SCP to field candidate in General Election

The Scottish Christian Party is hoping to field a candidate in the forthcoming general election and a contest is to held in the early new year to select a candidate.

murdomurray smallA £30,000 campaign war chest has been promised to the Scottish Christian Party (SCP) candidate fighting the Western Isles constituency in the forthcoming general election. The party’s political candidate will be chosen in February after a US-style Open Primary contest open to all islanders.

This is thought to be just the second time the American system of allow all voters in an area to select a prospective candidate for an election in the UK. The first was in August when the Sarah Wollaston was picked to fight the Totnes seat for the 2010 general election for the Conservatives.

The candidate selection will be conducted by a secure internet vote and via a computerised telephone poll. The primary will be organised and controlled by the Electoral Reform Service though its £30,000 cost will be borne by the party.

Voting in the Primary will be between Thursday 21 January and Thursday 11 February 2010.

George HargreavesChristian Party leader Rev. George Hargreaves who stood in the Western Isles as a SCP candidate for the Western Isles at the last general election pledged the campaign cash saying: “We are in it to win it. “Whoever wins the prize will be well resourced.”

“The £30,000 campaign fund is the maximum allowed under the law and we are spending a similar amount on the Primary."

The successful candidate will have  a rented campaign office at his disposal in a prime spot in Cromwell Street in Stornoway town centre. The party plans to fight the SNP after blaming the Nationalists for launching a controversial Sabbath ferry into Lewis this summer while Sabbath trading is another issue troubling the party. Rev. Hargreaves has stated: 


“In 2010 and 2011 the Scottish Christian Party shall run election campaigns based on building on the strengths of the Western Isles, not destroying them. We intend to see the people of the Western Isles united behind it uniqueness, not divided by its diversity.”


Mr. Hargreaves also believes that the Calman report could benefit the Scottish islands. He said that the 10 pence (income) tax should be used to advantage for the Western Isles and peripheral islands to attract new business and attract population to the islands

The presence of the Scottish Christian Party in the Western Isles election fight could well upset the two-horse race between the SNP and Labour. It will also impact on any opportunity or desire that there might be for a local Christian to stand as an independent.

murdomurray small1In the 2007 elections for the Scottish Parliament Mr. Murdo Murray, a former Technical Director with Western Isles Council stood as a List Candidate for the SCP.

Mr. Murray participated in a recent on-line discussion regarding the Sunday sailing issue and the wider subject of Christian representation in the political process.

Audio iconIn the course of the discussion Christians Together interviewed Mr. Murray on a range of issues affecting the Western Isles. It is understood that Mr. Murray was not present at a recent public meeting in Stornoway hosted by Rev. Hargreaves.

Christians Together, 24/12/2009

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Peter Carr 24/12/2009 20:22
£30,000 would go a long way in places like India etc, instead of being poured into our economy with nothing to show in return.

I hate to be a cynic, but, their (SCP) track record so far ain't too good, and it is fairly certain that for the Western Isles this will be a four horse race, of which will be Labour, Conservatives, Libs and SNP.

So, why not give the money to people who will benefit from it in terms of food, shelter, clean water etc?
M. Butley (Guest) 26/12/2009 00:38
Religion & Politics = Bad Combo.
Anne Sikorski (Guest) 27/12/2009 09:59
May God bless your campaign and anoint your chosen candidate with wisdom. God knows this country needs it. Ex 33:13, 15-16.
John Parker (Guest) 27/12/2009 10:25
At a conference in Americal this last year a speaker talked about Christian activism in the political domain.

He said that if Christianity doesn't 'push upwards against politics' then politics would 'push downwards on Christianity'.

We are probably seeing this dynamic at work now in the UK. However the matter of how Christians respond is another question.

Regarding how best to spend £30,000 (or any sum no matter how large or small) that is an issue which can only be determined by the operation of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of each one of us as we consider how best to employ the resources that God has given to us.

Jesus spoke about reaching out to the destitute he also reminded his followers that poverty would always be part of the scene.

The widow with her mite has a lesson for most of us in the West. But whether we give it to one particular cause or another is for each to judge for him or herself.
Peter Carr 27/12/2009 12:59
John said, "Regarding how best to spend £30,000 (or any sum no matter how large or small) that is an issue which can only be determined by the operation of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of each one of us as we consider how best to employ the resources that God has given to us."

I believe that it is also the responsibility of the 'priesthood of all believers' to remind each other of biblical truths, particularly in light of how we understand and discern God's Spirit to be moving (or not).

Evidence strongly suggests (so far) that SCP have poured a lot of money into the political machine having made no, or little impact as a result.

In the current political climate it is looking unlikely that minority parties will make any headway in the forthcoming general election, unless God intervenes with a miracle.

In discerening God's will we all need to keep certain truths before us, seeking evidences along the way;

1. God's Word.
2. The inner witness of the Holy Spirit.
3. Other Christians.
4. Circumstances.
5. Reason.
6. Super natural revelation.

So, as at this time considering the above, I remain unconvinced that £30,000 is best employed in the way that SCP intend.
John Parker (Guest) 27/12/2009 14:18
"Evidence strongly suggests (so far) that SCP have poured a lot of money into the political machine having made no, or little impact as a result."

With respect Peter, we also need to remember that God's ways and thoughts are far above ours (Isaiah 55:8-9). And - again with respect - those involved need to 'work out their own salvation with fear and trembling'(Phil 2:12). And this might lead them to spending a sum in this manner. We walk by faith and not by sight (i.e. 'evidence, so far') (2 Cor 5:11).

Throughout the ages God has confounded the foolishness of worldy thinking (1 Cor 3:19).
A sincere sacrifice to the Lord He will not despise; and as we know He can use everything to His advantage.

This does not prevent any of us from having our opinions, but ultimately it is for those involved to take the matter before the Lord themselves.

But rather than expend energy on discussions of this nature, is it not better to take time in the closet praying that God will be glorified through whatever means He will choose.
Peter Carr 27/12/2009 16:05
Peter Carr 27/12/2009, 16:03
With respect John, SCP claim to represent the wider constituancy of the Christian church, so it should be through the 'body of Christ with the mind of Christ' that we also seek discernment from God's Spirit. Which would suggest being open to the Lord speaking through His church, individually and collectively.
George Orr (Guest) 28/12/2009 12:30
If it's their money, they have the right to spend it any way they want.

It's between them and God.

Small minded sniping at what others are doing, usually by those who are not 'doing' is just that - 'small minded'.
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