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The Editor, 21/08/2012

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Editor 08/10/2012 12:02
MANILA – In a move towards ending a decades-long conflict, the Philippine government announced a peace deal with the country’s largest Muslim group on Sunday, October 7, to establish a Muslim homeland in the south.

The British government said more still needs to be done for achieving peace in the Philippines.

"One of the most relevant lessons at this point is to recognize that even after an agreement it won't all be plain sailing, and there will still be challenges," British envoy Stephen Lillie said in a statement.

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Editor 10/10/2012 10:13
Seven Alawite officers defected to Jordan early Oct. 8, Jordan Times reported Oct. 9, citing activists affiliated with the Free Syrian Army. Rebel forces helped the officers defect, concluding an operation that was planned for weeks, the activists said.

They said the defectors, who were former senior officials in the Syrian intelligence services and the military, were received by Jordanian authorities and transferred to a guarded safe house in Jordan's north. There have already been early indications that Syria's Alawite community is fracturing.
Editor 10/10/2012 10:44

The United States does not have a Protestant majority for the first time since being founded by the Puritans as ever-growing numbers of Americans say they have no religious affiliation, according to a new study.

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Editor 12/10/2012 15:45

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney got the endorsement of the Rev. Billy Graham, who promised to do "all I can" to help Romney win the presidency, reports the Associated Press.

Rev. Graham made no mention of Romney's Mormon religion which often contradicts Christianity, even claiming that Jesus Christ and Lucifer are spiritual brothers, and that Mormon founder Joseph Smith will sit with God and Jesus to judge everyone in the afterlife.

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Editor 14/10/2012 16:54

Following successful campaigns in Egypt, Libya and other Middle East and North African nations, the Muslim Brotherhood now is trying to destabilize and possibly overthrow Jordan’s government, according to reports.

The Saudi-owned news channel Al-Arabiya, citing leaked files, reported the embattled regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his allies have sought to destabilize neighboring Jordan by manipulating peaceful demonstrations there and turning them into deadly violence.

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Editor 31/10/2012 15:10
A child preacher identified as Ibrahim Adham called for the destruction of Israel on the Egyptian Al-Rahma television station this month, according to a translation provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute.
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Editor 31/10/2012 15:13
The latest bombing in Nigeria shows how Christians are increasingly suffering for their faith – and how their plight is being ignored.

Other notable trouble spots include Egypt, where 600,000 Copts – more than the entire population of Manchester – have emigrated since the 1980s in the face of harassment or outright oppression.

Why is such a huge scourge chronically under-reported in the West? One result of this oversight is that the often inflated sense of victimhood felt by many Muslims has festered unchallenged.

Take the fallout of last month’s protests around the world against the American film about the Prophet Mohammed. While most of the debate centred on the rule of law and the limits of free speech, almost nothing was said about how much more routinely Islamists insult Christians, almost always getting away with their provocations scot-free.

One reason why Western audiences hear so little about faith-based victimisation in the Muslim world is straightforward: young Christians in Europe and America do not become “radicalised”, and persecuted Christians tend not to respond with terrorist violence.

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Editor 31/10/2012 17:47
Abortion counselling consultation called off

A health minister says the government no longer plans to undertake its own consultation on abortion counselling.

Anna Soubry told MPs the government "did not intend to change either the law or the guidelines".

But she said ministers would look at recommendations from an inquiry being held by a cross-party group of MPs.

Anti-abortion campaigners argue there is a conflict of interest because many pregnant women who receive counselling from clinics go on to have abortions.

Instead, they want counselling to be provided by someone, such as a GP, who is separate from the abortion clinic.

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Editor 31/10/2012 17:55
European Bishops call for "enculturisation of Islam in Europe"

Last week, Italian education minister Francesco Profumo proposed that Islam be taught in public schools alongside the traditional teaching of Catholicism, while Bishop Mariano Crociata, secretary general of the Italian Episcopal Conference, announced that the Vatican is in favor of building new mosques in Italy.

The southern island of Sicily is about to become the site of a shining new multi-million Euro mega-mosque paid for by Qatar.

The Mosque of Rome, which accommodates more than 12,000 people, is one of the largest mosques in Europe. It is there that the imam, an Egyptian Islamist, was suspended after preaching jihad.

There are now an estimated 500 mosques in Italy, and 70 % of these are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, not to mention thousands of informal Islamic prayer centers and Koranic schools.

In Italy, a new Islamic place of worship is established on the average of every four days.

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Editor 04/11/2012 18:37
An international grouping of evangelical denominations, ministries and academics has written to the Church of Scotland expressing its deep concern for the situation surrounding the Tron Church.

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