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DVD of interview with Jean Darnall

The vision that Jean Darnall feels God gave her back in the late 60s is known to many and dear to many hearts. Chris Hill, then an Anglican minister and now a highly regarded Bible teacher met Jean in 1970. Recently he renewed fellowship with her in America and recorded a 30 minute interview with her.

Click on the image to below to view a 3 minute excerpt from their meeting put together for you by Christians Together.

The full interview can be obtained on DVD from C & L Ministries.
 It is very suitable for watching with some friends.

See also the article carrying Jean Darnall's original prophecy.

Jean Darnall

You can listen also to a Christians Together interview with Chris Hill as he gives an incisive take on the last 40 years in the church and nation.

C & L Ministries, 19/02/2010

40 years in 30 minutes Chris Hill
Bible teacher Chris Hill speaks to Christians Together with an overview of the last 40 years and leads right up to the future with some views regarding the times approaching the church. He touches on Jean Darnall's prophecy, the Charismatic renewal and the need to test all that we see going on around us.
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Recorded: 04/02/2010
Length: 30 minutes
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Alec (Guest) 21/02/2010 11:38
Revivals are interesting - the last big one in Scotland must have been the Lewis revival of 1949,but correct me if I am wrong in this

I know several Lewis people who were converted at that time - the point whcih they all make is that entire communities were affected - I heard it described as "the pub empty, the church full" True revival is unmistakeable

Which brings me to a question:

How many countries, which were FORMERLY "Christian" but are now quite secular (like the UK and most of W Europe) have experienced a major revival, a major "RE-Christianisation" ?

I dont mean countries which have gon from being pagan or based on folk religion - I mean countries which WERE Christian, lost it, and then regained it

I cant think of any
Alan Hughes 22/02/2010 13:11
Firstly Alec, very few countries are or have ever been completely Christian. Indeed the number of 'christians' in the UK is probably made up of about 10% who truly know the Lord, the rest are those either have a 'form of religion' or who merely attend church.

The only example a whole nation turning to God, turning away from God and turning back to God repeatedly, would be Israel in the times of the Kings.

The revivals this nation has seen the past has been fairly localised. (Lewis, Kilsyth etc.)
Ian Thain (Guest) 23/02/2010 20:33
Dear Brother in Christ,

I have just come across your web site "Christians Together", and although I don't live in the Highlands or Islands and am not even a Scot (I'm an Anglo-Saxon whose ancestors came to England 1,500 years ago) I have the happiest memories of a holiday on Skye and, more to the point, I was a near neighbour of Jean and Elmer Darnall in Dorset for several years. I have just listened to the recording on your site of Jean's description of the vision she had at St Mary's Longfleet many years ago. I was there when she described it to us a few days later. In the sixties I worked for Michael Harper at the Fountain Trust, and in fact I drove Jean from Highbury to her first Fountain Trust meeting at the Metropolitan Tabernacle; then when she and Elmer moved from Dorset to London I carried up all their furniture in a 3-ton van I had at the time, and moved them into their flat.

I'm still loosely in touch with Jean, though of course Elmer has gone to be with the Lord, and in fact I had an email from her only last week with words of encouragement for Jeanne Harper after Michael too had died.

My reason for writing to you now is that on your site you have a page about "What God is saying now", and you have a report about HMQ's questions to the financial people about not seeing the coming collapse. I will share this with you:-

On the evening of 6th May 2009 I knelt by my bed to pray before climbing in. Suddenly there was a great stillness, and I wasn't by my own bed. I was a soldier on a battlefield, as it might be The Somme or Ypres, knowing that on the following day the attack would be launched and all the dogs of war would be let loose.. Naturally I prayed that whatever may come, I should do my duty and not disgrace the Lord's Name.

What actually happened the following morning was that The Daily Telegraph broke the story about the MPs' expenses, and the repercussions of that have been rumbling on ever since despite the efforts of almost everybody involved to shut things up and get back to normal. But they won't get back to normal. Some MPs have resigned; others are under police investigation; and it is certain that the next House of Commons will have a very different look and membership from the present House.

And it's The Lord who has done it. I know that because He told me the previous evening that it was He who was launching the battle. He has not told me anything since, nor do I expect Him to unless He should have some particular thing for me to do. But I thought I'd drop you this line, and perhaps it may tie in with what somebody else somewhere has to offer. I see our immediate task as to pray much for the new intake of MPs, that the Lord's will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. (Guest) 24/04/2012 22:58
I believe Miss Darnall's prophecy/vision. In 2004 the Lord took me up for 45 minutes & showed me this Great Awakening coming to America from the UK. Be blessed. Pastor Hamel

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