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AndreaAndrea Minichiello Williams of the Lawyers Christian Fellowship and Christian Concern for our Nation brings some vital information on the Sexual Orientations Bill and the Draft Human Tissue and Embryo Bill.
Andrea issues a strong challenge to the Christian community to pray and to engage with these issues at every level.

To listen to a Chirstians Together interview with Andrea <click here>.

In the most recent newsletter on  the subject she says::

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority are holding a public meeting to discuss the issues raised through the Hybrids and Chimeras consultation.
This is a key piece of legislation. When hearing evidence last week the Parliamentary Committee was told by journalists “the public don’t care about these issues” – our MPs and Peers have been fed the view that people do not care whether scientists are allowed the power to combine the genetic material of animals and humans to create hybrids.

It is vital that Christians take this opportunity to stand up publicly for the sanctity of God-breathed human life – MPs must hear the message that many in the public do believe that humans are clearly distinct in the creation plan from the animal and plant life that God has placed on the earth.

The meeting is being held from 6 - 8pm on Tuesday 26th June at Jurys Hotel, 16-22 Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3NN.

The meeting is being chaired by TV's Nick Ross and there will be an opportunity for people to put questions to a panel made up of:

Dr Lyle Armstrong - Lecturer in Stem Cell biology, University of Newcastle
Rev. Dr. Stephen Bellamy - Vicar of St. James' church Birkdale, Southport
Josephine Quintavalle - Co-founder of Comment on Reproductive Ethics (CORE)
Christine Young - Special Parkinson's Research Interest Group
John Cornwell - Director of the Science and Human Dimension Project at Jesus College, Cambridge and regular writer for The Tablet

There will be votes taken on the evening in order to gauge public opinion on this issue: a strong show of opposition to this worrying proposed law will have a real impact.

Contact us by email at:
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Christian Concern for our Nation
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See also a short video presentation (below)


You can quickly identify and contact your elected representatives at Write To Them.


Editor 27/06/2007 14:17
Dr. R David Muir, the Evangelical Alliance's Public Policy Director has commented regarding Gordon Brown's premiership "that he [Muir] believes moral issues such as abortion and human-animal hybrid technology will continue to present a challenge during Mr Brown’s premiership, and asked the new leader not to marginalise the important ethical implications of expected new developments in these areas."
Editor 09/09/2007 15:20
HFEA hybrid decision

CARE has reacted with great concern to the decision announced by the HFEA on Wednesday 5th September to back animal-human hybrid research in principle.

Daniel Boucher, director of parliamentary affairs said, ‘This decision prejudges the parliamentary debate that will take place when the Human Tissues and Embryos bill is introduced in the new session and demonstrates no regard for the democratic process.

It is very concerning that the HFEA feels so beholden to the scientific community that it is not prepared to ask researchers to wait for Parliament’s judgement and thereby respect the people and their representatives.’

Philippa Taylor, CARE's Bioethics Consultant continued, ‘The sense that we are being subject to rule by experts in spite of the people becomes even clearer when one considers the responses to the HFEA's three month public consultation on animal-human hybrids.

Out of 810 respondents 527 were against granting licenses for cytoplasmic (animal-human) hybrids and only 160 in favour. The rest were either not sure or did not respond. For pure animal-human hybrids the figures were even stronger, 550 against and only 114 in favour.’


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