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Eric Liddell; Olympic hero and man of conviction

Scotsman Eric Liddell famously competed in the 1924 Olympic Games and was known around the world as a man who was not prepared to compromise his beliefs for the sake of sporting glory.


The first two videos give brief accounts of the sporting achievements and missionary life of Eric Liddell.

A full account of the life of Eric Liddell up to and including his death in a Chinese prison camp can be seen in the following video. It lasts over an hour but is well worth watching.

Christians Together, 07/08/2012

Editor 13/08/2012 17:18
Alex Salmond has stated: "“I am delighted to announce that the new edition of Chariots Of Fire will be made available to every school in Scotland to help our young people learn more about his life and the important lessons he taught us – those of humility and dedication and an absolute commitment to the service of others.”

It is indeed a great pity - and perhaps a glaring hypocrisy - that the First Minister is currently flying in the face of the faith which Liddell championed and taught.

Pray that the young people who read the Liddell's story will come to see that principles (of faith) should trump the pragmatism of political opportunism.

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