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David and Goliath: an end-time view

As the return of Jesus Christ draws ever-nearer so will the powers of darkness muster all that they can muster to defeat the purpose of God. The Bible tells us that these attempts will fail, but the conflict will be immense.

extracts by Hadyn Olsen

davidgoliathRecently, after reading the account of this historic meeting between David and Goliath, I was struck by the significance of it's message concerning the end time period that we are entering into.

Far more than a children's story, this account speaks of the collision of two kingdoms. The kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan.

There are a number of times in the Scriptures that we witness such a dramatic encounter between these two kingdoms. We may think of the time of Moses and the exodus from Egypt, the plagues and the Red Sea. We may think of Joshua and Jericho - or Elijah on Mt. Carmel. Then of course there is the Lord Jesus Himself and the many occasions of His demonstrating the kingdom.

We are coming to a time when we shall witness another great collison between God's kingdom and Satan's. No doubt it shall be as great, if not greater than all the others that have preceded it. And it shall be a time when once again, God displays His all-surpassing greatness and dominion over Satan.

To this end our spirit's cry, 'Come Lord Jesus'.

As we read in 1 Sam. 17 of the battle between David and Goliath we can first of all see that there are three principal characters which may represent three different peoples.

Firstly there is Goliath and the Philistines. They represent the world, or more specifically unredeemed, rebellious man. There is something about them which may be encompassed by the term, 'The spirit of this age'.
There they stand, full of defiance and mockery. Wilfully and arrogantly railing accusations upon God and His people. They represent man, in the fullness of self power and self glory.

We may notice in the description of Goliath that there is reference to the number six. The number of man. He was six cubits in height, he had six pieces of armour, and his spearhead weighed six hundred shekels.
We could say that he represents everything that the term 'anti-christ' may speak of, as he stands there mocking all that is of God and calling God's people into battle.

As we look out out upon the world today we can see Goliath readying himself again. We can hear the challenges ringing out saying, 'Where is your God' and the accusations pouring forth to belittle the church and call her to war. This has always been the very essence of that antichrist spirit.

The second character in this story is King Saul and his army. This group represent the people of God, but they are the people of God under the dominion of the flesh.

They are a defeated company. They stand there facing Goliath, fearful, intimidated and without anointing or strength from God. We may ask, 'Why is this?.. How can it be?'

How can the people of God find themselves in this kind of a situation and such a condition? The answer is, that although they are the people of God they are still ruled and controlled by the spirit of this world. They are under the dominion of King Saul - the flesh.

Let us take a look at them.

They stand there in all their wordly armour. They are fitted out with everything that the world counts for something. They have their horses and chariots and weapons of flesh - and of course they have their king who stands so tall above the rest. They look just like all the other nations in so many ways.

I cannot help wondering how many of our denominations and church organisations are just like the armies of Saul. They are full of the ways of the world and their strength comes from money, organisation, and the power of the flesh. We see in them the same spirit of this world that promotes itself with gimmicks, sales techniques and all manner of human ability.

There is also another characteristic that is common to the Saul church. That is, disobedience to the word of the Lord.

King Saul cared more for the outward appearances of success and power than for obedience to God's word. He would obey God as long as it suited him and as long as it didn't threaten his own ambitions and desires to be successful in the eyes of the people.

It is the same today in the denominations. Success power and outward appearances are the most important considerations. God's will and His purposes are often compromised for the sake of human interest and human traditions.

For that reason they will stand alone on that day that Goliath confronts them. They will discover that Goliath is far stronger in terms of this world than they are themselves, and they will realise that they are no match for him.
How frightening it will be on that day... although today they are so full of their own strength and hypnotised by their own praises and positive confessions.

Thank God there is a third group in this story. It is the group that is characterised by David.

Yes, David was one of the people of God. But he wasn't a part of Saul's army. In the same way today there is a third group. Tbey are scattered around. They have no special organisation or place to call their own. Yet they have two distinguishing characteristics that set them apart; They have a heart after God and... they are not of King Saul.

This David company, like David of old, is small, insignificant, unimpressive and unimportant. Yet God's hand is upon them.
David was out in the wilderness tending his sheep when the call came to enter into the battle lines. He was doing that which God has placed in his care - even though it was insignificant and outwardly of little importance.

David knew nothing of Saul's ways. He hadn't been in any of Saul's training schools. He didn't know how to even polish his armour let alone wear it into battle...

But this is God's way. He always takes the lowly things, the foolish things, and the things that are not, to bring to nothing the things that are.

Likewise God is preparing a people today. They are nothing now. Some have left denominations, some are still amongst them wondering why it is that they no longer feel a part of it all any more. They can no longer get excited by the latest seminar or out-reach. Instead they sigh and groan at the lack of God's presence in the church, and they are grieved by the way human power has filled the gap.

When David arrived on the scene, he had no organisation backing him. There were no credentials or any such thing. There was only the anointing. God knew where He wanted David to be. God brought things together as He always does.... in the fullness of time.

David could stand before Goliath because God was with him. Nothing more and nothing less. His spirit was stirred against this monster. David was not afraid. He knew that there was one far greater who was standing with him.

When David spoke to Goliath to challenge him, it was not so much David speaking as God Himself speaking. When David took the stone and placed it in his sling, again it was God choosing and preparing.

When David sent his stone flying toward it's mark.. it was God guiding it to just the right place. Such is the way with all true ministry. It is God in man doing the work and bringing forth the fruit.

God desires a people who are dead to man's ways... He is preparing a people who will wait for Him, and move as He moves them, and who will work according to His power that works in them mightily.
It may take Him a long time to get a man or woman to that place... yet God has time.

That day is coming when that great conflict will arrive. Which company will we be a part of? Will it be Goliath's? or King Saul's?... or will it be David's? It may be hard to say right now, but the day will declare it. Nothing is surer... That day will declare it... For then we shall find ourselves in the place that our hearts have chosen.

Let us call upon the Lord today, while it is still today... asking Him to change our hearts and take us into that David company. May we seek to learn to walk with God and be faithful unto all that He may call us to do. May we learn the ways of humility and be satisfied with simply living before Him each day. May we also be careful to remain free from the ways of King Saul.

Praise God for His all-surpassing greatness and glory.

Hadyn Olsen, 26/10/2010

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Martin Lisemore 12/11/2010 16:50
Andrea, just perfect!

And, a few scrolls above, St Paul's Church - I know it, well
RF (Guest) 12/11/2010 21:42
Mr Lisemore my credibility on this forum ought not to be threatened by a disinclination to discuss matters with you in another forum; it is what has been said on this site that should count; in any case I do not worry unduly about your estimation of my credibility.

'Frightened you might be wrong' is a bit form 3C school yard, if you do not mind me saying so. I would go further and say that some aspects of your recent contributions are distinctly below the usual standard of this site and you can take that as you will.

Penny Lee 12/11/2010 23:14

Did you read the article I mentioned? I would be genuinely interested to know what your thoughts on it are.
Martin Lisemore 13/11/2010 00:10
Roland, your words speak volumes to me. I have offered a different forum of encounter.

The offer is still open, as said.

And I take the words as written, nothing added, nothing taken away.

Again, accept my offer.
RF (Guest) 17/11/2010 21:10
Andrea I am not likely to be impressed with revelation or second hand stories. Without pointing the finger at anyone in particular I am most distrustful of web sites that sell religion in a positive light without reasonable evidence and/or credibility to accompany it.I have observed that Christians have been too easily swayed to believe things that turn out to be untrue.

Some of our religious authorities were very wary of allowing an English version of the bible; they were worried that once it could be read by the masses it would show up the many discrepancies within it. The more the early Christians writers expressed themselves the more they put their foots in it and how could it be otherwise?

I have observed a few Church of England representatives telling followers that they were going to Heaven and it would be wonderful. What was disturbing about it was their unjustified confidence rather than hope! It was lapped up. Some writers think that believers eventually become mentally sick in the sense that they are brainwashed; after that stage they do not question their religion enough and neither do they engage much with others with a different point of view. You are one of those people not in that latter category.

In the long past Christians were fined if they did not go to church; I dare the authorities to try that on now but obviously they will not do so because their power is so diminished.

What is the position with aliens? Would beings from another planet,say 99,000,000,000,000 billion miles away, be candidates for Heaven? Or is it just for those made in the image of God?

Christians have the cheek to claim meaningful morality for themselves.It is almost enough to make Humanists weep but they don't do so. In my experience I find Humanists still open to spiritual experience without being bogged down by religious dogma and untestable material that is often weird.

Like one or two people before me I now leave the site. It has been interesting at times but too often predictable: there are the fundamentalists that hug their bible to their chests as their ship slowly goes down, there are others that try to use the prospect of eventual death as a vehicle of fear and persusion [fire and brimstone] etc.

Cheers and with much respect,
Penny Lee 18/11/2010 00:30
Roland (if you're still here).

Ian McCormack's story isn't second-hand. He tells it himself, both online and in person. Neither does he make any money from it. If others choose to write books on the strength of it, that is their decision but it doesn't line Ian's pocket.

No person should tell another they are going to either heaven or hell. God alone knows that but to state to someone that, if they are reconciled to God, then they will go to heaven is simply reiterating the biblical (ie: God's) promise on it. Since God cannot break his promise then we have every right to feel completely assured. It goes way beyond 'fingers crossed'.

Whether certain writers feel believers become mentally sick is simply their opinion. I refute that completely. Don't you think we could level the same criticism at atheists - that they are brainwashed? If you completely reject the whole idea of God and teach your children the same, are they not brainwashed?

I don't know of any other Christian who would agree with fining people for not going to church, not least because just going to church isn't what matters - you can lead a horse to water but cannot make it drink.

One major difference between atheism and Christianity is this - both sides can firmly believe what they do and bully others into saying they believe it too but with Christianity, the individual has to take another giant step - and that is to have a will to give their life to God, and that can't be forced on anyone so what would be the point of forcing to go through the motions - it would be completely pointless.

No Christian I know, including myself, would dare claim morality for themselves. We are the same as every other person born into this world, with the same needs, both physical and spiritual, and the only difference is that we have realised how we stand before God and decided to take the gift of salvation freely offered to all. How does that make us appear 'holier-than-thou'? It's because we know our failings that we are grateful to God for accepting us regardless.

I take it from your last comment that you do not fear death at all then? I'm happy for you that you don't - and neither do I fear death but for a completely different reason.

Cheers and with equal respect,
Peter Carr 18/11/2010 08:22
"Like one or two people before me I now leave the site."

I wonder why?
John Parker (Guest) 18/11/2010 15:17
The Bible tells us that God has placed a sense of eternity in men's hearts; but many run away from that truth. Yet paradoxically - like a moth round a candle - they seem to be drawn back again and again to that which both attracts them, but which could also kill them (so to speak).

In RF's case (and probably in the case of many others) they probably sense that the light (of God's word) will be the death of their dogmas, but they can't seem to totally flee the innate attraction which so threatens their thinking.

The dilemma was concisely summed up by one writer in a poem called 'Antigonish':

"Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
I wish, I wish he’d go away...

When I came home last night at three
The man was waiting there for me
But when I looked around the hall
I couldn’t see him there at all!
Go away, go away, don’t you come back any more!
Go away, go away, and please don’t slam the door... (slam!)

Last night I saw upon the stair
A little man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
Oh, how I wish he’d go away
Peter Carr 18/11/2010 16:00
So true John, however I wonder if another reason could be because their hunt for converts to their ideology is proving futile!!

Martin Lisemore 18/11/2010 19:06
Roland, I am surprised you gave up so easily. You had such a fine beginning yet you didn't want that life changing meeting with Jesus of Nazareth.

Combat is not the way forward; just accepting is. It opens a whole new realm to you, of which right now you can have no concept.

Like our Master, we're a very forgiving lot, and I know you will read this so ... don't choose eternal death, choose life, and come back.
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