Prize draw: two free tickets to Prom Praise

The Prom Praise Orchestra is back in Inverness at an event in Eden Court. For this Blythswood-sponsored event, Christians Together is offering two free seats in a Prize Draw.

Please note: this event is now past. The article remains on the site for information only.

Prom PraiseThe following pictures were taken at the Black Isle Show – an annual agricultural show held at the beginning of August each year. Though now spread over two days it was previously the biggest one-day event of its kind in Scotland. The showground is situated near the village of Muir of Ord, 13 miles west of Inverness.

The Prom Praise Competition

Associated with each picture taken at the show is a question.
These questions constitute a Prize Draw of two free tickets to the Prom Praise Event.

The answers are to be found in the Bible, and the responses to each should quote the respective Bible verse. The answers can be found whether using a KJV or NIV Bible. (Use of a Concordance - whether book or computer programme – is NOT PERMITTED; and the Lord watches over the rules.)

All the names of those supplying the correct answers to the following questions will be 'placed in a hat'. The name drawn out will receive two free seats to the Prom Praise event in Eden Court on Thursday 19 August, 2010.

Pictures and Questions:

(See foot of article for instructions on how to submit your answers/nominate others.)

A prize-winning sheep
Jacobs sheep

Question 1
Which verse tells of a a well-known Bible character asking permission from a relative to go through the relative's flock and remove every speckled or spotted sheep and goat?


Chainsaw artist making a carving of a bear

Question No. 2
State the Bible verse where David, as a shepherd boy speaking to Saul, tells the king how the Lord helped him to slay a bear and a lion.


A prize-winning bull being led to the show ring

Question 3:
Job complained to God about how the wicked prospered. In which verse did he say of them that "their bulls never fail to breed" ("Their bull gendereth, and faileth not" KJV)?


A farmer leans on his crook whilst chatting with  friend

Question 4:
Moses and Aaron where told by God to eat the Passover "with the staff in your hand". In which verse were they given this instruction?


Sheep being judged

Question 5:
In the description of Ezekiel's temple we are told that on the New Moon there is to be an offering of 'a bull, six lambs and a ram'. Which verse describes these events?


Those of the political breed in attendance at the show: the Scottish Christian Party stall
SCP stall

Question 6:
One of the banners on the stall quote part of  a verse: "What is impossible with men is possible with God." Where in the Gospels is this verse to be found? (Clue: the quote appears in two different Gospels: either will be accepted.)

How to further proceed:

1. Generate an e-mail to
2. Give it the title: Prom Praise competition
3. Supply your answers (Bible verses) in the same order as the questions

Send your e-mail.

Christians Together, 13/08/2010

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