Kundalini spirits in the church?

Andrew Strom has re-ignited concerns which have surfaced periodically since the time of the Toronto Blessing in 1994. The outspoken New Zealand preacher has written a book entitled 'Kundalini Warning' which suggests that false spirits are invading the church.

Ed. Foreward

kundaliniI researched the New Age Movement (and its associated eastern spiritualities) back in the late 80s/early 90s and spoke, (by invitation at that time) to many church groups on the subject.
Awakening the Kundalini
is the expression used by mystics,  Hindu gurus and New Agers for the practice of focussing on a 'serpent spirit' which, they say, resides in each one of us in the form of a coiled snake located at the base of the spine. Through meditation and physical body positioning the aim is to 'raise the Kundalini' through a total of seven spiritual waypoints – called 'Chakras' – located along the spine.

The aim is to elevate the Kundalini spirit to the 'Crown Chakra' which is located at the top of the skull. Those who have gone through this process have described it as 'mind-blowing'.
I threw the 'best' book I had on the subject into the waste bucket as I didn't want it in my home, and I wouldn't want to quote from it in this article anyway.

The practice, which is spiritually dangerous in the extreme, is often linked with Yoga-like exercises associated with eastern meditation and mysticism. Chanting and essentially self-hypnotic routines can be a 'way in'.

Andrew Strom believes that these phenomena – stretching back to the Toronto Blessing – represent the 'worst invasion [of deceiving spirits] in church history' and, in his concern, goes as far as controversaly 'naming names'. It is up to the reader to exercise his/her own discernment on all that is contained in the following.



-by Andrew Strom.

Kundalini1I just saw the video of Rick Joyner announcing that Todd Bentley is back ministering every night at Morningstar in North Carolina and now they have so-called "revival" manifestations eerily similar to Lakeland. They also announced that they are streaming these big meetings every night on their new TV channel - and they are greatly promoting the whole thing.

Now I am a tongues-speaking Pentecostal myself - but can I ask a simple question here please? What kind of "spirit" was it operating in the Lakeland revival - when the leader and main focal- point of the meetings (Todd Bentley) was having an adulterous affair behind the scenes? Was it truly the "Holy" Spirit that was anointing something so sensual and unholy? And now that Todd divorced his wife and married his mistress - are we supposed to welcome him back and this "anointing" with him? What is going on here? Rick Joyner has been warned very specifically by high- level ministries not to do what he is doing now - bringing Todd Bentley back into the limelight. And yet it seems he does not care. Apparently the "manifestations" are all that matter.

So what exactly are these 'manifestations' if they are seemingly at home in such an unholy environment? Are they from God at all? (I am talking here about the violent "jerking", uncontrollable laughter, bodily contortions, drunkenness, 'portals', strange "angel" encounters, etc.) Why do we not see such an 'anointing' in the Bible? Why aren't Jesus or the apostles promoting these manifestations if they really are true Revival? Why instead do we see these things all the way through the New Age and Hinduism, etc? Do we not realize that many false religions have their own version of "laying on of hands" that results in these very types of manifestations? This 'spirit' is not in the Bible - but it is all the way through Kundalini-type Hinduism! Don't you think this should alarm us?


Chakras2If you search for Kundalini and Shakti on the Internet, you will find that multitudes of people in the New Age and Eastern religions still experience these powerful manifestations. Often this is with the help of a Guru, who touches them on the forehead so that they can experience a "Kundalini Awakening".

As researcher Robert Walker wrote in 1995: "The meetings which mystic Hindu gurus hold are called 'Darshan'. At these meetings devotees go forward to receive spiritual experience from a touch by the open palm of the hand, often to the forehead, by the guru in what is known as the Shakti Pat or divine touch. The raising of the spiritual experience is called raising Kundalini. After a period when the devotee has reached a certain spiritual elevation they begin to shake, jerk, or hop or squirm uncontrollably, sometimes breaking into uncontrolled animal noises or laughter as they reach an ecstatic high. These manifestations are called 'Kriyas'. Devotees sometimes roar like lions and show all kinds of physical signs during this period. Often devotees move on to higher states of spiritual consciousness and become inert physically and appear to slip into an unconsciousness."

And as the guru Shri Yogãnandji Mahãrãja wrote: "When Your body begins trembling, hair stands on roots, you laugh or begin to weep without your wishing, your tongue begins to utter deformed sounds, you are filled with fear or see frightening visions. the Kundalini Shakti has become active."

In China there is a popular Kundalini-type movement called 'Qigong'. When a Chinese Qigong spiritual master spoke in the USA in
1991, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that many in the crowd began to experience "spontaneous movements". The master told his audience, "Those who are sensitive might start having some strong physical sensations - or start laughing or crying. Don't worry. This is quite normal."

When you see videos of these "kriyas" or other Kundalini-type manifestations, you would often swear that you are watching a modern "Impartation"-type church meeting. (And I say this as someone who believes strongly in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I just don't believe in "alien" anointings infiltrating the Body of Christ! There is a big difference between Kundalini and the real Holy Spirit).

Since 1993-4, I believe a foreign spirit has been allowed to invade the church - first through Rodney Howard-Browne's ministry - then Toronto, then the Prophetic movement (which I was part of at the time) and on into Lakeland and many other ministries and movements. I urge people now to "test the spirits" just as we are commanded to in Scripture. Do not let just anyone lay hands on you. This is a powerful spirit and it has the backing of a lot of big-name ministries. In fact, these men and women are the very ones responsible for allowing it to spread right through the body of Christ. And one day they will be answerable to God for doing so.

We are specifically warned in the Bible that the Last Days will be a time of "seducing spirits," false prophets, 'lying signs and wonders,' and that we always need to watch for "angels of light" masquerading as the real thing. Why does the modern church not take these warnings seriously? Aren't we living in the very days that the Bible warns about?

Right now I need to do something that I have never done in such a way before. I have never before published a list of ministries or movements to watch out for. But this time I have to. This sickness has gone on long enough. I urge you to cut yourself off from the following ministries and their tainted "anointings" my friends. Even though some of these people say "good things" at times, it is simply not worth having any involvement with them due to the tainted anointing that they endorse or minister in themselves. Here is the list-

(1) Todd Bentley.
(2) Rodney Howard Browne - the so-called "Holy Ghost Bartender."
(2) Rick Joyner or anyone connected with Morningstar Ministries.
(3) John Arnott & any connected with TACF (The "Toronto Blessing").
(4) Peter Wagner of the 'New Apostolic Reformation' who claims to be head of a worldwide network of 'apostles' - who publicly endorsed Lakeland and will soon preach at Toronto TACF alongside other "false anointing" advocates.
(5) Mike Bickle and IHOP Kansas City (-I lived nearby for over two years - and know how much they are into all this stuff. Mike Bickle promotes it in his book).
(6) Bob Jones - the Kansas City prophet whose ministry is utterly tainted by it all.
(7) Patricia King and anyone else from 'Extreme Prophetic.'
(8) John Crowder & anyone connected with "Sloshfest."
(9) Bill Johnson of Bethel church, Redding - who says some good things but publicly endorsed Lakeland and promotes the "false anointing" very strongly behind the scenes.
(10) Heidi & Rolland Baker of IRIS Ministries - who do good work amongst the poor in Mozambique - but who have also carried and promoted this tainted anointing for years.
(11) Randy Clark, Wes & Stacey Campbell, and other key figures from the "Toronto blessing."
(12) The Elijah List - and almost anyone featured on it.

Of course there are a huge number of lesser-known preachers and ministries who carry or endorse this Kundalini-type "anointing" around the world. But I have concentrated here on the most influential that I know of. It really is an enormous issue in the church. I urge anyone who is a supporter of any of the above ministries to really check them out thoroughly. If you find (as I have) that they carry or endorse this false Kundalini spirit in the church, then please stop supporting them in any way - and whatever you do, don't let them "lay hands" on you!

I am putting everything on the line to be "naming names" like this. But I believe it is that serious. How on earth did we get to the point where "kriyas" just like Hinduism are spreading through the church?
These people are trying to "relaunch" this whole thing right now. To see a video showing "kriyas" and other Kundalini-type manifestations, please click on the Youtube links below-

 Part One                                                                    Part Two

Andrew Strom is founder of RevivalSchool.com and the international REVIVAL list. He was involved for 11 years in the same Prophetic movement as Todd Bentley until he left over what he saw as the unbiblical and bizarre phenomenon within that movement. His article originally entitled 'Why I left the prophetic movent' has since been published in book form with the title 'True and False Revival'.

Footnote: Links to Related Articles on the Lakeland revival and on discernment can be found in the sidebar at the top of this page.

Christians Together, 31/07/2010

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raymond (Guest) 21/08/2010 23:04
I wonder if anyone has tried to "test the spirits", while observing a "manifestation" in a meeting?
This whole thing sounds like something from the eighties, where speaking in tongues were reckoned to be from the Devil. It seems to me that the Kundalini thing is possibly a horrible couterfiet of the true work of the Holy Spirit. If we have tasted and are filled with the real Holy Spirit, then the false will be obvious. I think too many of us try to discern by reason rather than by the Spirit.

Brian Ross 22/08/2010 13:46
Good post, Raymond. Stuck as I (still!) am, so far from home, I do not have access to my bookshelves but, if my ageing memory serves me at all well, Paul Yonggi Cho - himself no stranger to the "Gifts of the Holy Spirit" - records asking the Lord how it was that the Buddhist priests who lived nearby, were able to manifest the same 'gifts' that he did! The answer, he claims, was that they were exercising them by "another spirit".
So yes, "the Kundalini thing" is, I would suggest, a counterfeiting of "the true work of the Holy Spirit" - and I speak (write/type!!) as one who was caught up in such workings, in spite of being suspicious of some of the more extreme manifestations.
This is why, as I have already posted, I do not look at a person's claimed gifts; I look for the Fruit of the Hopy Spirit in the life. This is because the enemy is incapable of counterfeiting the Fruit, which is Love - because "... love is of God;" (I Jn.4:7)

John, I accept that translations may differ in some respects. However, although I happened to quote from the NLT, if I go back to the Greek, I find that it speaks of "diakriseis pneumato(a)n" = "discerning of spirits". I would contend that it is the discernment that is important, and that the NLT translators were not in error since it is the message from the spirit that is (usually!) going to be discerned! However, I would not fall out with anyone over that particular matter! :-)

Paul, I would agree with you:"When there is a room full of people engaged in 'tongues' and no one translates that to plain speaking what are those who do not have the gift to make of it?" That is why, along with John, My 'speaking in a tingue' tends to be confined to my personal devotions - and not on a regular basis!

Having listened, this morning, to the BBC Radio 4 broadcast 'worship service', from a well-known building on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, discernment is not the only thing missing in that particular branch of the Body of Christ. I didn't time the 'sermon', but apart from one reference to "Second-Isaiah"(!), and one mention of the Name of Jesus, it was a rather mediocre history lesson! So much for the preaching of the Gospel!

Final word: Is it just my perception, or is this one of the best threads that have been published on the CT site? It might almost have been contributed to only by disciples of Jesus!!!!!! :-)

Peter Carr 30/08/2010 18:36

Can we expect any further revelations from Andrew Strom on this topic?
Emily (Guest) 13/11/2010 17:22
When John the baptizer got done immersing Jesus, a like form of a dove descended on Jesus, Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit. He did not jerk or convulsed or laugh uncontrollably. Nor did He fall backwards. He was led out to the wilderness and then was tempted by the devil.
Paul Whitworth 07/12/2010 17:09
Thought it worth adding, just in case you hadn't seen it.



Editor 18/08/2011 14:07
From Finland: Sad to say, the counterfeit "manifestations" movement seems to have invaded the church in a number of European nations. In March this year, Reija Becks from Finland wrote to me: "We have read and watched your material regarding Kundalini in the Charismatic movement... [Ed note: reference is to Andrew Strom's writings].

It is of great importance that you bring up these problems that have invaded the Charismatic movement, even here in Finland and, sad to say, in our church... It would be very good to have some of your material translated into Finnish."

Reija went on to translate "Kundalini Warning" into the Finnish language and we encouraged them to put it up on a website in their own nation. (In Finnish it is called "Kundalini-Varoitus").
After that I recently got the following email from another Fin who lives in Helskinki-

"Those phenomena you are studying and describing in Kundalini Warning, they are very "normal" in my church. First I accepted all kinds of "movements of the Spirit", but then suspicion took over.
I doubted, but said nothing.

"Now I KNOW what´s going on. Problem is that my pastors, they do not listen. They actually bring in American prosperity-preachers.
The worst once said that "the revival can´t come into this church (and Finland) unless there are men who want to be - RICH!!!!!!"

"Within a couple of weeks I´ve been bumping into people who have left the same church I still belong to. All of them have the same
message: "That church is going under." Every time I think about it, all I can see is this: Smoking ruins. I thank God for opening my eyes."

Stephen (Guest) 15/10/2011 11:08
Hi, I am street preacher in Australia who is presbyterian and kjv user and most of the people in the team are way out pentecostals.

What gets to me is these people lack any descernment and leadership. On a friday night their is way out penticostal churches that have this kundalini spirit and shake and quake like what Andrew Strom has talked about.

most of the team go to these churches to get their spiritual fix before they go and preach. i did go once but i had to leave because of the evil

Jenny 15/10/2011 13:05
"...most of the team go to these churches to get their spiritual fix before they go and preach. i did go once but i had to leave because of the evil...."

Hi Stephen! good for you, (or should that be Good on yer, mate?)

Maybe you should consider whether that's a good team to be with?

May the true Spirit, the Holy Spirit, guide you in discernment there, as he clearly did where attending those pentecostal churches was concerned.
Blessings from Scotland :-)
Cindy (Guest) 30/12/2011 16:51
I shake back in forth involuntarily all the time. I don't like it, but I always have since I've been a Christian, and I usually think it's a demonic manifestation that the Lord, Jesus Christ is trying to set me free from, and that I shake when I'm getting free from something, or when the devil doesn't want me to get free of something. I have used sensuality as a power over men, and I now realize that is not the power I want to have, but it' the strength of God I need. I had actually invited Rebellion into my life before I had my daughter. evem though I was a Christian, I was attracted to what was in the rock musicians who were in music. feared that I was inside some kind of withcraft, and I had people come into this bakery that I worked at locally, and they would exhibit strange manifested behavior, for no apparent reason. Their behavior was manifested in repeated behaviors. A customer dressed in black, went out the door, back in the door, out the door, and back in the door again. He was intelligible before that. I worked at another bakery, and this customer, a man, obviously had a problem with lust, we could all tell, he would go in the door and out the door and back in the door again. I knew that what I was seeing was demonic behavior, or that manifestations, but I could get no one to agree with me. I am a Christian, and have been for 31 years. I have known the Lord since I was 18, and I have been married to a logical Christian man for close to 30 years now, in the Lord, before a church, we have a license, I don't mean he's my live in partner, we're married and we have a daughter of 10 now.My husband was trying to tell me that the Jesus that I was starting to talk about and tell others about, that I had seen in a vision, probably given to me by an evil spirit,he said, "I don't know, Cindy, I don't think that is quite right. " A Charismatic Christian church that we started going to at the time, "Living Waters Christian Fellowship, had a few members of their congregation go to a meeting that was like the Toronto Blessing, and came back and shared. The pastor didn't believe in demon possession as a rule, their were only a couple of cases where he prayed to cast out a demon from a person that tried to kill her husband. This church had a staff that had the gift of prophecy in it. The pastor was a teacher on Davidic type worship, The Tabernacle of David worship. Free style worship was recognized as spiritually ordained, and so there was freedom there to express worship in different ways to the Lord. I need prayer to get free of this spirit that I have tried hard to get free of. Please pray that my husband will see how to pray. He did pay for us to go through a movement called "Cleansing STream, through "The Church on the Way. Since we've gone through that years ago, my husband doesn't believe anything evil could still be there.
I think I had a spirit of sensuality manisfesting through me in the bedroom with my husband, because I know I was manifesting something another identity, my husband said I was a different person then, but he didn't atttribute it to demonic manifestation.I know about the time that this other Jesus became the center of my universe and I started walking in these identities that this spirit gave me, one of those was that I was part of the Indians spirituality, that's what I would get that I was part of everyones spirituality, I began to see this spirit everywhere, at the same time my husband seemed to see ideas for this story that he was writing everywhere. Meantime, there was a man mentoring my husband, while my husband was rewriting the dialogue of this play he was working on, and this man used to be in the acting industry professionally, but got involved in witchcraft, or occult activity, so he was super sensitive to hurtful words, and claimed to feel them like manifestations of physical pain, I and Michael believed this man to be spiritual and of the Lord, because he claimed to no longer be part of withcraft. My husband was writing this story about a horror novelist who started to have manifestations of evil spirits around him and his wife called a pastor and that horror novelist got saved. So I believe the same spirit was involved in the frequency of which we were seeing those things that we claimed a to have a deep passion for the Lord for. I wonder what my husbands discernment is like because of him being blinded himself, he acts like a different person when talking to actors.
I want to get anything not of the Lord out of our home. I need some better discernment, and a stronger will to submit to all that the Lord saids to do.
Cindy (Guest) 30/12/2011 17:09
Please pray for Scott Reese and Anna Marshall, his fiance', they are involved with The Glory Movement, and that's not bad enough, he is spreading their doctrine on Facebook, as God's love and joy and fun. He goes by the name of Zen, and uses expresions that sound like Hindu terms, the same way we use the expresion Haleluyah, or Glory to God. I know he has a following, and before this he was involved in the Pentecostal movement, and believed in speaking in tongues, and believed he was called to preach from early on .
I know he is clearly decieved, but he is very good with scripture and for awhile he had me thinking that he was right. He saids, that if we try not to sin, we are not trusting in the finished work of Jesus Christ, and it is us trying to work, and he saids we are called into Christ's rest. That we are supposed to stay in God's love and that way we won't want to sin and just love other people. He doesn' think there is any thing wrong with hanging around people who practice witchcraft, or who are gay, he thinks he's showing them the love of the Lord. Recently, he said, that Hell, is not specifically in the Bible, and it was made up in the imagination of men. And that God is a loving God so why would he send anyone there.
I met a girl on PrayerRequest .org, when I went because I needed help, and she led me to Dan Mohler, of Neckministries.com, I believe he is operating in the Spirit of God, but how can I telL, he has a powerful ministry in healing too. MY friend, Jean, saids, she has a friend who interpreted her dreams and asked me if I wanted her friend to interpret mine, I said, NO, thank you.
I guess I need discernment. Please help. I don't know how you would get an answer to me, unless you send it to my email at [address deleted for security reasons; contact the Editor] or just pray in God's power of intercession. I have experienced a whole lot of bad spiritual stuff. The deception is the worst part of it.
Thank you.
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