A response to Dawkins

Dundee  Free Church of Scotland minister David Robertson has  published a book entitled "The Dawkins Letters" which challenges the views of arch-atheist Richard Dawkins.

Watch the video below -

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peter brown (Guest) 13/05/2008 03:16
I used to be a born again christian and it was by reading the bible and living a christian life that i came to the conclusion that Jesus is dead and not alive. It takes courage and honesty to admit that you are mistaken a lot of ex Christians have taken that brave step. I hope one day you can join us and help people break free from christianity as it is not true.If you are honest about your doubts you would come to the same conclusion unless of course you are a charlatan and are in it for some sort of power trip or for the money. No need to be afraid Life without Jesus is good. In my experience it was the best thing that i have done in my life to admit that i was wrong.
Peter Carr (Guest) 13/05/2008 08:10
I used to be an athiest, and becoming truly born again by God's Spirit in me is the best thing that has ever happened. Knowing peace with God through accepting Jesus Christ as my very own, and personal Saviour has made me more alive than I ever was in the 37 years prior to becoming a Christian (a follower of Jesus).

I no longer fear death or meeting God face to face. I have peace of mind, and most importantly peace with my Creator. His plan for my life is unfolding, and it is wonderful.
Editor 13/05/2008 09:50
Hello Peter Brown. And "You're right", it does take courage and honesty to admit that you were wrong - on both sides of the debate (smiling).

I wonder if you would be prepared to help me with a little matter that I am considering at the moment.
If so, could you please e-mail me at -

Look forward to hearing from you; and meanwhile keep examining the evidence (on both sides).
Penny Lee 13/05/2008 11:08

Even although I'm sad that you haven't found the peace that others have found in Christ, I admire your honesty and I wish we could all be entirely honest with what we are believe and are feeling. Only then can we really address the individual concerns people have.

It has been my experience of many years of church-going that there are those who have truly found God and many more who think they have. There is a world of difference between these two groups. Reading the Bible daily, attending church regularly and doing all the outward signs expected don't mean a thing if your heart hasn't been changed by God's Spirit and it is therefore not surprising that people find an emptiness and lack of satisfaction in that area of their life.

I would be interested to know if, during the time you did attend church, you ever knew anyone who seemed to have something different to all the rest and who you could say was a 'real' Christian even if you didn't know why.

Sadly, many of our churches have lost their way and are simply going through the motions without any real knowledge of God and relationship with Him.

Life without Jesus is indeed good for many people because they have never had any experience of life with Him. Once you truly find Him, you never want to go back to the hollow existence you had before, even although it didn't seem hollow at the time.
Not Calvin (Guest) 13/05/2008 16:16
Peter Brown, glad you are free from Christianity, it is the devils greatest scam ever, where has your freedom led you in your search?
James B (Guest) 13/05/2008 16:30
"Not Calvin" seems to believe in the devil but not in God, but why would the devil invent a God who is his enemy?

Peter Brown - Andrea has made a very important point. There is a world (life and death) of difference between churchianity and Christianity.

The former is merely an visible manifestation of organised religion (and you can find that anywhere under a multitude of different stripes). The latter however is about a personal and living relationship with God through His Son. Yet if Jesus is dead (as you suggest) then there are millions and millions throughout the last 2000 years who have lived and died in a state of delusion.

However, if believers in Christ are wrong, then the worst case scenario is that they have tried to live there lives following the example and lessons of the greatest teacher that ever lived.

But if you are wrong, and what Jesus taught is right, then a future without him is not a good place to be.
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