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Could you be a Street Pastor?

The Inverness Street Pastor team is now an established part of the Inverness scene. In response to growing opportunity the team are now looking for more volunteers to assist in the work.

Archie Macarthur taking it allMark Hadfield writes concerning new year opportunities for anyone interested to know more about the work and what is involved in becoming a Street Pastor.

Dear all,

We're looking for more Street Pastors to help out in the City Centre, Merkinch and a new startup in Hilton. Please join me in praying for more labourers. The fields really are white unto harvest out there and we have lots of invitations to do more on the streets. Please also take note of our recruitment events which I'll mention in a moment, and invite people along who have expressed an interest in joining us on the streets.

God has granted us tremendous favour with the public and with the authorities and agencies in our region. For example, Highland Council have just awarded us some funding specifically to recruit, train and equip more volunteers. Hilton Community Council are specifically requesting us to work in Hilton. Northern Constabulary, and other safety initiatives, tell me that we're having a direct influence on antisocial behaviour at street level. When I think back to when we started, trying to explain our vision to a sceptical audience, I really am amazed at what God has done through everyone involved in Street Pastors.

People regularly thank us on the streets for the work that we do: helping people in need, helping people to feel safe, being available to listen and to chat when there is no-one else to turn to. In the role of a Street Pastor we are not preachers: we are pastoral (a personal challenge for me, who in appropriate contexts can certainly preach!). But many of those pastoral conversations move naturally to our motivation - Jesus - and to requests for prayer. We honestly can't quantify what happens next. But we regularly hear stories of people popping along to church because they met us on the streets as well as those who ask us, on the streets, how to know Jesus and ask us to pray with them. I cannot stress enough how natural this process is. We never proselytise. We are always invited. Consequently we are answering real questions and helping with real needs.

But for me, the most fulfilling part is simply being with people where they're at, demonstrating that we do genuinely care and that we do have genuine hope for whatever we face in life. My own faith grows in every encounter where I need to go beyond myself in order to help someone. I know Jesus better as a consequence of being a Street Pastor and that is precious.

I'm sure you'll agree? We have a lot to be thankful for, and a lot more to pray in. We currently have 32 active Street Pastors. I am praying for 40 more and planning our training accordingly.

We have two information evenings planned where anyone who is interested in becoming a Street Pastor can come and find out more. No commitment is required, but those who want to can take away application forms on the night. Applicants need to be 18 or over and to have been in a healthy relationship with a local church for at least 12 months.

Forthcoming Information Evenings

 Street Pastor Video 
Monday, 18 January 2010
Hilton Lighthouse,
Hilton Church, Tomatin Road

Wednesday, 3 February 2010
Hilton Lighthouse,
Hilton Church, Tomatin Road, Inverness

Note: Training Sessions now planned:

The first training sessions ('Roles and Responsibilities' and 'Good News') have been scheduled for Friday, 19 and Saturday, 20 February 2010.
Full details of training will be available at the above information evenings. But if anyone wants to register early interest then be in touch with Mark.

Mark Hadfield
Street Pastors Coordinator
Mobile: 07761 293 108
Helpline: 07828 002 966


Ed footnote: Read of an account of a typical Street Pastor evening shift in the Merkinch area of Inverness.

Street Pastors / Christians Together, 05/01/2010

Mark Hadfield (Guest) 26/01/2010 17:32
We had an encouraging time at the first of our two Street Pastors information evenings on Monday 18.

Over a dozen people came to enjoy hearing stories about our work, and exciting opportunities that God is opening-up before us this year to be salt and light in our communities: City Centre, Merkinch, and potentially Hilton area if we have sufficient volunteers. There was lots of fun and laughter punctuated by many profound pauses, and nearly everybody decided to take away an application form and pray that God would lead them clearly as to what to do next.

We're doing it all again on Wednesday 3rd February and we'd love to see many more people there. The fields really are white unto harvest and we are praying for more labourers (Matthew 9).

Can I ask you to please spread the word that we need more Street Pastors and to invite people to come along on Wednesday 3rd February to find out more if they're interested or even remotely intrigued? The purpose of the evening is to give away information and leave people to go away to pray about whether or not Street Pastors is for them.

See article above for details.
Mark Hadfield (Guest) 29/01/2010 22:31
As you know, we're in the process of recruiting more Street Pastors Volunteers. Our first get together for interested parties went very well. We had 15 people come along and 12 took away application forms. That's a great start. Thank You Jesus! But I'm really hoping for 30-40 new recruits this year! Our next get-together for people who are interested in becoming a volunteer is this Wednesday, 3rd February, at
7:30pm in Hilton Lighthouse (Tomatin Road, Hilton).

I would be grateful if you ould -

1. Ask your churches to announce the event this Sunday. Maybe they'll even give you a couple of minutes to enthuse?

2. Encourage people you know who may be interested to come along. No commitment will be required. We don't even accept applications on the night - we give an entertaining and informative presentation about Street Pastors and ask people to take away a form and to pray about it before returning it to us. The requirement is to be 18 or over, and in relationship with a local church.

We're hoping to expand our service in three key areas this year:

1. Larger City Centre teams with every Friday and Saturday covered.

2. Larger Merkinch teams with some additional weekend cover.

3. To start work in Hilton, in a similar fashion to our startup last year in Merkinch.

We've received a lot of favour from the communities, police, and Highland Council. We received a grant from the Central Ward to expand our service in the City Centre and Merkinch; from the Ness-side Ward to start work in Hilton; from the Merkinch Partnership to expand our service in Merkinch; and from the Inverness Drug and Alcohol Forum to sponsor a new Street Pastor. This is all great news and demonstrates the need out there, and our reputation.

Many thanks.

This is an exciting time. When we started Street Pastors in 2007 /
2008, there were over 1,000 volunteers working in 57 communities. I've just returned from an Ascension Trust event in London where the latest statistics are now nearly 4,000 volunteers working in over 200 communities with another 40-50 initiatives due to start in the next few months. Scotland now has over 420 Street Pastors of its own. There's a lot to thank God for and a lot to look forward to, both in Inverness, and nationally.


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