Israel Prayer Week at Ellel Scotland: May 2015

For over a decade Ellel Ministries Scotland has hosted an Intercessors for Israel week of teaching and prayer led by messianic leaders from Israel.
(Perhaps the Lord would want you to be there?)

Israel Prayer Week1The Israel Prayer Week comprises of evening sessions whereby those who attend are briefed regarding the up-to-date situation (political and spiritual) in Israel, combined with teaching from a biblical perspective.

The morning sessions are dedicated to directed prayer - either in small groups or as a gathered assembly. This year the prayer focus will be on God's Covenants.

The afternoons are 'free time' when delegates can choose to have a private time with the Lord, or just relax in the peaceful countryside setting which surrounds Ellel Scotland's Blairmore House.

The week is led by three messianic leaders from Israel who are all part of the Intercessors for Israel prayer team.

The evening teaching sessions are open to non-conference attendees and it has been the practise in the past to have an open 'teaching day' on the Saturday of the prayer week.

In 2015 the Free Teaching Day is on Saturday, 9 May.

The following short video was shot during the prayer week in 2012.
At the foot of the article there is link to a comprehensive interview with Chuck Cohen during the most recent (2014) prayer conference when Chuck speaks about the format of the conference and the issues on which teaching and information is given to feed into the times of prayer.

Note: Scroll to foot of page for longer video interview with Chuck at the 2014 Prayer Week


Israel Prayer Week2

Footnote: Any questions or requests for further infomation regarding the above week of prayer can be left via the 'Response' facility below or put to Ellel Scotland directly.

Visit the Ellel Scotland 2015 diary for a listing of other conferences, events, teaching sessions and healing retreats. These include a new course 'Jesus, Israel and the Kingdom of God' led by Murray Dixon.

Ellel Ministries Scotland, 11/03/2015

Intercessors for Israel Scottish Prayer Conference 2014 Chuck Cohen
Chuck Cohen of Intercessors for Israel speaking to Colin Wilson on the occasion of the 2014 Israel Prayer Conference at Ellel Scotland's Blairmore House. Just after the recording was made three Jewish young men were kidnapped and murdered in Jerusalem. The 2015 IFI Conference is scheduled for 4 - 11 May.
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Recorded: 06/06/2014
Length: 35 minutes
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(Guest) 02/11/2014 19:52
Prayer week?
Is that ALL? I pray for Israel EVERY day!
I CERTAINLY agree we should pray for Israel!
It IS a Biblical commandment of NO small measure! Romans 10.1 is a Scripture that jumps out at me in the NT, the OT is full of them.
Of course there are many in the Highlands and Islands (and elsewhere too) who believe that the church has replaced Israel-a most damnable and Satanic lie.
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a faithful and covenant keeping God. "All Israel shall be saved" Romans 11.26.

(Guest) 06/11/2014 21:47
If our God is the "God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel)-as the Bible teaches, then how is it the church has replaced Israel?
Surely then, Israel IS the Church plus the Gentile believers?
Editor 12/11/2014 09:39
The 'new covenant' was first of all made with the Jewish people (as described by the prophet Jeremiah Jer 31:31; Rom 9:4).

Believing Gentiles are "grafted in" to the Jewish root stock (Rom 11:17).
The problem which has produced the heresy of Replacement Theology is that Gentiles read 'backwards from the NT to the OT' seeing the Gentile church as the starting point rather than a latter-day outworking of the promises made to the Jews.

See also -
not ellel (Guest) 28/11/2014 14:37
I heard a Christian exclaim "We Christians should pray for the peace of Jerusalem-Psalm 122.6!"
"Yes!" I replied, "this is what God wants us to do, brother!"
He replied, "As soon as we get those pesky Jews out of Jerusalem and let the Palestinians take the possession-we will have peace!"


not ellel (Guest) 30/11/2014 18:55
Who exactly are the "three Messianic leaders from Israel" that will be officiating, do you know their names?
The organisation "Intercessors for Israel prayer team." Who are they, and do they have a website etc?
I should appreciate this information before considering attending this event.
It is wonderful that there are Messianic Jews (believers), from Jerusalem/Israel, as no doubt these will, with Gentile Christians, present in THAT DAY heed the Lord's Word in Matthew 24.16-18.
Editor 01/12/2014 12:20
Responding to 'Not Ellel' (Guest): If it would help, I can send you a 30-min video interview (on DVD) which I recorded with Chuck Cohen (one of the team from Israel) last May.

Two of the Messianic Jews are Americans (Chuck and Eliyahu Ben Haim) now living in Israel. For several years the third member was Ofer Amitai - a native Israel-born believer. (See -

The Intercessors for Israel website is at -

If you want further background information (or a copy of the DVD interview with Chuck), please be in touch by e-mail.

In relation to the 'Jews out of Jerusalem' it is very sad that many Christians (a) have succumbed to the anti-Israel bias in most of the media (b) do not seem to know their Bibles regarding the Lord's purposes to regather the Jews (Isaiah 43:5-7) and then bring them to a knowledge of their Messiah (Zech 12:10); and all for the glory of God and for His Holy Name's sake (Ezek 36:23).

In thinking and speaking as they do those in the Replacement Theology camp place themselves in the most dangerous of positions i.e. in direct conflict with the revealed will of the Lord (cf 2 Pet 2:1; 2 Thess 2:11-12).
(Guest) 01/12/2014 20:39
Thank you for that information, most helpful,
I will look up those links and see what it is all about.
May the Lord bless you.

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