God hears even when the mikes are off.

There is a tendency - even in Christian circles - to think that we can do and say things behind God's back. However the whole world has overheard what the Presidents of France and America think of Israel's Prime Minister; and God heard too.

by Watchman

"I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse...."
Gen 12:3

SarkozyThose who have read Bill Koenig's book 'An Eye for an Eye' will know of the linkages he draws between American actions regarding Israel and the subsequent disasters impacting that country.

Of course the reader has to decide on the legitimacy of the writer's analyses and conclusions. However, the views of the former pilot and Whitehouse correspeondent give pause for thought.

If indeed his suppositional doctrines of cause and effect have any validity, then Presidents Obama and Sarkozy, and the countries they lead, may well have reason to be very concerned.

And the damage-limitation teams of France and the USA may have their work cut out following the unguarded comments made by these world leaders at the recent G20 summit.

In her book 'Why Care about Israel' the author Sandra Teplinsky writes on the above verse from Gen 12:3 in the context of the two different Hebrew words ('arar' and 'qalal') which have been translated as 'curse'.

In common parlance, the word curse refers either to four letter expletives or occult activity. But the Hebew Scriptures give a different, important and specific understanding of the concept of a curse.

Derived from various words, the Hebrew definition is twofold:
(1) to stop or impose a barrier, ban or paralysis and
(2) to treat lightly or make light of: to belittle or make little.

A curse in the Old Covenant is much the same as a judgment. When people curse, therefore, they are in essence praying for judgment. Likewise, when God curses He judges.

On this basis, and given the Hebrew sentence structure of Genesis 12:3, Bible commentators suggest its ‘curse verse’ could be translated more accurately as follows:
“The one who treats you lightly I must curse.”

A short review of Koenig's book asks the question: What do [the following] major record-setting events have in common?

• The ten costliest insurance events in U.S. history • The twelve costliest hurricanes in U.S. history • Three of the four largest tornado outbreaks in U.S. history • The two largest terrorism events in U.S. history

And his answer?

All of these major catastrophes and many others occurred or began on the very same day or within 24-hours of U.S. presidents Bush, Clinton and Bush applying pressure on Israel to trade her land for promises of "peace and security," sponsoring major "land for peace" meetings, making major public statements pertaining to Israel’s covenant land and /or calling for a Palestinian state.

Are each one of these major record-setting events just a coincidence or awe-inspiring signs that God is actively involved in the affairs of Israel?

The world may know nothing of or care less regarding God's end-time prophetic purposes for the Jewish people and the land; and that is hardly surprising. But what is both surprising and alarming is that a huge swathe of the Christian church is walking in ignorance or denial also.

"And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.."
Zechariah 12:9

Ed footnote: The remarks of Obama and Sarkozy will effectively legitimise the actions of Ahmedinijad, Hamas and all who think like them. With the growing threat of a nuclear-armed Iran, these developments will futher hone the knife-edge on which the world is sitting.

Watchman, 10/11/2011

Editor 21/03/2012 14:01
"I can't stand him. He's a liar" French President Nicolas Sarkozy speaking to the US President Barak Obama about Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Sarkozy was speaking 4 months before the murderous attacks on French soldiers, a teacher and schoool-children.

"I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you." (Gen 12:3) God's word to all who will listen; including France, the US, Britain and the Arab and Muslim world.

The attacks in France were demonic. but the attacker was merely following the basic teachings of the Islamic faith and no doubt feels vindicated by Sarkozy's remarks of last year.
The reason the (Muslim) soldiers were killed was because they were "unfaithful" (Muslims).

Some 'teachings' of Islam and Islamic groups:

"The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews , when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. "

The Muslim Hadith (sayings) which are also incorporated into the Hamas charter, states:

"For our struggle against the Jews is extremely wide-ranging and grave, so much so that it will need all the loyal efforts we can wield, to be followed by further steps and reinforced by successive battalions from the multifarious Arab and Islamic world, until the enemies are defeated and Allah’s victory prevails.

“We have cast among them enmity and hatred till the day of Resurrection. As often as they light a fire for war, Allah extinguishes it. Their effort is for corruption in the land, and Allah loves not corrupters.” Sura V (Al-Ma’idah—the Table spread), verse 64.

"When our enemies usurp some Islamic lands, Jihad becomes a duty binding on all Muslims. In order to face the usurpation of Palestine by the Jews, we have no escape from raising the banner of Jihad. This would require the propagation of Islamic consciousness among the masses on all local, Arab and Islamic levels. We must spread the spirit of Jihad among the [Islamic] Umma, clash with the enemies and join the ranks of the Jihad fighters. "

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