Education Issues in the Highlands and Islands

ClassroomA forum is being developed on the Christians Together web site for discussion on the topic of "Education".

The forum will be a "private" discussion area (access by application to the Editor).

The areas for discussion will most likely include -

  • Mainstream Education
  • Christian Schools
  • Home-schooling
It is the intention that the forum will be used not only to discuss relevant topics, but to formulate a Christian standpoint on the vital area(s) of education - principally, but not exclusively, relating to the primary and secondary sectors.

In the pipeline is a recorded interview with the headteacher of a Christian school; also a discussion on questions which were recently put to some of the candidates standing in the most recent Council elections.

If you would like to be joined into the forum, either -
(a) go to the "My Involvement" section of the site (from the home page "My Area" link) or
(b) send an e-mail to The Editor.

Thank you!

Meanwhile, you can also leave any comments below if you wish.

The Editor, 10/08/2007

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