Widespread support for anti-abortion pupil


Sarah Scott

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Abortion is murderAccording to recent  press reports  Sarah Scott, a 16-year-old mum who is a pupil at Banff Academy has been banned from wearing a T-shirt with an anti-abortion slogan to school - on a dress-as-you-please day - on the grounds that it could cause offence.

It now seems that  widespread support has been coming in  for the young mum  and her family.

Miss Scott's mother has defended her daughter, and remarked that no action has been taken when other pupils have worn T-shirts with "Satan-worshipping" slogans and the FCUK company brand image.

When asked for comment an Aberdeenshire Council spokesman said: “A dress code is in operation at the school which in general terms requires pupils to wear a white top and black trousers.

“Besides the issue of whether or not the pupil concerned was wearing a uniform, it was felt the statement on the t-shirt was inappropriate in a school setting and had the potential to cause offence.”

In a recent press report on another issue Paul Tully,  the director of the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child (Spuc) says that parents "are getting involved and they are coming to us because they see abortion being promoted behind their backs to 13-year-old children and they realise this is an abuse."

Meanwhile one Highland-based counsellor who works with young girls who have undergone a termination reports that many of those who have come to her for post-abortion counselling have said they hope they will have the courage to speak to their friends about the aftermath of an abortion.

ichabod (Guest) 11/07/2007 22:19
To be honest i disagree with what this girl is doing.

Im all for the cancellation of abortion and i also agree it is murder.

However, this girl is using the world and its corupt system to do what she wants. I dont think God told her to wear that t-shirt and im sure she knew before hand that this would cause a storm.

As Christians we are not to use the tools of the enemy to get our way. She says its her right, well i thought we gave up our rights when Christ bought us and that we no longer belong to ourselves and our desires.

This just gives Christianity a bad name and shows that in some ways its conformed to society.

The glory of the Lord has departed (ichabod)
Editor 13/07/2007 21:31
From other reports the girl concerned makes it clear that she is neither a Christian nor even religious.

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