World Day of Prayer 2010

As part of the 2010 World Day of Prayer, people from the Christian communities in over 180 countries have the opportunity to worship and pray on the common theme “Let everything That Has Breath Praise God”.

(first published 17/02/10)

World Day of PrayerON Friday, March 5, Christian women of Cameroon, who wrote the service, invite men, women and young people from around the world to share with them in World day of Prayer services which will begin as the sun rises in the Tobago Islands and will continue around the world over the next thirty six hours, until the sun sets over Alaska. People from the Christian communities in over 180 countries have the opportunity to worship and pray on the common theme:

“Let everything That Has Breath Praise God”.

In Scotland, services are held in locations as diverse as churches, universities and schools, Sunday schools and youth groups, hospitals and eventide homes, hostels for the homeless, prisons and shopping centres.

Cameroon is on the west coast of Africa, just north of the equator. It is divided into many geographical regions with the coastal plain in the south. Cameroon is rich in natural resources and is described as “Africa in miniature” and offers a striking variety of landscapes.
There is an astonishing cultural wealth, with more than 240 ethnic groups each with its own specific culture. It is well known for its styles of music and is therefore well placed to take up the theme.

The women of Cameroon encourage us to come with great enthusiasm; to bring choirs and people to play instruments; to make music in praise and adoration of God. They remind us that with every breath we take we renew the gift of life and for this we praise God.

Offerings from the various services will be given to Christian Societies who have projects in Cameroon and also to a Christian Organisation assisting people affected by HIV or AIDS in Cameroon.

Inverness Services

A service will be held in The East Church Hall, Inverness at 10:30am.

The speakers will be Mrs Chrisanne Macleod and Mrs Reay Mcgill who went to Malawi last summer to work on various HIV AIDS projects.

An evening service will be held in St Columba Church, Inverness at 7:30pm and the speaker will be Rev David Anderson, padre at Fort George and recently returned from Afghanistan.

All are welcome to both services.

World Day of Prayer, 26/02/2010

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