Clan Gathering 2007

Clan 2007 Panorama

Were you at Clan Gathering in  St. Andrews this year?

What were your views  of the venue, speakers, messages, etc?
What did you feel the Lord was saying to the gathering?
What was the Lord saying to you?

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Al (Guest) 29/07/2008 15:36
Hi Sammy. The toronto blessing has nothing to do with the Fathers Love. Have you actually taken in what I've just written? Have you read about my aunties experience? And to say that I have not seen the Fathers Love is utterly insulting. I'm simply defending the truth from Gods word. How judgemental. What I have done is looked at Gods word which contradicts th toronto blessing. If you still think the toronto blessing is of God after reading my clear scriptural arguments and empirical evidence, then you are arguing with the Father himself. All the scriptures above contradict the very nature of the toronto spirit. God cannot contradict his own word.
Sammy (Guest) 29/07/2008 18:07
I find your writing on this subject to be untruthful having been at CLAN. If you must write then it would be honouring to the Lord to speak truthfully. What you have written would be grounds for New Wine seeking damages as it attributes to them material and comments which actually have no basis in fact. It is easy to set up a straw man and then knock him down. The Toronto lot use the same bible as you do and are just as committed to preaching its truth. It is really so dishonouring to the gospel to write as you write. I would encourage you to repent and apologize to your Christian brothers and sisters for the slander and distortion of truth you seem to delight in. You must know you are not writing truthfully. God Bless - I shall not write any more on this. I just ask you to consider if you know what spirit you are of when you write the way you do. It smacks of the worst sort of judgementalism that has dogged the cause of Christ in Scotland for so long under the guise of a concern to uphold the bible.I trust that God will bring you soon into a place of rest of soul that comes from knowing the Father's love - see Matthew 11 and what teaches as to the source of the rest he promises. The Father himself loves you warmly and affectionately Al. I pray that you will come to know that experientially. If you come to know that love you will not be able to write as you do at present. It would be wonderful to see your concern to write transformed into something that would bless God's children.
Al (Guest) 30/07/2008 19:30
Hi. The reason I have written these concerns is precisely because I love my brothers and sisters in Christ. I want them to know the truth. Paul instructs us to warn others(1 Tim:4,2) Nothing that I've said is untrue. I would not slander anyone. Just because you never saw any of the events I described does not mean that they are not true. I was there. My friends were there. We were there in person. In Acts, Paul warned others so often, that it drove him to tears. This is the kind of passion and love that we need more of in the church. Political correctness has seeped into the church to the extent that nothing can be criticised. This is such a shame. We need to preserve the Gospel. (Gal:1) And I would appreciate if you didn't continue to make comments like saying that I "do not know the Fathers love", after all the suffering and pain me, my friends, and my auntie in particular have been through. Its very judgemental to say that I have no love, when clearly I am doing this out of love. I want to prevent more people from being hurt emotionally, spiritually, and physically by toronto, and prevent more from being deceived. You also said that Toronto people love the Bible just as much as any other Christian. I cannot agree with this after hearing a recording from Kenny Borthwicks church, in which he said in essence, that preaching and prayer were finished. This directly contradicts 2:Timothy. "Preach the word, be ready in season and out of season". Ok he is just one man after all. But he is leading a huge movement. A 'new' movement. Its a shame that such a lovely, gentle Christian man, with such fervent passion has said such things. You may not have heard him. But it doesn't mean that it isn't true. There are not slanderous lies, but facts seen and experienced by a considerable number of people. I really wish they weren't though.
Shona (Guest) 04/08/2008 01:34
Hey guys!! Interesting debate going on here. I have to say that I went this year and last year, and I was overall very disappointed. Although the worship was passionate and lively, I found the content of the seminars to be much too focused on spiritual gifts, almost to the point where the spiritual gifts were the gospel. Quite dangerous I think. Although spiritual gifts needn't be ignored, they need to be taught properly and we need to get back to the Bible, and get the focus back on the Gospel - as in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is a wonderful saviour and it is in this truth that we should rejoice!:)
Sammy (Guest) 07/08/2008 23:34
Shona, It is really odd to me that folk go back to CLAN if they are disappointed in it. Why go? It sounds as though there is uncertainty about what CLAN is about. It is a charismatic conference. That is why there is a lot of teaching on this aspect of the ministry of Jesus. it is these elements that are missing in the vast majority of churches that claim to be bible believing. If this was being taught and practiced in churches up and down the land then CLAN would not need to be there! However until this element of the ministry of Jesus has become normal then thank God for CLAN seeking to restore to Scotland a biblical presentation of the ministry of Jesus Christ.
Shona (Guest) 18/10/2008 19:38
Hi folks. After my experiences at CLAN I have been praying about things in the past few months. God has spoke to me and wants me to tell you this.

I came across this website, which God wants people to see. It covers all the serious theological errors in the dominion theology gospel, which is unfortunately being preached at CLAN. Please read it. It is all backed up by Bible verses.
Sammy (Guest) 13/09/2009 23:37
dear Shona, stick with the bible verses alone and move away from this terrible anti-christian and anti-gospel site. God Bless. Just look at what Jesus himself said the gospel is.
AJSAVEDBYGRACE (Guest) 23/06/2012 10:05
Wherever there is a movement of the Holy Spirit, there is also a movement by the enemy. Christians have been given discernment, and we must use it wisely. We cannot let the devil be victorious, Jesus did'nt. Jesus was victorious ove Satan just by quoting scripture - "it is written." Of all the true revivals ever, there has always been the counterfiet ones.
B. Lever (Guest) 23/06/2012 14:39
Hmmm! So, AJ are you saying that CLAN is counterfiet?
Editor 23/06/2012 15:43
I don't think that the writer is saying that CLAN is counterfeit. What is the case is that wherever the Holy Spirit is at work, the enemy will be also.

Note to B. Lever: If you wish to continue posting regularly on this site please either register or identify yourself to me. Thanks.
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