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Unforgiveness: a cause of major bondage

Many who engage in personal ministry to others say that one of the most common and serious problems is that of unforgiveness; found even within the church. Clinging on to bitterness or grudges is spiritually highly dangerous and gives the demonic an 'entry point'.

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Rodney W. Francis
UnforgivenessIT has been said that the major cause of hindrances and bondages in the lives of Christians is that of unforgiveness. Every one of us will have experienced things in our lives, disagreements, criticisms, accusations (both true and false) against us. We cannot avoid these things happening.

Even Jesus said that it was "impossible but that offences would come" (Luke 17:1). Offences are "stumbling blocks" which come against us ~ things said and done to us to put us down, or to try and subject us to someone else's will, etc.

So, no matter how well we handle relationships, etc., we will all face negative things being thrown at us. Some will "attack" us if for no other reason but that they are jealous of us.

For the Christian we must accept that these things will happen in our lives.

The big issue is how we deal with them!

It is very important to realize that once the offence has taken place, that we cannot change that. What we can change is our response to it, and how we allow it to affect us. The sooner we can take these matters to the Lord and leave them with Him ~ and at the same time practice forgiveness toward those who have offended us ~ the sooner we will be able to get on with our lives and continue to be fruitful in His service.

But if we allow those criticisms to get into our emotions and cause us to react negatively and to start "bad mouthing" that person who has offended (and hurt) us, then it will quickly get into our spirit and lodge there.
Once that happens, then we become the loser in the situation ~ even if the accusations are wrong! It is so important that we learn to keep short accounts with God and with people; otherwise we will start on a downward slippery slope that can cause us to finish up being hurt, angry, resentful, "bitter and twisted", carrying a wounded spirit in the process.

None of us can afford to let that happen. Yet, in my travels in numbers of countries, I am finding wounded Christians that have to be set free... Regardless of who caused the offence we all need to practice forgiveness.

Let me emphasize strongly to you: carrying unforgiveness in your heart is not worth it! There is nothing good or justifiable in our carrying unforgiveness. If you have any unforgiveness in your heart and life right now, let me encourage you to make it a top priority to deal with it, and to get rid of it.

Take it to JESUS ~ give it to Him, as He is the only One who can take it away from us. It is He that we are called to please; and our carrying unforgiveness does not please Him at all. In fact unforgiveness stops God from forgiving us of our many offences against Him (Matthew 6:14-15)!

Right now, come before the Lord Jesus and give it all to Him

Rodney W. Francis, 15/06/2011

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