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The Shaking

Fran Steinke has supplied the following concerning a 'shaking' which she felt the Lord speaking to her about at a 'prophetic' conference in mid-October 2014

Ed caveat: It is up to the reader to exercise his/her own discernment in testing all of these things before the Lord. See also 'Footnotes'.


ShakingWhile attending a meeting last Sunday, October 5, 2014, I received an open vision from the Lord. As I began to lay aside every care and enter into worship, the spiritual realm suddenly opened before me. In that moment, I saw that an enormous wave, or season of shaking, is coming upon the church. I watched, as everything and everyone shook until a separation occurred.

I could see that this shaking had caused a clear separation from everything that is not of Him. Nothing could be hidden—all was brought into the light and revealed. I could see that everything that could be shaken was being shaken. I sensed that we could not prevent this from happening. And, I knew beyond any doubt that this shaking had been initiated by the Lord, Himself. Somehow, I knew that the purpose of this shaking is to purify us and to purify the work of the Lord for what is to come.

As soon as I understood these things, I was reminded of the Scripture in Hebrews:
“See that you do not refuse Him who speaks. For if they did not escape who refused Him who spoke on earth, much more shall we not escape if we turn away from Him who speaks from heaven. Whose voice then shook the earth; but now He has promised, saying, “Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also heaven.”

Now this, “yet once more,” indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. For our God is a consuming fire.”
(Hebrews 12:25-29 NKJV)

I saw works and ministries being dismantled, and then, put back together by the Spirit of the Lord. Some works and ministries were being replaced. Somehow, I knew that what was being replaced could not be repaired and added no real value to the body of Christ.

As I continued to watch, I saw the body of Christ come into a greater measure of light and revelation of the Word of God and of the purposes of God. I could see that this shaking had caused the scales to fall from their eyes. I watched, as individuals unconditionally surrendered themselves and their ministries to the Lord. As soon as they did this, the Lord gave them a greater measure of light and understanding of Himself.

This brought about a new fiery passion for the things of the Lord. Somehow, His truths had been re-ignited within them. They began to realize who they really had become when they first became born again. This revelation changed everything—now, they saw everything through the truth of the Word of God. I could see that these truths had been so ingrained in them that they could never be taken from them.

I watched, as the church fell in love with Jesus, all over again. And, the church seemed to fall in love with Him over and over again, as He continued to reveal more of Himself to them. I saw the church truly embrace the purity of the oil and the wine as they began to recognize and understand its value. And, I watched as the church had been transformed by the power of the Spirit to such a degree that it began to walk in the manifest presence of the Lord and interact with the kingdom of God on a regular basis.

As I continued to watch this scene unfold, the Lord spoke to me and told me not to be afraid – that it is out of His great love and mercy and grace He is sending forth this shaking. And, that this shaking is necessary to purify us so that we will be able to manifest the glory of the Lord during these last days. He emphasized that we have nothing to fear and that we could trust Him to bring us into this place of deeper intimacy, with Him.

When I had finished recording what the Lord had shown me, I couldn’t help but praise and thank the Lord for His faithfulness and for His love for us. In that moment, I knew that He would never leave us or forsake us – not even for a moment!
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Fran Steinke, 14/01/2015

John Miller 15/01/2015 22:00
Why is this mumbo-jumbo being given the oxygen of publicity. There is no biblical basis for the imagination that this article portrays.

The publication of this rubbish brings Christianity into disrepute and will be a stumbling block to simple souls seeking help.

I am sorry to be so blunt but this material is seriously damaging to the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Guest (Guest) 15/01/2015 22:27
I heartily agree with you!
Ever remember that Editor has very strong Pentecostal/Charismatic leanings-we should not be surprised at this?
He believes in "on-going revelation", it is on this basis that many within this unbiblical movement stop the study of Scripture. Having said this, apostasy, as you know is widespread throughout all main denominations. But as you suggest, articles of this type are very unhelpful.
You have used that expression "mumbo jumbo" about his articles twice now in the last month, hopefully some will start to "smell the coffee"?
jack thomson (Guest) 16/01/2015 12:49
I'm sorry - but I don't believe that anything - or anyone can damage the testimony of Jesus Christ. Those who are predestined to be saved - will be saved - God's will cannot be thwarted - as confirmed in 2 Chron 20/6.
As for the Pentecostal/charismatic movement - sincere as the people this movement seem to be, their 'christianity' is built on the shifting sands of human free will....

John Miller 16/01/2015 16:07
Any misrepresentation of the Gospel or what the Bible teaches about behaviour of Christians damages the testimony of Jesus Christ.

The testimony is the public witness of the church of Jesus Christ to a sinful, unbelieving world. If persons depart from biblical truth the public testimony is brought into disrepute. We see that full-blown in the church of Rome. A few days ago the Roman Pontiff knelt in prayer with the Grand Mufti of the Blue Mosque of Istanbul and having taken off his shoes prayed facing Mecca.

That is an extreme example but nevertheless was a complete travesty of Christian behaviour and thus very damaging to the Testimony. Recently the Chairman of the Co-operative society, an ordained Methodist Minister was exposed as a thief and a practising homosexual who indulged in the worst kind of sexual perversion. He brought the Christian testimony into disrepute and publicly damaged it.
jack thomson (Guest) 16/01/2015 17:39
I don't doubt that the testimony of Christ is 'apparently' damaged - but it must be remembered that Christ has no reputation to start with in unbelieving world.
True Christians know, or will be brought to know (under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit) that Roman Catholicism is not true Christianity and, in the same way, they will also be aware - or will eventually be brought to an awareness that Methodism is generically the same as Romanism...both being sired by satan and developed in the fecund womb of men's proud and godless imaginations
Editor 16/01/2015 19:51
Why oh why can we not keep to the subject in hand? I will respond to John Miller's first post (shortly I hope but I am VERY busy on other things), but meanwhile and forthwith the facility to post to this thread is now restricted to site members only.
Editor 18/01/2015 20:58
Dear John, I am going to be very busy in the next little while and the week ahead is quite unpredictable so this is just a 'quick' reply to your note of 15/01.

I am assuming when you registered for membership with the CT website that you were familiar with the site policy.
In case you have not visited the relevant page regarding posts on this section, it can be found at -

If you wish to respond (from a basis of biblical standards, as opposed to your own personal views) then please do so. I endeavour t0 remain accountable to Scripture but I cannot promise to structure this site at in accordance with the wide range of personal prejudices and theological and ecclesiastical backgrounds of those anonymous posters who lack the honesty and integrity to approach me directly.

However in order to avoid cluttering up these forums with 'site admin' issues please contact me directly.

As I am finding it increasingly tiresome dealing with non-site members who seems to wish to fashion the site in line with their personal preferences, this current section is now restricted (for posting purposes) to site members.

I will however be continuing to post articles which may help believers to discern what the Spirit is saying to the churches in the unshakeable belief that the Lord continues to communicate directly with believers by the channel of the Holy Spirit. (And I think I have made it abundantly clear that I do NOT believe in cessationist teaching.)

Yours and His,

John Miller 19/01/2015 10:12
Thank you for your explanation Editor. I do not agree with your liberal approach to publicising such notions as are advertised in this article but have to respect your personal integrity in giving them an airing.

I fully sympathise with your frustration in the extreme views of some such as Mr Thomson's claim that the Methodist Church was "sired by Satan". By extension he attributes the ministry of the Wesley brothers to a Satanic origin. I find that an extraordinary point of view!

The role of the Holy Spirit indwelling both the church and individual believers was clearly defined and explained in the Lord's ministry to His disciples, set out in John's Gospel. Those who add to it are on thin ice, to say the least.

Editor 21/01/2015 22:33
No one has the right to 'add to' the Word of God. Everyone has the duty to listen to what the Spirit is saying.

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