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Garth Hewitt: the Flip Side of a 'troubadour'

To the average church audience, the Rev. Garth Hewitt presents a gentle image of a man focussed on issues of justice and peace. However the church minister also has a flip side.

Latest Release: Side A


Under the headline "Veteran Musician and Peace and Justice Crusader Garth Hewitt Releases New Album 'Justice Like a River'" on report states:

Garth Hewitt's new album, “Justice Like a River,” is a collection of songs for worship on the theme of justice. Containing material from different stages in Garth's career, “Justice Like a River,” includes some new and some re-recorded inspirational pieces.

Garth is hoping to see churches picking up on issues of justice and action inspired by the lifestyle of Jesus.

Speaking in a news release he said, “This album could have a subtitle ‘Occupy Worship.’ The Occupy movements have reminded us all of the need for fairer communities, where the division between rich and poor is not so great. The way of Jesus is a commitment to loving our neighbors, and doing unto others as we would have them do to us, and this should be part of the worship in our churches to inspire us to live this way.’

And now for the Flip Side

(Caveat: this is not  Phil 4:8 at work; and there is spiritual danger Gen 12:3 .)
James 3:8-18

Footnotes: Until recently Rev. Garth Hewitt has been the Guild Vicar of All Hallows on the Wall in the City of London - a centre for organisations involved in issues of justice and art. He is also an honorary Canon of St George's Cathedral, Jerusalem.

See also: Christian Palestinianism for a fuller explanation of the dynamic at work - even amongst heavy weight evangelicals.

Christians Together, 19/09/2012

John Miller 20/09/2012 11:26
I struggle to understand the point of these video clips. The first is a pleasant song, secular in content and purpose. The second is an uninformed, unbiblical, intemperate, snarling rant against Israel, God's earthly people. It ignores the teaching of the word of God and gives comfort to the enemies of that teaching. It also ignores the facts of present day politics in the Middle East.

The sad truth is that probably a majority of Palestines would cut Mr Hewitt's throat if it suited their purpose.

Mr Hewitt was a vicar and is an "honorary Canon" of a cathedral in Jerusalem, whatever that means. Can anyone testify to his personal faith in Jesus Christ? He quotes Desmond Tutu. I have heard Mr Tutu on numerous occasions being interviewed on TV but have yet to hear any expression of personal faith in the risen Christ from him.
Robert (Guest) 20/09/2012 14:01
It is so called christians such as this fellow , which I doubt if he is Christian although he carries the name canon ,It is people like him that stir up hatred among the enemy of God's chosen people , and God will hold him to account for his hatred. We are told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. sounds like he has a lot of hate in his soul.
Winner (Guest) 20/09/2012 20:31
I think that it is highly unlikely that this guy is a real Christian, and probably got his title for a small fee off of the internet ;-)
Seumas, Tobermory (Guest) 21/09/2012 00:45
Love the comments so far. If you're not a zionist charismatic, chandelier swinging, pew-jumping tongue speaking YEC type, poof-hating fundagelical, then you're not a "True Christian" (TM).

What is it they call it - the "No True Scotsman" logical fallacy?

Regarding that comment about getting his title for a fee, you might want to consider the case of "Dr" John Blanchard, the apologist, who got his "PhD" from an American diploma mill. Look it up if you doubt me - its all there out on the web in all its glory...
Winner (Guest) 21/09/2012 11:47
Seumas - if what you are saying about JB is true, then you are only confirming the abuse that goes on with online degree mills. So, what is your point?
Winner (Guest) 21/09/2012 13:15
"We are told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. sounds like he has a lot of hate in his soul."

"By their fruit..."
Don M. (Guest) 21/09/2012 15:06
Sehmas, you are in danger of sounding as screwed up as rev Hewitt.
Kevin (Guest) 04/06/2013 18:19
Garth Hewitt preaches Christ crucified and he stands up for the brethren. His accusers preach Jewish supremacy and stand up for the oppressors.
John Miller 04/06/2013 21:16
Kevin, how can you post such a denial of the truth?
Ronnie Mac (Guest) 05/06/2013 19:03
If Garth Hewitt stands up for the brethren he might consider standing up for the Christian brethren (Arabs and Jews) in (Palestinian) Bethlehem whose lives and property are being threatened by the local population. These believers are finding sanctuary in Israel.

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