Conference on Christianity and Science

The apparent conflict between Science and Christianity is the subject to be addressed at a day conference in Inverness which will bring together three expert speakers on the theme.

The WorldConference on Christianity & Science

Inverness East Church Hall,

 Margaret Street, Inverness IV1 1LU

Saturday, 28 August, 2010

Dr Murdo MacDonald:
Director of the Church of Scotland's Science, Religion and Technology Project.

The Rev Dr Alistair Donald:
Church of Scotland Minister currently serving as Chaplain to Herriot Watt University.

The Rev Dr Arthur Fraser:
Minister and a former University Lecturer.

10.30am - Registration and Tea/Coffee
11.30am - Murdo MacDonald
‘Science and Christianity: Friends or Foes?'
12.45pm - Lunch
1.30pm - Alistair Donald
'What is Intelligent Design?'
2.45pm - Coffee
3.15pm - Arthur Fraser
'Can Christians believe in an Old Earth?'
4.30pm - Finish

Conference Fee: £5                 Bring a Packed Lunch: Tea and Coffee provided

Further information: Tel. 01463 236695

East Church, Inverness, 14/08/2010

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A P Elsworthy (Guest) 14/08/2010 21:17
Science has not dismissd the possibility of a god but has given intelligent Christian bible analysts a headache.
Pawlo 14/08/2010 22:44
But then Christ and the apostles did not dismiss the possibility of physical laws but have given intelligent scientists a headache.
A P Elsworthy (Guest) 15/08/2010 19:25
Paul that is a nicely rounded answer but it is important to emphasise that scientists are probably more familiar with physical laws that the apostles ever were. It may also be the case that most scientists suffer fewer headaches than the disciples experienced, not that I can prove that!
Penny Lee 15/08/2010 20:16
I am quite fascinated by science but more because I see God everywhere in it. The precision and order is incredible. I find it strange that humans should think that purely because God has allowed us to make sense of a small bit of our world that this then disproves His existence.

I would like to have been able to attend the above event to hear what those with both a scientific and Christian background had to say. Too often we hear only from those with a purely scientific background but no belief in God or those who are Christians but lack any knowledge of basic scientific laws. It would be good to hear from someone who believes the Bible but can also give a proper scientific reason why modern scientific reasoning has major flaws in some areas.

Do you think we are ever going to get such an honest and public debate?
Alec (Guest) 15/08/2010 21:34
Sounds interesting, but I hope that as a starting point that science is properly defined - what it "is" and what it "isnt".

There is a lot of confusion in many peopes minds and indeed a lot of ignorance.

Science is about following evidence and coming up with the most plausible explanations based on that evidence.

I hope the speakers take the time to explain what the terms "theory", "hypothesis" and "law" actually mean.

And that they spell out what the "scientific method " is. Some information on the concepts of repeatability, verifiabilty and falsification would be good too.

Priciples like "Occams Razor" would not go amiss either.

Just so that a proper base line and frmae of reference can be established

It is alos worth noting that science doesnt actually "prove" very much - it merely shows or demonstrates the most likely explanation. It is maths that does the "proving" and even then some people might argue otherwise. Science cannot prove non-existence for instance. It can show that something is UNLIKELY, or perhaps highly unlikely, but there is always the case that there might be some little corner in the universe where the "non existing" entity actually does exist....

One final point, I am not familiar with any of the speakers or their writings - are they all rather non-contentious?

Pawlo 15/08/2010 21:48
Wow, Alec I think you should speak there!
Alec (Guest) 16/08/2010 08:48
Paul, thanks for the comment, but I'll leave that to the experts!

Having said that stuff about science, it would also be useful at the start of a day like that to define what faith is as well. In fact it would be a good ice breaker - get everyone to give a definition of "faith"

Faith and Science to me are two separate ways of seeing the universe. I quite like the approach that there are two revelations of God - one is in his word (the bible) the other is in his works (nature) The first is complete, the second we are constantly discovering more about. The problem, if you want to call it thst of course, is getting the two into agreement, and that I think is where these gentlemen who are speaking at the conference come in.....

Does anyone know if this conference is being recorded?
DuncanTamsett (Guest) 16/08/2010 10:15
The Scientific Method is how we humans have succesfully synthesised knowledge about many aspects of Nature. If God exists, the scientific method will fail in principle to synthesise knowledge about Him/Her/It, because God cannot be observed to test any hypothesis made. This would not preclude God taking the initiative to reveal knowledge about ***self. For example, God could become a human being and comm. with us human to human. What concerns me about the day conference is that the speakers might intend pushing 6 day young earth creationism (pitifully easily disproved) in which case they have zero credibility as far as i am concerned and i would not wish to attend. Please advise.
Peter Carr 16/08/2010 12:01

God has already revealed Himself through His creation, through His word the Holy Bible and through Jesus Christ His Son the only Saviour.
Penny Lee 16/08/2010 12:23
Duncan says:

"speakers might intend pushing 6 day young earth creationism (pitifully easily disproved) in which case they have zero credibility as far as i am concerned and i would not wish to attend"

Is this not the very thing which atheists despise in Christians that they won't even listen to why they think as they do. Surely, this is all the more reason to listen to what these people will say - you might just find that, scientifically, they are talking a lot of sense!
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