British Army Officer is right on target

A former high-ranking British Army officer has defended the Israeli Defence Force and spoken of  the institutionalised anti-Israelism found in the UN and the mass media.
first published 11/09/12

 Colonel Richard Justin Kemp CBE
colonel richard kempEd preface:
The following video and transcript extracts have been taken from a speech given by former British Army officer Colonel Richard Kemp at a 'We Believe in Israel' conference in May 2011.

Col. Kemp served in the British Army from 1977 to 2005. He was Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan, an infantry battalion Commanding Officer, worked for the Joint Intelligence Committee and COBR and completed 14 operational tours of duty around the globe.

In the first part of his delivery at the conference Col. Kemp spoke of the bravery and integrity of Lieutenant Paul Mervis, a young British Jew who served and died on patrol in central Helmand in his role as a platoon commander with the British Army in Afghanistan.

Lt. Mervis was highly respected by the men he led and by his fellow officers. Col. Kemp suggested that the young officer would have behaved no differently had he enlisted with the Israeli Defence Force; and argued that the negative portrayal of the IDF is a gross distortion.


Extract from speech by Col. Richard Kemp
'We Believe in Israel' conference: May 2011

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Transcript of video extract:
"THIS malevolent portrayal of the Israeli Defence Forces is carefully and systematically planned, cultivated, developed, expanded and relentlessly driven forward. It is the key part of what

"a pernicious and increasingly dangerous global conspiracy of propaganda"

amounts to nothing less than a pernicious and increasingly dangerous global conspiracy of propaganda aimed at the total delegitimization of the state of Israel. A conspiracy that has so far exceeded in its international scope, anything dreamt of even by that master of propaganda, Dr Josef Goebbels himself, spreading the idea that Israel is so evil that it has no right even to exist, aiming for the point where that idea becomes an acceptable, mainstream argument in our societies.

It is no surprise of course that such a campaign has great popularity in the Arab and the wider Islamic world any more than Goebbels’s twisted propaganda machine succeeded in persuading so many Germans to his murderous cause. But what is truly shocking is the traction that this propaganda has gained in the west among student bodies, teachers, university authorities, academics, think tanks, human rights organizations, aid agencies, parliamentary bodies, and – perhaps most damaging of all, the mass media.

What is the evidence for this?

"Judge Richard Goldstone retracted the most serious allegations that he had made."

A favourite vehicle for the anti-Israel conspiracy is the United Nations Human Rights Council.

While continuing to neglect the woefully abused rights of 350 million citizens of the Middle East, not to mention the rights of many more people the world over, the Council focuses its attention almost exclusively on Israel.
The Report of the UN Fact Finding Mission into the 2009 Gaza Conflict, better known as the Goldstone Report, accused Israeli forces of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity, deliberately killing, wounding and terrorising innocent civilians.

That report was endorsed on two occasions by the General Assembly of the United Nations. But only last month, Judge Richard Goldstone retracted the most serious allegations that he had made, saying that Israel did not in fact intentionally kill or wound innocent civilians. He wrote that if he had known at the time of his investigation what he knows now, the Goldstone Report would have been a very different document. Well, I, with my far more limited resources and access, could have told him a great deal of what is now apparently new to him.

In fact, I did tell him at the time of his report, in evidence I gave to the United Nations Human Rights Council in October 2009:

“During its operation in Gaza, the Israeli Defence Forces did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare.”

But a central aim in the conspiracy of delegitimization against Israel is to give validity and justification to attacks on Israel by groups such as Iran’s proxies Hamas and Hizballah,

"a central aim .... is to give validity and justification to attacks on Israel."

allowing them to strike at Israel with impunity, and encouraging the view that any retaliatory or defensive measures by Israel are by definition disproportionate and should be criminalised.

The more traction this objective is allowed to gain, the greater the instability between Israel and her neighbours; the less chance of any lasting peace; the more that blood will be shed on all sides in the region.

The most powerful weapons in this conspiracy are legal, diplomatic and media. Fundamentally we are talking about a war of words. Words that are given unprecedented potency by the internet, by the globalisation of the 21st Century. In this war of words, all that is necessary for this evil conspiracy of delegitimisation to triumph is for good men to say nothing.

I would like to conclude by adding to the theme of this conference. As a friend of Israel, of course I “believe in Israel”. As a life-long soldier I believe also in the brave, dedicated, and democratically-accountable soldiers of the Israeli Defence Forces, who sacrifice so much for the defence of Israel and for our Western democratic values.
The full text of Col. Kemp's speech can be found here. 

2. Another article on the Goldstone enquiry carries a video of Col. Kemp's testimony to that UN investigation into Operation Cast Lead where Isreali Defence Force entered Gaza to root out terrorist attackers. See: 'The Goldstone Report: believe it if you like'.

3. in 2010 an Israeli Messianic Pastor wrote: "This war against Israel is being fought now within the Church by a new rising force of academics and theologians being fed by the marriage of two streams: Replacement theology and Palestinian Christian Liberation theology. See article: 'The Enemy is within the Church'.

Christians Together, 11/09/2012

Editor 22/11/2012 13:54

As the rockets [fell] in Israel and Gaza, it is important to understand Hamas's tactic and how the international community and the media are encouraging it.

Hamas's tactic is as simple as it is criminal and brutal.

Its leaders know that by repeatedly firing rockets at Israeli civilian areas, they will give Israel no choice but to respond. Israel's response will target the rockets and those sending them. In order to maximize their own civilian casualties, and thereby earn the sympathy of the international community and media, Hamas leaders deliberately fire their rockets from densely populated civilian areas. The Hamas fighters hide in underground bunkers but Hamas refuses to provide any shelter for its own civilians, whom they use as "human shields."

This unlawful tactic puts Israel to a tragic choice: simply allow Hamas rockets to continue to target Israeli cities and towns; or respond to the rockets, with inevitable civilian casualties among the Palestinian "human shields."

Every democracy would choose the latter option if presented with a similar choice. Although Israel goes to great efforts to reduce civilian casualties, the Hamas tactic is designed to maximize them.

The international community and the media must understand this and begin to blame Hamas, rather than Israel, for the Palestinian civilians who are killed by Israeli rockets but whose deaths are clearly part of the Hamas tactic.

Every reasonable commentator has agreed with President Obama that Hamas started this battle by firing thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians. Every reasonable commentator also agrees with President Obama that Israel has the right to defend its citizens. But many commentators fault Israel for causing Palestinian civilian casualties.

But what is Israel's option, other than to simply allow rockets to be aimed at its own women and children. As President Obama observed when he went to Sderot as a candidate:

The first job of any nation state is to protect its citizens. And so I can assure you that if…somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I'm going to do everything in my power to stop that. And I would expect Israelis to do the same thing.

Read on..

Heather (Guest) 05/12/2012 20:05
Found your website after researching Christian Palestinianism.Only heard about it today and am glad that like you I know that DEFINITELY not God's will.I actually live in a predominantly Muslim town in the north of England.Yes.There really are more Muslims in my town than people of any other or no belief.Islam is the real threat - not Israel!

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