove to be a wall against the enemy? Where shall I find those who shall yet be prophets in the land and mighty preachers of righteousness? Where shall I find mighty intercessors who will sweat and weep, if necessary, so that at all costs my will shall be accomplished in earth as it is in Heaven?

My beloved People, do not think of the years of further safety. Think rather in days, for so imminent is my judgement upon your land if I do not find my people who shall behave as I have directed you in this word.


Editor’s footnote: The above is an exact copy of the original text; unblemished apart from some additional paragraph spacing to make it easier to read.
Although it was delivered (and written up) in the first person, this should not be taken as a guarantee as being 'from the Lord'. It is the responsibility of the reader to discern – under God and by the Holy – the validity (or not) of what is being said.

Alex BuchananAlex Buchanan while in active leadership was a pastor, author, teacher, prophet and a ‘pastor to pastors’ to many of today’s generation of church leaders in Britain and abroad.

In one of his books ‘Anger, Mercy and the Heart of God’ he asserts that two badly needed topics - the fear of God and the anger of God - are missing from much of today's preaching and teaching.
In this book he teaches these subjects without forgetting the heart of God - mercy towards those who repent. The message is an exhortation to get back to basics and join with the Lord as He shakes and revives His Church!


Alex Buchanan, 10/05/2016

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John Miller 10/02/2014 20:49
Colin (Firth) I'm highly amused at your little jab! A Christian is a Christian. He or she is a disciple of Christ according to scripture. A false christian is not a Christian. He or she is an impostor and if we know of such it would be very innaccurate to say that such a one is a Christian. This is not however the subject of this thread and I will not enter into it here.

I agree that the above is not a prophecy because it is not founded on specific scripture.

Revival is needed in the prophessing church in every denomination and fellowship, and begins with individuals. Godly Christians will have it on their regular prayer list. I need revival!
(Guest) 10/02/2014 20:53
Indeed, there are so many 'self styled' prophets in charismatic circles who presume to speak on God's behalf, and, without knowing it, all they are doing is superimposing their own responses on God.
They are ventriloquists whose god is the puppet on their knee - very sad really
Colin Ford 10/02/2014 21:11
I am very glad that you have a sense of humour!
Yes, I agree with you, in as much as you assert; "A false Christian is not a "Christian". He or she is an impostor", very, very true, I shall not argue against that. But, with the caveat that there are those that do masquerade as TRUE Christians? I believe we should study afresh Matthew 13.24-30 KJV?
It is a bit like this OSAS vs NOSAS debate? It all depends whether one is a TRUE believer, to begin with?
Every blessing to you!
(Guest) 10/02/2014 21:35
Recognising you as a brothers in Christ could I recommend the following read:
The Anti Gospel (The Perversion of Christ's Grace Gospel) by Edward Hendrie
You will find it encouraging and edifying and, if you seek safety and security in numbers, just a little frightening.
Editor 11/02/2014 16:44
Please note: This thread is open for all to read, but only site members can post.
Colin Ford 13/02/2014 13:02
I read a free sample of Hendrie's "The Anti Gospel" on my Kindle. I felt compelled to buy at £6.48.
To anyone that would desire to understand Sovereign Grace and the truth behind what is known as Armenianism (the denial of election etc) I cannot recommend a better read. And many other subjects!
Thank you.
Colin Ford 13/02/2014 13:03
Thomas Cunliffe 17/05/2016 22:58
I feel that the problem with these sort of prophecies is that they follow too much the Old Testament prophecies of Almighty God concerning "the nations" and the covenant nation of Israel. Britain, nor any other European nation was never called by God as Israel was, with promises, blessings, warnings and appropriate curses for disobedience.

In the era of Christ and his church, the focus of God has moved to the Great Commission and the only question the Holy Spirit brings to mankind today is what do you think of Christ? The "nation" does not actually feature very much in the Apostolic writings, because the focus is now on Christ and the gift of salvation through his blood. As Colin Ford suggests above, it is not difficult to read OT prophecies and to apply the style and content to any contemporary scenario. While acknowledging that these prophets are Godly men, I fear they may be misguided.

I would even question whether God is all that interested in "nationhood" and all that goes with it - patriotism, and the defence of our cultural identity. I was reading Tom Wright on Romans yesterday and found this

"For Paul however, and indeed for the whole New Testament, the idea of a holy land, in terms of one strip of territory over against all others, has simply vanished. In its place are the beginnings of a completely transformed idea of land: that the whole world - in Romans 8 the entire creation - is claimed as by God as "holy land" and is promised to Abraham and his family (the whole people of God) as their" inheritance".

But then I may be straying into Anabaptist or Mennonite territory here!
Rob 23/05/2016 07:07
As we are instructed to pray for those who govern us (NT), there would seem to be a base for the persistence of the importance of separate nations. Certainly a look beyond Romans 8 to chapter 11 might suggest that there is at least one very special strip of land.
Mini 09/04/2019 21:39
Having thought about it for a couple of years, I do now believe this to be a true word from God.
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