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The following article contains a recent letter from a Christian who was living a 'gay' lifestyle 40 years ago when he found the transforming power of Jesus Christ to change his life.

first published 19/09/11

manEd preamble:
There has been and continues to be much animated discussion about the issues of homosexuality in the context of Christian belief. Before moving onto a letter which constitutes the central part of this article it might be helpful to make a few points:

  1. To say that one is a 'Christian' (in the true and biblical sense) is to say that God's word is accepted as sovereign and trumps all human reasoning and opinions
  2. To say that one is a 'Christian' (in the true and biblical sense) is to agree to submit one's life (in terms of conduct and thinking) to the authority of God's word.
  3. To say that one is a 'Christian' (in the true and biblical sense) is to endeavour, with God's help, to turn away from all that the Bible deems to be sinful behaviour (including any sexual relationships outside of faithful heterosexual marriage).
  4. All (persons) have sinned and fall short of God's righteousness
  5. There are many – including heterosexuals – who describe themselves as Christians who do not conform to the above points i.e. they delude themselves and masquerade as true believers.
  6. Everyone is spiritual (whether or not they acknowledge it).
  7. It is not only homosexuals who have been 'hurt' (by those outside of, and also from within the churches).
  8. It is not only homosexuals who have to struggle (make war) against sinful desires.
  9. Some Christian ministries have used inappropriate methods in response to those living homosexual lifestyles.
  10. Sinful inclination is an issue that every true Christian has to deal with. When the inclination is repeatedly allowed to govern behaviour then there is a problem (in the sight of God, and in the life of discipline within the church).

The following letter was written by a married man who is both a father and a grandfather. It was written in the early summer of this year to a local congregation who support him and his wife in their work in an Eastern European country. The name Paul is a psuedonym and the name of the church has been omitted; however the letter was published in the church's regular newsletter and using the writer's real name and that of his wife. The couple are both friends of the Editor and have been over a period of many years.


Dear Friends,

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you at <name of local congregation> at this very difficult time. The Church of Scotland's move towards admitting practising homosexual ministers (we will not use the word 'gay' as our knowledge of the so called gay lifestyle is that in reality it is anything but gay) has been widely publicised in the <eastern European country's> media.

As elders in the Church of Scotland, and Church of Scotland commissioned missionaries, part of whose work in <eastern European country> is 'rescuing' young people caught up in this lifestyle, we wholeheartedly deplore this decision of compromise on an issue that is beyond compromise in the Bible. Indeed when the news of the decision reached us, I (Paul) was with a young man whom we “rescued? more than 4 years ago, who was thanking us from his heart for showing him the way to freedom.

What message does our commissioning denomination send to him and the 15 others we have snatched from such bondage in the 7 years we have been here? What does it say about our work and integrity, by making such a decision?

Rescuing people from this lifestyle, in a land where homosexuality is a huge problem, is not easy. But we praise God for the fruits of our prayers and your prayers for us, just as I am eternally grateful that God sent someone to rescue me (Paul) from that lifestyle 44 years ago. God's love and care is the answer for those caught up in this deception – not compromise.

We have poured out the love God has put into our hearts for these folk and have seen lives changed, as indeed my life was changed 40 years ago. Compromise will achieve nothing. For those trapped in this lifestyle only the transforming power of Christ?s love, prayer and encouragement will bring results – not tolerance and acceptance of something God has said is wrong.

Believe me, it is not a pretty or lovely lifestyle in any way – I have not forgotten – many long to escape but feel they cannot without God?s help.

Our prayers are for you and our denomination (which is sure to divide on this issue) and our earnest desire before God is that his will be done, his word adhered to and that his grace will prevail. We stand together with you in prayer and in spirit. “Your kingdom come, oh Lord, your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.”

Footnotes: One ministry which seeks to help those wishing to re-order their behaviour is -
True Freedom Trust.
A talk given by the TFT Director, Jonathan Berry can be heard by <clicking here>.
In the recording Berry speaks honestly and openly of his life which in its earlier years included an active homosexual relationship.

Christians Together /Paul, 23/01/2013

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Pawlo (Guest) 21/09/2011 11:00
This all sounds a bit hypocritical. To say to someone 'We have what you need' because there is something visible as sin in their life and the attitude 'obviously not saved' because of that visible sin is totally pharisaical!

Not wanting out of sin is more a failing of the church than those stuck in it. for there are some who are ignorant of God—I say this to your shame.
Jenny 21/09/2011 11:58
Maybe reread it, Pawlo - I think you're getting things out of the article that aren't there.
I don't see "We have what you need". It's God who has what we need.
Then again, what does "hypocrisy" mean exactly? As I understand it, pretending to be what you are not. Could you show me where? It isn't hypocritical to say "Sinful inclination is an issue that every true Christian has to deal with...."
Pharisaism means focussing on others' sins while forgetting our own. All I see above is a diagnosis that applies to all believers without distinction.
Pawlo (Guest) 21/09/2011 12:08
Curlew, I was more refering to some of the comments made than the article.
Peter Carr 21/09/2011 13:16
"Not wanting out of sin is more a failing of the church than those stuck in it. for there are some who are ignorant of God—I say this to your shame."

It is the duty of God's Spirit to convict and convince regarding the reality of sin, it is the duty of Christians (i.e. the church) to point people to God and His Word.

Jn 16: 8 "When he comes, he will prove the world to be in the wrong about sin and righteousness and judgment..."

David (Guest) 21/09/2011 14:20
Firstly it is not my place or anyone's place to put Limit on God.
The above testimony in which I can delight in that this man was able to get out of is Life style even TFT would say this is not the norm.
Many young guys finding there sexuality experiment in homosexual acts this not mean they are gay
I like the above man was married, at the time truly believe God at set me free and did enjoy all the family stuff, but this will sound bad being honest sex was a chore. I call that living a lie . I now know I was kidding myself

As a foot note I am dyslexic and can not always put into the words I would like but I am sure you get my point.
Pawlo (Guest) 21/09/2011 14:22
Well, thats you off the hook then Tartan!
Peter Carr 21/09/2011 14:38
"Well, thats you off the hook then Tartan!"

Really, in what way (s)?

Martin Lisemore 21/09/2011 18:18
David, any Biblical and Christian answer to your posts on CT depends utterly on what you want from CT, from the church and even Christ Himself.

Let's recap, if only for clarity. You are a born again Christian, in communion with Christ. Therefore you are my brother in Christ and I welcome you and welcome your posts and emails if you care to take up my offer.

You've been married and found the intimate side of married life a chore; perhaps duty would equally describe it.

You've found a peace in admitting to yourself you're a homosexual and engaging in homosexual relationships; and to settle down with a partner, to share the good times and the bad.

May I ask, and that without any judgement of you, what is it you want? What do you want of a church? A fellowship? What do you require of other Christians?

A Bible based church/fellowship, in communion with Christ Jesus will be akin to a bride. They will accept you as you are and put much effort, that's life long effort, into changing you. I know, I've been married twice!

The degree to which you accept the Bible's teaching on homosexuality is proportional to the amount of acceptance you will receive in a Godly fellowship.

I can't change the reason why churches don't know what to do with me. It's my inheritance.

Individual Christians, as Curlew admitted yesterday, won't know what to do with you. That's not nice; I know that from another point of view. But now I understand better their difficulties with me.

The single object of any truly Christian church/fellowship is to wrap their arms around you (figuratively) and open the path to becoming Christ-like, which is the sole reason for our pilgrimage in Christianity. To become Christ-like.

Since the Bible is the written Word of God, and Jesus is the Living Word, (they're always in agreement) no truly Christ centred fellowship can take you to their hearts as a continuing practising homosexual without a sometime expressed desire to turn from those practices.

If it's a blank acceptance you desire strongly, then an internet homosexual assembly is your best bet. But bear this in mind; there's no sin, no repentance, and no full counsel of God in these places. There cannot be! Just a warped interpretation, moulding itself to man's desires, and not the expressed word of God. They're just sex assemblies, nothing more.

In short, loads of judgement at the end, and not a lot of hope for anything else.

I wrote of my base desires towards women for a reason; to say, you can overcome, by the Grace of God, and win the race, but it's a lifelong race. If you engage in that race, to overcome your soulish desires, and glorify Jesus, then be prepared for a personal, inward fight. Be prepared to be alone with Jesus, be prepared to be uplifted, filled, empowered in way the rest of us can't conceive.

I commend that race/fight to you. And while I remain convinced in my spirit you are racing/fighting to win that great prize at the end, I'll be with you in any way I can.

Martin Lisemore 21/09/2011 18:26
Wow! Pawlo, this is a time bomb, and time's now.

Not wanting out of sin is more a failing of the church than those stuck in it.

Do you want a new thread on this? I'm up for it!
David (Guest) 21/09/2011 19:00

Hi Martin
Thanks for your response
I can only contact you on here not a member of CT
Really thing we have both said enough on here.
I be live one can live a gay a sprit fill life you don't.
Maybe in the end a church is not for me. I do know that God is 100% and in the end that's all I need.
Been to gay churches not for me.of course it fellowship I want and being human need, but I guess that is not going to happen I just can not live a double life done that I find being honest and straight the only way unfortunately that can get people backs up
Just for the record I am not in any sort of relationship gay or other wise.
Wish you all the beat my friend

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