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Post-election observations, thoughts and feelings

The elections are over - where to now?

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Editor 08/05/2007 14:19
Peter encourages Christians to respond: -

With the election fast fading from our memories, can I take this opportunity to encourage fellow Christians to have their say with the possibility of influencing how we as Christians are represented by the Scottish Christian Party, prior to and during the next election?

Why not write to them via their web address www.scottishchristianparty.org_
( ?

I have had a mixed response from those I have spoken to, all with differing, yet valid concerns.

If we don't make our concerns known, then we leave ourselves without a voice and an input for the next election.
Leo Rose 08/05/2007 14:43
I came across this quote from Mike Huckabee - a political candidate running for president of the United States. He is a strong Christian.

"Let us remember, as people of faith, that our primary mission is not to have a political ideology, it's to change the world so that every man, woman, boy, and girl can experience true freedom.
Not just the freedom to speak out, but the freedom within to be all God ever intended for us to be.

I would suggest that we need an evangelical version of Shock and Awe. That we would show this country that the people of faith are not just angry folks mad about some things we don't like, but people who have joy in our hearts.

People who want to help those without housing to find it, those without drinking water to drink it, to help people who are hungry at night to know
what it is to have food. And you know, some people say, "Are you worried that the government might try to do it," and yes I am, but I'm even more worried the church won't do it, and the government will mess up trying.

That's why those of us who are people of faith need to act out of our souls and consciousness, and not expect government to do what we could do if every believer, instead of sending half of his money to the government in taxes, would give one dime out of every dollar to his church."

Be encouraged. We are looking forward to see what God will do in the future with the Scottish Christian Party.

Grace and peace to you.

Leo Rose
Inverness Bible Fellowship - A Calvary Chapel Church
Peter Carr 08/05/2007 15:35
Yes, we are 'looking forward to see what God will do in the future with the Scottish Christian Party'...

...but whilst we are waiting let us not forget that God's Sovereignty and our responsibility are to work in harmony.

Just as the church requires further tweeking to become what the Lord wants it to be, I suspect the same applies to the SCP, (as well as you and me!)
Archie MacArthur (Guest) 12/05/2007 20:18
I was disappointed in the SCP's posture - they seemed to focus on fear of what may happen to us as Christians, rather than on how we can be a blessing to others. The posters and the leaflets seemed to emphasise the need for separation (including the language used); those elements of the manifesto which were as incomprehensible to some of us Christians as they were ludicrous to the world around; the predictable responses to issues which usually get Christians going, such as homosexuality, the Lord's Day, abortion etc - it was perhaps inevitable that SCP were unable to represent the whole spectrum of Christian thinking and practice, but I'd like any MSP, MP, and local councillor I vote for to be more interested in working with others than stressing the differences between them.

I think SCP should, as well as rejoicing for the votes they did get, consider how many people chose not to vote for them, and consider the many reasons why (despite the many posters they displayed across the Highlands)so many of us weren't confident that this party would be worth having represent us and work on our behalf.
If this party want to increase their votes, I'd suggest they come closer to the grass roots, asking not just Christians but the wider community too, where the concerns are and what the perceived need for change.
Peter Carr 14/05/2007 08:17
Archie, if you are the voice of the silent majority (and I suspect that you are) then your contribution is a wake up call to the SCP as well as anyone seeking political office either locally or nationally under their banner...well done on the clarity that you have brought to this debate.
John Parker 14/05/2007 14:47
I am trusting that all of us who are concerned for the cause of Christ are praying for BOTH (a) those Christians who feel their calling is to work within a mainstream party AND (b) the Scottish Christian Party who are (to my knowledge) the ONLY confessional political party in Britain.
Peter Carr 14/05/2007 16:13
Absolutely, and if elected SCP members would be required to work alongside other serving parties, because the cause of Christ is inclusion not exclusion (cf. The Ministry and message of Reconcilliation 2 Cor 5). Therefore working with others is a must to help achieve the cause of Christ as the parable of the shrewd manager demonstrates.
Donald Boyd (Guest) 31/05/2007 08:31
Alan Johnson MP, Secretary of State for Education, was interviewed this morning by John Humphrys on the Today programme. He was asked if faith schools should be allowed to teach same sex partnerships are wrong. He thought they should not. Christians, wake up.
Editor 01/06/2007 10:55
Having blinked, opened and rubbed our eyes, what do you feel the "Christian in the street" should be doing?
Peter Carr (Fife) (Guest) 06/06/2007 09:44
Christians in God given leadership roles, whatever they may be, need to rally and motivate the troops.
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