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With the increasing numbers of Christians meeting in informal or semi-formal groupings this section of the Christians Together website is dedicated to articles which may be of particular interest to those who outwork their faith outside of traditional organised structures.


 first published 28/02/12

House church


A modern history

In the 60s and 70s the Charismatic Movement produced a significant number of new groups and led to de facto new denominations. The change didn't happen overnight and a typical progression saw believers – as their numbers increased – move from homes to local halls and schools and the on to larger premises.

In time new denominations formed and gradually assumed the organisational features of the longer-standing and traditional mainstream denominations – complete with constitional arrangements, buildings, full-time paid staff, etc.

Recent Trends

Towards the end of the 1900s and into the 21st-century an increasing number of Christians – both young and older – have, for a variety of reasons, moved towards more 'organic' forms of regular fellowship meetings with the 'glue' being more to do with personal relationships than denominational affiliations.

The general desire was and is to look more to the forms of the early believers outlined in the pages of the New Testament and seek to outwork these biblical and foudational principles in the context of our modern world.

The Way Forward?

It is said that in the space of a generation, each new move of God mutates to become yet another traditional denomination, and this can be seen over the centuries. However there is – at the present time a least – little apparent enthusiasm for moves towards creating yet another heavily-structured environment.

In this context, the articles on this section of the website will be particulary focussed on the issues facing groups of Christian operating in less formal ways.

The 'Response' feature attaching to future articles and the 'Debates' facility are available to be used as means of helping one another with common issues and interests.

Meanwhile please visit the article 'Are you part of a small group' which has a facility to respond in the meantime.



The Editor, 25/06/2014

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