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Christian's livelihoods under threat

In our post-modern age, Christians are increasingly finding themselves in situations of having to choose between holding fast to the dictates of conscience and the need to earn a living. Christian Guest House operators and employees in the public sector are at the forefront of increasing pressures from the political, media and legal establishment to conform to the spirit of our times.

by Watchman

Christian Guest HouseMY telephone rang some time back and the caller was in a bit of a flap. He was a Christian businessman who had just opened an upmarket hotel: the venture had cost him much time and money. His problem, and here I refer to his reason for calling, was that a couple from whom he had accepted a booking some time previously, were due to arrive in the next few hours and the flustered hotelier had just discovered that the persons concerned were in a same sex relationship.

We had a discussion about the ins and outs of the case from a moral and legal perspective. I also gave some signposting to other expert sources of advice on this particular issue. Needless to say that while the telephone conversation was very focussed, it couldn’t go on for too long, as the couple were due to arrive very shortly. So we rang off.

I do not know what decision that hotelier took or whether he is still in the catering business, but his problem was very real and is becoming increasingly prevalent.
Same-sex couples (irrespective of gender) are increasingly testing the scope and boundaries of new legislation; and their focus is on Christians. Christians, in an increasingly hostile climate, are a soft target. After all, disciples of Christ are meant to be both loving and law-abiding, are they not?

The Christian response

However the above situation, which is now increasingly common, does raise the question of how Christians should respond in matters relating to the law(s) of the land. We have situations in the Bible of followers of Christ which alternatively speak of upholding the law (Romans 13:1 – 6; Titus 3:1) and possibly breaking the law (Acts 5:25). (I say ‘possibly’ because while Peter and his friends may have been disobeying the religious Jewish leaders they would not necessarily have been contravening the legislation of the Roman authorities. However one situation whereby Christians are almost certainly breaking the law is in smuggling Bibles into countries where the Word of God is forbidden. Should they be so doing?)

But back to Christian hoteliers and guest house owners. Bed and Breakfast operators may put up the defence that they should be able to decide who can and can’t come into their home, but is this a legitimate plea?
Christians offering accommodation are, at one level, just business people, and are therefore obliged to live within the laws that govern anti-discriminatory business practices. Indeed the situation facing B&B operators could also apply to Christian printers, book shops and a host of other commercial ventures. What we can be fairly sure of is that an aggressive anti-Christian ethos which is being increasingly supported by new legislation and a liberal establishment élite – in politics, the media and the law courts – will use every opportunity to inflict their beliefs (and/or lack of them) on the principled Christian believer.

Persection to be expected

But whether we like it or not, the Bible teaches that persecution is what the believer should expect (Matt 13:21; Acts 11:19; Acts 13:50; 1 Thess 3:4; Heb 10:33; Rev 2:10). Jesus did say: ‘Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you’ (Matt 5:11-12). ‘When you are brought before synagogues, rulers and authorities, do not worry about how you will defend yourselves or what you will say, for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say’ (Luke 12:11-12).

Writing to Timothy, his young co-worker, Paul stated that ‘everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted’ (2 Tim. 3:12).
Tertullian famously stated that ‘the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church’ and one Communist leader once observed: ‘religion is like a nail: the harder you hit it the more you drive it in.’ The old adage states: ‘There is nothing wrong with the church that a little bit of persecution wouldn’t cure’. Indeed it is a fact that the church is growing most strongly around the world in the countries where the persecution is the most severe.

Leaving aside the more fanciful (though not necessarily unfounded) interpretations from Biblical end-time projections about believers being unable to buy or sell (i.e. make a living) we are perhaps rapidly moving towards the time when many Christians in the UK – the hotelier at the start of this piece being an example – will have to make very important decisions on matters of Christian conscience and earning a living. And it's not easy. But there again, Jesus never said it would be.

Ed footnote: One doesn’t have to look beyond the Highlands and Islands to see the effect of the above. Christians are having to wrestle with the strictures of the operating environment and new laws, and the issues of conscience – even at the cost of their livelihood, whether in employment or running a business.

Watchman, 25/04/2010

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(Guest) 07/05/2010 13:07

A once relatively cohesive society, Britain has within a short space of time fragmented into competing groups. The Equality and Human Rights Commission, though espousing equality, divides and disunites us into competing groups, based upon 1 age; 2 disability; 3 faith and belief, 4 gender, 5 race and nationality; 6 sexual orientation and 7 transgender identity.
Though on paper they enjoy equality, in reality there is naked diversity in the way this is administered. “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.”
One of these groups, centred around the homosexual lobby, Stonewall, has arrogantly and presumptuously assumed ownership of the of the Human Rights list and dictates whose rights overrule those of all the others and who has no rights at all. Significantly three out seven of the strands are linked with sexuality. These favour homosexuals, feminists, transsexuals and trans genders. One group, however, misleadingly defined by religion, Islam, bides its time, until after society has plunged itself into anarchy, it will assume total dominance. This leaves children, babies, unborn babies, Jews and Christians with virtually no rights at all. Foxes have holes but we have nowhere to rest our heads.

And Alec if you are practising homosexual, it is you who will have to be taking the medication for HIV, AIDs and all the rest of it,at the expense of those needing treatment for cancer and other illnesses that are not the result of sinful and irresponsible sexual behaviour. Clearly, if you are a practising homosexual you are headless of your own health and safety, that of others and our children, let alone your and their eternal destination. Your comment has that distinct flavour of those found on Pink News. I recognise that voice and I would advise anyone reading this thread to read the comments on Pink News. It is quite an education
Editor 07/05/2010 13:34
Alec, If you want to contribute something meaningful to a discussion, please feel free. And humour is fine too (provided it is not at someone else's expense). However it is difficult to see your your comment fitting into either permissible category.
As you will know it is not always easy to interpret comments in a 'lack-of-body-language' environment but what can come across as sneering remarks (whether aimed at individuals or groups) are neither welcome nor acceptable.

W Benn (Guest) 07/05/2010 17:32
I imagine that Alec was responding to Mr Skinner's comment at 10.16. If that is so his response was reasonably muted!Surely there is no hint of a sneer rather it was disbelief at the comment being uttered. The editor is an admirable man but in my opinion his intervention on this occasion was inappropriate - the final word on that is ofcourse with him!
David Skinner (Guest) 07/05/2010 20:04
W. Benn, and Alec which part of my comment do you disbelieve?
Sodomy, buggery, fisting, rimming, water sports, felching, scats, coprophilia, sado- masochism, whipping, giving the gift and bondage are dehumanising sexual acts, practised particularly by men having sex with men and do indeed lead to slavery, bondage and addictions that sooner or later lead to an early death.
Why would The Terrance Higgins Trust and other outfits that deal with gay health go into such detail as how perform these acts safely?

The National Health Service will have to spend billions of pounds of hard earned tax payers money in order neutralise or cancel out the effects of irresponsible and risky living.
Alec’s disbelief or rather denial may be muted but such intemperate and extreme behaviour demands the strongest condemnation.

David Skinner (Guest) 07/05/2010 20:56
The last link apparently does not work. Instead google:
Youtube PM celebrates 25 years of the Terrance Higgins Trust

W Benn (Guest) 07/05/2010 21:58
Mr Skinner your integrity and intensity is commendable but your concentration on the extreme edge of the subject is not exactly a balanced view. Apart from that - I wonder how many of the Christian clergy are made very uncomfortable by your comments in more ways than one.I have not done a survey but...
The Christian establishment, in general, has such hangups about sexuality at a time when there is much to do and speak about that is more pressing. The Pope needs to sort himself out regarding the issue of condoms because the prevailing dictat is causing an almighty mess and tremendous distress in the world.

George Orr 07/05/2010 23:04
The question for Christians always comes down to a question of whose world-view do we hold to. If we believe what the scriptures say (in context) it is clear that such lifestyles are unacceptable in the same way that adultery is.

The problem comes when we start with the worlds anti-God world-view and then try to shoe the bible in to it.

A straightforward reading of Romans 1 shows that such a lifestyle will not only bring God's judgement but that it is part of Gods judgement. Any society that rejects God as our creator is on its way down the pan.
David Skinner (Guest) 07/05/2010 23:19

Dear Mr Benn, not “ balanced” sounds like not “ progressive, 21st century, tolerant, inclusive, non discriminatory or diverse.”
The question is, is the evidence that I have submitted of Gordon Brown entertaining and encouraging sodomites at No 10 true or untrue?

As for my concentration on the extreme edge, is a whole day of promoting pederasty at the British Museum on November 19th 2009 by Sue Sanders and Tony Fenwick merely a fringe event?

Maybe if anyone has the time or interest they might listen to and watch each of the contributors to this frightening event.

Is Sir Ian Mckellen only a fringe performer, as he goes around British Schools promoting perversion and rebellion?

One only has to read the poem the Love that Dares to Speak its Name by James Kirkup that he read out in a Spanish Restaurant to realise just how depraved this man is.

He is a barrack room lawyer who is instilling a sense of grievance in children and making them feel that they all part of oppressed minority groups. He is reported as saying, in the Telegraph, “I’ve been busy at quite a few schools recently. I went to a wonderful co-ed faith school (St George’s) in Harpenden. They were Christians and absolutely determined that their pupils did not discriminate. They invited me to come and give prizes to 13-year-olds in front of the parents and to talk, partly, about being gay. I said that we were all part of a minority group – be it for being short or tall or fat or thin, or having red hair or whatever. I said, ‘Hands up who thinks they are part of a minority group,’ and all the hands went up.”
He is also reported as saying, “Wherever I go the most forward looking attitudes are coming not necessarily from the head teachers, not necessarily from the teachers but from the kids themselves.”

“I am impressed not just with the leadership, the head teacher his staff, but from the students themselves. At quite young ages they seem to have grasped the simple situation that we should be kind to each other.”

And now we have David Cameron, the leader of Conservative Party saying, “The defining characteristic of the modern Conservative approach is found in the phrase power to the people. This is not just a slogan. It is a radical blueprint for redrawing society based on a belief that the best ideas come from the ground up, not the top down.”

Yes, from the pit of hell.

Liam Nolan, the Head teacher in the Youtube above, claims proudly that he is an Out Gay teacher. Pity he did not also claim to be an Out practitioner of oral sex with men in public places.

His extra curriculum activity is defended by Sue Sanders of School Out.

Perry Beeches school was raised to be the most improved school in Britain through the Teacher Development Agency (TDA) working through Cumbria University. The Head of Diversity of the TDA, Pav Akhatar, responsible for the professional development of over 40,000 British teachers is an outed proud, gay Muslim. Islam will combine with homosexuals to persecute Christians in Britain.

I would claim that my concentration on the madness of the British government was wholly justified. Is there anything really anything more pressing than the wholesale corruption of our children and destruction of nearly getting on for a quarter of million unborn babies each year. What more pressing issue can there be than the death of a once greater civilisation? Please read Isaiah chapter 3, for that is precisely where Britain is at the moment.

David Skinner (Guest) 07/05/2010 23:27
George Orr, Romans 1 is precisely bang on target. Link that to Isaiah 3 and you have a picture of our society. Try as they might, the clergy in their deviant and diverse attempt to twist and distort these and many other parts of the bible to say that homosexuality is normal and healthy will condemn themselves, flapping , capes and mitres and all,into hell
Editor 21/05/2010 20:04
The Christian B&B owners who wouldn’t give a double bed to a homosexual couple are set to face legal action.

Mike and Susanne Wilkinson, who run the Swiss B&B in Berkshire, turned the same-sex couple away because it is against their convictions to let them share a double room in their home.

The Wilkinsons would have offered the couple separate single rooms, but were unable to do so as the guesthouse was fully booked.

Read on..
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