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Plans are underway for a new mega-mosque in London - timed  for completion for the London Olympics and backed by London mayor Ken Livingstone. There has been much discussion regarding claims that the planning process in being short -circuited.

The Telegraph newspaper reported:

One Islamic web site says:

......However, although the planning application for the Mega mosque has not yet been submitted, there is a 49,981 signature petition AGAINST building the Mosque. This petition was created and promoted by those affiliated with far right groups and with strong racist and Islamophobic views. What is more concerning is that it has been estimated that at least 2500 of the signatures are from Muslims......

Should Christians be concerned about this proposal? Or is this an acceptable feature in a country proud of its religious freedoms?

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David Gillan 11/07/2007 22:10
To be honest this doesnt suprise me at all. We cant expect any less from a country which has no morals or ethics and is not Christ centred especially when those who come under the name of Christ make no effort to stand up against such things.

For years christians and christianity has been attacked repeatedly by other religions in acts like this because they know that post modern christians have no backbone when it comes to carrying a cross and standing up for what is right. You may find that strong but the truth is that if Christians had been standing up for holiness in this country then none of this sort of thing would be happeneing here.

The glory of the Lord has departed (ichabod).
Roddy Lightbody 12/07/2007 12:24
I feel that those in high places in our land have a dose of spiritual blindness when they even contemplate the raising of an alter to a false prophet in their midst.Tolerence is one thing abandonment of reason is another.
Editor 12/07/2007 17:47
I looked at the video. This Mega Mosque is just frightening ! I see it as a big steam roller, threatening to squash the meek and mild and lukewarm Western Christians flat.
(Alex - by e-mail).
Editor 12/07/2007 17:49
It doesn't suprise me that the planning process is possibly being sidestepped - I gather this is the case with much of the olympic development. This is perhaps our only justification to resist it though, it's very hard to object on any other grounds when our country welcomes people of all cultures and religions. Perhaps rather than worrying about why this is being proposed we should be asking why there isn't similar enthusiasm and initiative for a new Christian church building! How can we make sure that visitors to the olympics go home with a sense that Britain is a Christian country?
(Peter - by e-mail)
Editor 12/07/2007 17:50
This is a huge issue of course but the summary makes interesting reading. Having worked for Moslems in the Middle East for 7 years it is hard to overstate the simple fact that Islam fundamentally sets itself against all others. A fact consistently and repeatedly ignored by just about everyone.

We live in the age of 'original innocence' as the review says - a position which simply cannot be defended at any level it would seem to me. Even in so-called moderates the fundamental 'brotherhood of Islam' side surfaces from time to time and so one recognises that it is fundamental to being 'moslem'.

I like the term 'secular fundamentalism' to describe the era we live in today because for me it captures what I see as the prevailing politic and educational position adopted by western governments to try and create the new secular utopia. The idea is seriously flawed and I believe is driven by money and free market philosophies ie we are all commodities to be managed accordingly. They believe that money, retail therapy and peace (with a dose of fear) will keep us all happy and in-line.

Against this background the Christian establishment has been astonishingly quiet for decades presumably because it has enjoyed the dramatic rise in standard of living and all the benefits linked thereto.

My personal response to all these developments has been to start moving towards attempts to re-establish confidence, or develop a greater confidence in the gospel and the Biblical world view of things, past present and future. I prefer to tackle these issues by training, development and expansion of our understanding of the gospel and its power.

Some others direct their attention at Islam and try to block its progress which though commendable and probably necessary will, in my view, be fruitless if we have only the secular void in which to leave Moslems.

In addition the work tends to create an atmosphere of fear within the Christian community and so is not unlike the media spin of our political system. Far better to make the gospel available and exposed in a way that we can confidently stand up and show just how wonderful life in Christ really is, and can be.

Sadly we are some while away from that but I see stirrings that strongly suggest that the church will rise, hopefully not into overt physical conflict, to confront in love and power the various forces that remain powerful and effective in the world.
(Rob by e-mail)
Editor 12/07/2007 17:51
With our new P. M. in place we are hoping he will take a long look at the way it is in the nation and then come to the realisation that we need to get back to the Bible and into prayer.
Recently I wrote to the Rt. Hons. G Brown and A Salmond on this very issue and pray that they will at least read it.. relying on the power of the Holy Spirit bringing conviction, as well as some sanity into the govt funding etc.
(Jean by e-mail)
Alasdair Moodie (Guest) 13/07/2007 14:23
If the devil could destroy us whenever he wanted to, he would have wiped us out a long time ago. It is God who is in control, and let us always remember this fact. You and I and God know that it is very doubtful that the UK Church has either the will that can be garnered in time, nor the cash that can be freed up in time to build a mega-church in the Eastend by 2012. So why should we be offended if HM Gov/London Planners give the go-ahead for the mega-mosque. I'm sure that the Gov will have to prioritise all the building process, and will surely make the Olympic structures come first. There are only a finite number of personnel/logistics that the construction companies can employ, so it could be that the mega-mosque despite being funded by the cash rich Saudis will only be hole in the ground come 2012.

We live at a time when God wants the Church to fall into line with HIS will, and three Scriptures come to mind:

And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another. Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. BUT he who endures to the end shall be saved -Matt 24:10-13 and,

In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while,if need be, you have been grieved by various trials, that the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ. - 1Peter 1:6-7 and then,

And a servant of the Lord must not quarrel but be gentle to all, able to teach, patient, in humility correcting those who are in opposition, if God perhaps will grant them repentance, so that they may know the truth, and that they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will. -2 Tim 2:24-26

Those who are in quarrels or opposition to God fall into a trap and are held prisoner to do the devils will. Even more alarming, and I include Muslims here, they are unaware of their captivity! Like the prodigal they must come to themselves by awakening to their true condition. They do not realise that they are spewing out bitter waters rather than pure. When a person is deceived, he believes he is right even though he is not. We need to pray for the Muslims and the rest of our neighbours - they are as lost as we were before Jesus came into our hearts. We need to pray for more than this though. When our nation was in dire straits at Dunkirk, the nation prayed. Don't we see that our nation is in dire straits now. We need to pray for those who have been taught to hate us, and yet prayer meetings are most likely to be the ones the church misses out on. Is it not now time for Hebrews 10:25 meetings, where the Church throughout the land, cries out to God in prayer. The formula is God given in 2 Chr 7:14. We all know what God wants. Let's ask for the ability to see ourselves as He sees us, then repent of our wicked ways and get really close to Him, on our knees in humble prayer.

God always has a plan ( the story of Joseph come to mind ), and tells us not to be afraid, because He will never leave us. So let's not be afraid nor offended. Wouldn't we all think differently if in 6 years we find that God did get the mega-church built, but He used the Saudis millions to do it. He is the God of revival, and nothing is impossible to Him.

Let's do it, for the love of God, who is on our side, but sadly who, for now, might just be using the Muslim threats to put our backs up against a wall, and refine our walk and lives in Him.
Norman Henderson (Guest) 13/07/2007 21:32
I feel that the following points should be borne in mind when considering this proposal.
1 Tax payers money will be used for this buildings construction.
2 No such thing as religious freedom exists in moslem countries yet look at the number of mosques in Britain to-day.
3 Saudia Arabia will not allow the name of Jesus Christ or His redemtive work to be spoken about in public. NO churches are allowed in this country.
Christians should object to this proposal considering the points raised above.
Donald Morrison 16/07/2007 11:36
Islam where it is practiced outwith its millitant wing has favourable attributes. However it is still a false relegion which is based on works alone . It certainly seems to be on the rise in this country and that should concern us.Plans for a new mega mosque in London should not surprise us as this government is obsessed with political correctness and promoting a multi faith culture. We should continue to pray that God's holy spirit would once more be poured out over this land of ours before he comes in judgement upon us. OH for another reformation where God would raise up men like Calvin and Knox and where people, including our muslim friends, would cry out to God in repentance and Faith. The prayer of the prophet HabakkukChapt3 V1 AND 2 springs to mind. Donald Morrison.
Editor 24/07/2007 19:54
HM Government responds to petition -

Thank you for taking the time to sign this e-petition.

This petition expresses concern about the possibility of planning permission being given for a large mosque in East London on a site near the London 2012 Olympic development in Newham.

Those who have signed the petition and members of the public alike should be aware that Newham Council have confirmed that they have granted no such planning permission or received an application for a mosque as described in this petition.

In addition, there have been no approaches made to the Government in terms of seeking funding, despite the widespread unsubstantiated claim that up to £100 million of taxpayers' money is being spent on this project.

The Greater London Authority has also made a statement about untrue claims circulating about the Mayor of London's involvement in this project. This is available at: (new window).

Under the Town and Country Planning legislation, local planning authorities are responsible for the control of development in their area. In doing so they are required to take into account all considerations, including the views of interested persons and in particular local communities.

The Government strongly believes that where controversial issues such as religious premises arise, all involved should ensure that discussions are conducted in a manner that respects the views of all sections of our communities and in a way that does not raise tensions in local areas. The Government does not endorse the language used in this petition or the associated emails that have come to light over the course of the petition.
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