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A word from Lance Lambert (August 2011)

Lance Lambert, the international Bible teacher and speaker who lived in Jerusalem, spoke the following word just prior to the rioting and violence in the UK. We now see the impact on the climate.

first published 11/08/2011

Lance Lambert

HEAR the voice of the Lord, O Isles that I have so greatly loved and favoured. I the Lord the Almighty, I took you when you were nothing, clothed with skins and woad, and through My saving power, I made you great. When you were nothing, through My Word and your faith in Me, I lifted you and made you Great Britain.

Through many awakenings and many revivals, stage by stage, I took you until you became a great power with the greatest Empire in the history of the nations.

From you My Gospel and My Word went throughout the world, and tens of thousands came into an experience of saving faith! That Empire with all its many failings and weaknesses was still one of the most just and righteous Empires of history.

Those Isles of yours were soaked with the blood of My faithful martyrs and its soil received the burnt ashes of those who would not renounce My Name, My Truth, and My Word. I, the Lord have not forgotten those who gave their all for Me!

But now the whole nation that I created and sustained has turned from Me. They paganise their land, state and institutions; there is no voice heard to warn the nation. False religion, the work of world rulers of darkness, cover your Isles; A Laodicean church, neither hot nor cold, rumbles on like machinery. It is a church where I am outside of its routine; its organisation and its methodology. It is Christianity without Me: Religion without Me!

My being is seared with pain, for judgement is determined against your land. I can do no other. I will destroy the vestiges of her greatness; I will return her to her first estate. I will wreck her economy, destabilise her in every way. I will change her climate, even her weather. I will prove to her that the way of the transgressor is hard and terrible. I will allow demonic forces held in check erstwhile by My Word and Gospel, and the living faith of so many, to become rampant in her social life, to the destruction of her society.

Will you who know Me and love Me go blind and dumb and deaf into this judgement?
It is time for you who love Me, who are faithful to Me, to take action! Stand before Me and plead The Finished Work of My Son. At least cry out to Me, that there will be those who turn from darkness, from sin, and be saved. For whosoever shall call upon My Name in the midst of these judgements, I will save!

It will cost you everything to stand in the gap, but you will enter into My heart, and know deep fellowship with Me. Such travail conceived in your heart by My Spirit will cost your deeply, but it will end in My Throne and Glory.

Footnote Reminder: Christians Together site policy is to hold every 'word' before the Lord for testing by the Holy Spirit and the Truth of God's Word. 

Lance LambertLance Lambert, one of the most distinguished Bible Scholars and intercessory leaders in Israel and abroad, died peacefully on May 10, 2015 in Jerusalem, Israel at the age of 84 following a severe illness over the past year. We deeply mourn the loss of our dear Brother and Faithful Servant of our Lord Jesus. We also rejoice knowing that he has entered into the Joy and Presence of the Lord.

Lance's contribution to the Body of Christ cannot be measured. His deep life of intercessory prayer and ministry to the Saints in the midst of battle is reflected in the messages he gave us. He will be fondly remembered for that twinkle in his eye and his British humour when he spoke. He has encouraged so many to press on and pursue to a deeper life in our Lord Jesus. In the Words of our Lord Jesus:

Matthew 25:21: "His Master said to him, "Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the Joy of your Master."

Lance enjoyed a worldwide itinerant ministry. Born in 1931, Lance grew up in England and met the Lord at age 12. He entered the school of African and Oriental studies at London University to prepare for the Lord's work in China. He studied Classical Chinese, Mandarin, Oriental Philosophy and Far Eastern History, but the revolution closed the door to his entry into China.

In the early 1950's, Lance served in the Royal Air Force in Egypt, where he learned many principles in intercessory prayer. He later founded Halford House Christian Fellowship in Richmond, England.

Having discovered his Jewish ancestry, Lance became an Israeli citizen in 1980.

Lance was noted for his eschatological views, which placed him in the tradition of Watchman Nee and T. Austin-Sparks. He wrote numerous books on prayer and Israel, including The Uniqueness of Israel.

Lance Lambert, 13/02/2014

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Jenny 11/08/2011 11:25
Events seem to corroborate what LL says, and yet I'm always wary of anyone claiming to speak explicitly in the name of the Lord. Dare anyone use the first person as here, "I the Lord the Almighty..."??
Still, the remedy he proposes is to pray and proclaim the Gospel, and we can all get behind that.
Editor 11/08/2011 12:26
"Dare anyone use the first person"
It is indeed something which I am not entirely comfortable with. However in the evaluation process I tend to focus on the content rather than the style.
Vic Cameron (Guest) 11/08/2011 13:04
This is very much a "prophecy" from an Old Testament mentality.
God poured out all His judgment and wrath on Jesus on the cross. The current situation is not sent from Him.

If this is from God why is Lance not over here saying what we should be doing?!
Editor 11/08/2011 13:47
Vic, there is a fanciful notion that God's judgement is confined to the OT times (a superficial reading of Revelation is enough to dispel that teaching) and that the only aspects of God's character which we see in the NT is that of love, mercy and forgiveness.

Regarding Lance Lambert's travels. He still travels internationally (at the age of 80) and not infrequently to his native country of Britain.
Brian Ross 11/08/2011 14:13
Would it not be correct to say that every time I stand on a platform, or in a pulpit, and preach "the Word of the Lord", that I am doing essentially the same thing as LL - but usually, I confess, without the element of foretelling that he gives here? Forth-telling and fore-telling are both, surely, prophetic - and many of us have been saying for a long time that the UK needs a prophetic voice that the mainline church appears to be unwilling (or unable!) to provide. My only "criticism" is that he uses the standard concept that the "Great" in Great Britain refers to power when, in fact, it refers to size - Grand Bretagne as against Bretagne!
Brian McKellar (Guest) 11/08/2011 18:12

On of the best Christian teaching websites available.
Many lessons available for public use.
I use it frequently. The above link is recommended to
evaluate the above prophecy.

Yours in God's grace

ian caldwell (Guest) 13/08/2011 23:34
we need LL on bbc questiontime instead of the bishop of york,did nt mention god once,what a wasted oportunity!
Peter Carr 14/08/2011 08:17
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