Navigating the Pandemic Fog - the Video

The NTPF online conference  ran on 6 March 2021: this article carries details and a link to the video.

The VideoThe following video (just over 3 hours) includes a number of speakers. The main focus is contained within three messages delivered by Keith Malcomson, Graham Bridger and Dr. Henry Reitzug. These talks covered developments in our world since the beginning of 2020 and the Covid 19 Pandemic.

The range of subjects includes the agenda of the World Economic Forum, science, technology and the Covid vaccine. The conference is 'framed' in a Christian context. Those who attended reside in six continents around the world.

The Conference programme information can be seen here. The feedback from those who attended can be accessed by clicking here.

The Great Reset thumbnailFor a pictorial overview of the web of interconnections have a look at the Pictogram/Mindmap. The document/image has 'hotlinks' to sources of related and further information. As of Dec. 2022 much more information and detail has become available on the plans and purposes of the WEF/WHO/UN etc. which corroborates the views expressed by the speakers.

1. If the video is slow to load you can download it to your device for off-line viewing by going to the Audio/Video section and clicking on the down arrow. Ii is certainly worth doing that if you don't want to watch it all at once, but would prefer to watch in 'sections'.
2. The main speakers appear as follows -
Keith Malcomson (14 min.); Graham Bridger (1.00hr); Dr. Henry Reitzug (1h.48m).
Note: The video is over 3 hours long and may take time to load.
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Covid 19Note: The Powerpoint slide presentation by Dr. Henry Reitzug speaking on  the Covid vaccine situation is available to registered site members on request.


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