New help with household budgeting

The newly-established Inverness Christians Against Poverty Centre with centre manager Gordy Mackay and his team are offering help to all members of the public and local churches to manage their money and tackle any debt issues.

first published 31/01/2011

UPDATE: January 2013:
Gordy Mackay writes (17/01/13):
I just wanted to let you know that at the end of last year I accepted the call from Abbeyhill Baptist Church in Edinburgh to become their pastor.  I have now officially finished my CAP role at CCC before heading down to Edinburgh mid Feb for my induction on 23rd Feb.

But good news, the Inverness CAP Centre will continue to run under the very capable oversight of Allan Dunbar, an elder at CCC.  He will be your local contact from now on. He will monitor the e-mail address which is registered for CT updates. His phone number, should you need, it is 07761 283905.

Gordy Mackay and Dave Kendall of CAP
DSCF8612 IN the course of 2010, work to establish a Christians Against Poverty centre in Inverness came to fruition. Now, on January 24 – dubbed 'the most depessing day of the year' – the Centre is in full operation under local centre manager Mr. Gordy Mackay.

Gordy who studied accountancy is part of the team at Culduthel Christian Centre which is working with other churches in the area to bring help on money management issues to all who may appreciate assistance in the handling of home and personal finance.

CAP Money courses

Mr. Mackay stresses that the short-duration 3-session courses which CAP run are 'for everyone, whether or not debt is an issue.'  He continued by pointing out: We all have financial pressures in our lives, so we need to balance income against expenditure. The sessions are designed to be a resource to anyone and everyone who wants to get a better grasp of handling their finances.”  The courses have been running for some time and therre is no charge for the courses.

For CAP Money courses contact 07538 463 701
or e-mail:
See also Cap Money website

Blue Monday and Debt Counselling

Misery is expected to peak on Monday, as 24 January has been pinpointed as the worst day of the year when the Christmas-period spending hits home along with the realisation that the new year doesn't automatically make problems of the previous year dissappear.

A debt counselling facility is part of the service offered at the CAP Centre in Inverness. It is organised through the CAP HQ in Bradford and is delivered through a combination of local contact and the CAP head office team.

The telephone number for debt counselling - 0800 328 0006


At the official launch of the new Inverness Centre, Christians Together and Thistle Channel TV interviewed Gordy and national centre manager Dave Kendal from CAP HQ in Bradford.
 Debt and Money Management - Inverness CAP Centre with Gordy Mackay 

The background to the establishing of the CAP Centre is covered in an earlier report which gives further details of the facilities and help which are available.

 For futher information on all of the above visit:

Christians Against Poverty web site.


Christians Together / Thistle Channel, 19/05/2011

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