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Pro-marriage, Pro-Children campaign attacked

A poster campaing illustrating that 'gay marriage' was designed to do nothing less than cut the link between children and any natural parents has been 'run off the road'.

But what about Sophie, Mr. Cameron?

by Anglican Mainstream

What about SophieThe progress of a pro-children campaign has stalled after a truck carrying two of its mobile billboards was vandalised and the driver of the van displaying it was threatened yesterday (14 July) in central London. The GayMarriageNoThanks group released billboards (right) aimed at highlighting the fact that children do better with married birth parents.

The group arranged for the poster to be driven around London on an advertising truck yesterday and today. But after the driver received abuse and the truck carrying the billboard was vandalised, the advertising company, Adtrailers Ltd, informed Alan Craig, campaign director for GayMarriageNoThanks, that they were “unable to send out the advertising truck today following yesterday’s campaign day.

“Unfortunately the driver out yesterday received threats, the truck was vandalised and there have been several offensive complaints received.”

A company representative also informed Mr Craig that people had made personal threats by email and over the phone which were “horrific”, "violent stuff" and "the worst I have known".

These had caused Adtrailers unilaterally to cancel their contract with GayMarriageNoThanks “to protect their staff”. The violent threats and backlash to the campaign come just prior to the Third Reading of the Government’s Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill in the House of Lords today. The billboard campaign attempts to put children back at the heart of marriage in a debate which so far has “been about only the interests of adults,” according to Mr Craig.

The group also delivered a letter to the Prime Minister yesterday in Westminster, enclosing a copy of the New Family Structures Study by US Professor Mark Regnerus. The study, which drew upon randomly-selected sample of nearly 3,000 respondents, show that children are “most apt to succeed well as adults – on multiple counts and across a variety of domains – when they spend their entire childhood with their married mother and father.”

Mr Craig believes the incident with the billboards raises serious concerns in light of the same sex marriage Bill. “These incidents show how free speech is already being shut down before any change in the law on marriage” he said. “The billboard was simply intended to initiate legitimate debate concerning the best environment for raising children. We're quite convinced that the overwhelming evidence demonstrates children do best with their married birth mother and father.

This is a debate which urgently needs to take place. “Vandalism, abuse and threats of physical violence threaten to shut down such democratic debate. Advertising companies and others will no longer be willing to carry 'controversial' pro-children and pro-family messages if the safety of their employees is put in jeopardy. “The situation will only get worse with the passage of the same sex marriage bill. What will Mr Cameron do about it? We have been asking him to consider the welfare of our nation's children. Now we're also asking him what he will do to ensure freedom of speech for those who, for very good reasons, oppose same sex marriage.”

Footnote: The New Family Structure Study (NFSS) is a comparative project which seeks to understand how young adults (ages 18-39) raised by same-sex parents fare on a variety of social, emotional, and relational outcomes when compared with young adults raised in homes with their married biological parents, those raised with a step-parent, and those raised in homes with two adoptive parents.
In particular, the NFSS aims to collect new data in order to evaluate whether biological relatedness and the gender of young adults' parents are associated with important social, emotional, and relational outcomes.

Anglican Mainstream, 16/07/2013

Anon (Guest) 11/10/2013 18:46
At the moment we have the right to choose (inoffensively) the words we use (and for that matter those we choose not to) - it is vitally important that we use this freedom of choice wisely.

I am sometimes gay (not homosexual) and I reserve the right to not use the word gay to describe anyone or any matter relating to homosexuality and would encourage others for the sake of clarity to do likewise. The word homosexual is clear enough to convey what is being meant without unnecessarily causing offense to those who are heterosexuals as a consequence of misinterpretation. I also civilly object to being described as ‘straight’ instead of heterosexual. Marriage is what it is, and what it has always been. A relationship between persons of the same sex is exactly that - a same-sex relationship. Carelessness in how we use vocabulary has resulted in us surrendering vital aspects of our language; it has not been hijacked. The correct use of language in this matter is something which is very effective and something so simple that anyone can do. If we continue to be ‘language lazy’ and careless then we will find it so much harder to resist the suppressing of the terms mother and father, husband and wife and so on from a wide range of instances such as official forms, school books etc. However, I would warn those who would adopt the practice of vocabulary accuracy, (which should be only be done with a spirit of love and tolerance), will at some stage attract hostility, but rather than that being a deterrent it should be an encouragement. This idea may seem confrontational and perhaps it may well be, but only coincidentally and not intentionally. Those who value the traditional use of the terms marriage, gay and straight need to be encouraged to use those terms only in the context of their original meaning. I would also encourage those who are accused of being homophobic to calmly challenge any such broad and ambiguous charge by requesting specific grounds for the accusation and when the cloak of ambiguity has been removed then such accusations are more charitably and non patronisingly dealt with in an edifying and illuminative manner (that’s not to say that such edification and illumination will be welcome) by those who are genuinely well intentioned and informed.

In conclusion I would advise you that I believe that every human person is a unique and irreplaceable gift created by our loving God, and therefore must be treated with love, respect and dignity, which of course applies to those who would disagree with me.

Colin Ford (Guest) 11/10/2013 20:12
If we are to use the correct, or Queen's English then, as I understand it, the Bible (KJV 1611) uses the right terminology; particularly when related to what the Scriptures clearly describe male "homosexuality"; SODOMY, or SODOMITE?
These are perhaps now phrases that are NOT politically correct?
But because of the CONSTANT dumbing down of the so-called Queen's English; for example, many say "wicked" when they mean good! How very bizarre? Read Isaiah 5.20 KJV.
If "sodomy" was never dropped as an accurate description of male "homosexuality", I believe this "Gay pride" movement may well have been seriously hindered?
Queen Victoria said that she believed Great Britain's greatness was entirely due to the 1611 KJV Bible.
As our anonymous contributor suggests, we should use the word "gay" when describing a cheerful or bright day, feeling, event etc. I had nearly forgotten what "gay" really meant!
Sodomy is certainly NOT the only sin that will send an impenitent to eternal damnation, but it IS certainly the one that the wicked ruling classes of today have no problem endorsing?
When witnessing to sodomites (homosexuals), I always tell them, that I am only the messenger, that your controversy is NOT with me, but with God.
On many official forms today, apparently when applying for employment, there are now more than two sexes? What are we to make of this?

Derek (Guest) 12/10/2013 07:18
Another billboard not attracting wholehearted support!
(Guest) 22/04/2014 18:39
What does a word matter? In the long run, straight doesn't have to mean hateful homophobic jackass, even if that's what you act like. Sodomy comes from Sodom, as in Sodom and Gomorrah. The problem is misinterpreted and (often deliberately) misunderstood Biblical stories. Sodom was destroyed for lack of hospitality. The versions where God destroyed the city for homosexual acts are false. Rape, maybe. Hate certainly. Sex? not likely.
Sinner (Guest) 23/04/2014 12:01
In a word, Homosexuality, relative to the natural order which God established to preserve and promote human life, is
D I S O R D E R.
Homosexuality is, plain and simply, disorder.
And words do matter - they matter a lot.
If the cells in any my liver start to behave in a manner contrary the the established life sustaining pattern, that is, in a disordered way, then a Doctor will, sooner or later, diagnose that I am suffering fron Cancer - which is not a word that anyone likes to hear.
And to call my liver 'gay, joyful or happy' instead of 'cancerous' will not add one split nano second to its true terminal state.
Yes, words matter - as do their true meaning.
This world, relative to the eternal reality from which it derives and from which it has fallen, is dying because of the spiritual disorder which afflicts its corporate soul.
And in these last days this disorder is manifesting itself throughout the societies of men.
Sinner (Guest) 23/04/2014 12:09
In my last post I should have finished thus:
throughout the societies and religious institutions of men.

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