The Platypus Challenge

A previous article related to those ‘awkward’ (Platypus) verses which do not fit comfortably within some traditional theological frameworks. This present article sets out a mechanism to address the issue(s).

(see 'The Platypus Verses' for background)
Platypus VersesThe aim of the Platypus Challenge is to rigorously examine some parts of the Bible which are important even very important, but attract differing views.

The following schema is designed to base  and retain discussion within the framework of Scripture rather than referencing what commentaries and church traditions teach.

The aim also is to prevent 'ad hominem' attacks on the person(s) making the case, rather than addressing the issue. To this end the participants will remain anonymous to all but the editor; neither will each know the identity of the other party.

Once a biblical issue is set, initially only two selected participants ('A' and 'B'). Each submits 6 verses (or 6 very short passages) from Scripture to support his/her case. Nothing other than these six verses can be used to support the respective views.

Once all the verses (from both 'A' and 'B') have been placed on-line, each participant can then 'argue' against the verses supplied by the other party.

The editor will decide (in consultation with the two participants) when the process has reached a conclusion.

The following chart outlines the process.

Steps The Issue for debate is stated
1 Participant A submits his/her list of
six verses  (or short passages)
Participant B submits his/her list of
six verses (or short passages)
2 'A' responds to 'B's' verses 'B'  responds to 'A's' verses
3 The above process continues until it reaches a natural end
(with no other participants involved).
4 The discussion is then open for site members
to contribute and respond to the verses offered.

CURRENT PLATYPUS CHALLENGE: 'Once saved; Always saved?'

Suggestions/requests for future debates
For the moment suggestions for topics/issues to be debated can be left below.
Once a debate is in progress the 'Response' thread will be for used exclusively for the responses from the two participants in the debate.

The first 'Platypus Challenge' is now open for responses from all site visitors. However please note the rules that only Scripture verses (with no comment) can be used in support of a point of view whereas 'critique' comments can be made on verses supplied by others supporting an opposite view.
See: Once Saved: Always Saved

The Editor, 13/09/2012

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