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The Pope and the RC church are unique

Of all the world's religious systems and organisations the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church are unique in terms of the influence that they can wield on governments, politicians and heads of state

Pope and worldWhatever the Reformation achieved and nothwithstanding the recent and worldwide resurgence of Islam, the visit of the Pope to Britain has served to prove some very important points:

  • The Pope is the only figure in the world leading a religious organisation which can command the scale of societal, political and media response and deference
  • The Pope's influence spans the world
  • The Roman Catholic Church is the only religion in the world with a single leader recognised and acknowledged both within his own religion and in the world beyond
  • The standing of the office of the Pope is such that it can weather the most damaging of problems such as the recent child abuse scandal
  • The Pope is probably the only religious leader in the world who is able to convene high-profile gatherings of political leaders and then berate them for anti-Christian policies and the 'aggressive secularism' in their societies
  • The figure and office of the Pope can still attract the vast majority of Roman Catholics even while many of them may strongly disagree with (some) official Roman Catholic positions e.g. male-only and celibate priesthood, birth control, civil partnerships
  • The Roman Catholic Church in terms of its being a coherent religious body of such scale has no equal
  • High profile Protestant leaders are prepared to acknowledge and defer to the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope in a way that would not be reciprocated by it or him.
  • The British monarch defers to the Pope (by agreeing to wear black when on the Pontiffs home ground)

Footnote: It is important to note the Pope is not a citizen of the EU: the UK monarch and other European heads of state are.The Queen who is head of the (Protestant) Church of England is a citizen of Europe and therefore subject to its laws.

Christians Together, 18/09/2010

Peter Carr 18/09/2010 21:20
The pope is a one man band with lots of influence in human terms, but there is only one Lord, and thankfully He is in ultimate control now and forever! The pope's visit has only highlighted further the desperate plight of humanity and their need for the only truth in the universe;

Jesus says, ""I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

A P Elsworthy (Guest) 21/09/2010 20:03
I do not defer to the pope and neither do I accept, with any great certainty, that Jesus said any such thing. My understanding is that he did not speak English and that his sayings were not in any case written down as he spoke them; that leaves a wing,a prayer, much trust and a living for lots of translators.
Peter Carr 21/09/2010 21:10
A P Elsworthy,

Let me answer not with mere human words, but with the eternal word of the eternal God, to whom we will all answer one day;

Ps 14: 1 "The fool says in his heart,
"There is no God."

I, not too many years ago was also an unbeliever, however, thankfully that has changed since I found reconcilliation with my Creator through Jesus Christ His Son the only Saviour. I urge you to do the same;

Acts 2:38 (New International Version)

"Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit."

A P Elsworthy (Guest) 22/09/2010 22:35
Mr Carr you are quoting words written by humans, published by humans and read by humans. The aformentioned is factual. Your interpretation of it, and the value you place upon it, is down to you. Good luck and best wishes.
Peter Carr 23/09/2010 08:23
A P,

Their are choices with consequences in life. If you are right and I am wrong, then I have nothing to fear, however if the reverse is true...

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