Ministry trip to Malawi

Rev. Jim Rettie & Mrs Jean Aiken
(Christian Fellowship of Healing - Highland)

Report by Jim Rettie
Jim Rettie

Jean Jim RettieJean and I arrived at Bandawe in Malawi on Sunday 17th June 2007.
On arrival we were met by Rev. Matiya Nkhoma, and his wife Mariya. We expected to have a rest day on Monday, but they had other plans for us. They arranged to meet us next morning at 10am, to visit Jean’s late husband, Andrew’s grave, where volunteers were preparing a foundation for a Headstone. This we learned was a ceremonial occasion and required ministerial garb; so I was right into it.
Whilst they were finalising the work, we were invited to visit the new Church which was due to be finished and opened at the end of July. Jean was very impressed with the Communion Table & Chairs which they had made from her earlier donation in memory of Andrew. The workers were at the stage of preparing to build the seating ; long wooden forms appointed to brick blocks built for the purpose.
The Minister and Office Bearers had made it known to us that they required help with the seating, and from the generous gifts of friends before we left, we were able to present them with $1,000 , which provided almost a third of the seating capacity 800+ people. The presentation was made with most of the elders present, and was accompanied by prayer, with joyful praise as only the African can praise.

We then returned to the graveside to complete the ceremony with prayer and more praise. It was a memorable occasion.
It was now time for lunch at the manse, where a table set for six people was somehow surrounded by fifteen people; somehow the food was sufficient and the fellowship was lively.
We were then told of the Head Teacher’s little boy whose name means PRAISE. Owing to a series of wrong medications for suspected Malaria,
His whole system has been damaged, and though six years of age, he is as a child of two, unable to speak or do for himself. We went to pray for him, met his mother and an uncle. He is now on our daily prayer list.

Tuesday 19th; We were again met by Rev. Matiya Nkhoma and his wife Marie, and taken to meet with some orphaned children and their helpers. Tuesday was one of the days when the children received a meal prepared by the helpers. We learned that this was an orphanage at its infant stage, and was to be anchored in a small church which was being renovated for that purpose. The Lord had laid it on Jean’s heart to be involved in an orphanage , mainly for aids victims, and this was obviously it. We made a gift of $200, part again of gifts received from friends for that purpose. After speaking with the helpers, Matiya and Mariya Nkhoma announced to Jean that they had been searching for a suitable name for the orphanage, and it was decided that it be called The Jean Aitken & Mariya Nkhoma Orphanage. We were convinced that this was God confirming for Jean what He had laid on her heart; it could not have been clearer. And it was encouraging that the children were being fed , not only physically but also spiritually, and two little girls of six or seven years of age confirmed that when being asked, they quoted from memory screeds of verses from the psalms and Proverbs. Can you imagine the flood of tears from, you know who! We are arranging for the remainder of the gift monies to be donated to the Orphanage. There are also plans to gather together childrens’ clothes to be forwarded to that work. All that was before we got near to our main area of work in Mzuzu.

God is so gracious and faithful, and despite a shortage of fuel, we arrived safely in Mzuzu, to be met by Rev. David Steele, and the Session Clerk, and Edith Chirwa(member of the Evangelism Committee).

MZUZU;- At 9am we arrived at St. Andrews Church Hall, to the sound of the voices of many Malawian voices raised in joyful praise. That was to be delightful feature of our visit. We were warmly welcomed by a group of 150 rather that the expected 50 people- the growing numbers was to be another feature of our visit. The SEMINAR on Christian Healing was officially opened by Rev. Chunga, the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia Director of Evangelism and Mission. He, with no little drama, and humour spoke at some length on the Ministry of Deliverance

. It was encouraging to hear that there was someone in the Synod, who was so into that ministry, but I learned later that it was a surprise to his colleagues, and it was not accepted throughout the Synod. Though I later understood why he put so much emphasis on Deliverance, it threw me a little, as I had Deliverance at the end of my teaching rather than the beginning.

Though we had a timed programme, we were now obviously into African time, another feature of our visit. The first session was entitled ‘Gathering Round Jesus’ and I sensed there was such a hunger for the Word that minds and hearts were gathering to His Truth. One man in particular, sitting right at the front, I called him the WEE MAN (owing to his size) . At the end of the session, and just before lunch he came forward and asked if we would pray for him; he explained that he had cancer in his throat, and it was painful for him to swallow food. We laid hands on him and prayed , rebuking the cancer in the Name of Jesus. On returning from lunch he came with a beaming smile to say that he ate, and enjoyed his lunch with no pain. And that is how it was with him till the time we left, indeed , at the ministry time on Sunday he was there helping; Praise the Lord. That became the way with all of the sessions, with people pressing forward for ministry, sometimes taking us into the evening hours, and having to be rescued by David Steele. But Praise God we saw the Lord do some wonderful things amongst the people of whom there seemed to be more each day.

One lunch time I met with some of the local pastors, one being the assistant Principal at Ezondweni Theological College. They expressed their great surprise that a minister of the Church of Scotland was teaching and practicing the Ministry of Divine Healing.

Including deliverance. And the assistant Principal said, that if early missionaries to their land had brought to the fore that Ministry, they , in Malawi would not have the great problem they now have with African Doctors; practicing witch craft and such.. He claimed that instead of exercising the Power and Authority as given by Jesus to cast out the evil spirits, they put the person out of the Church. And in many of the Ministries we were involved in, we heard of the pain, and confusion, and saw some of the scars caused by the African Doctors. The people were encouraged to learn that the Way of Jesus is to take the demon out of the person, rather than put the person out of the Church. Mark 1:5

Reflecting on what was said, I have had a sobering thought: If the Church of Scotland continues to put the Ministry of Divine Healing on the back burner, we too may be creating a society of people who will be caught up in Occult and New age activities, and be lost to the Kingdom - especially the young.

The response to our teaching was at times overwhelming, with people crowding forward for ministry after every session, lasting into the evening hours. It was exhausting but also wonderful to see the Living Lord bless the people in the most incredible ways. By Thursday evening we began to see how the Lord was bringing to the fore those who would form a Ministry Team;- that was the aim of our teaching.

With the overspill of people our copy of the programme disappeared after we had a brief glance at it. You can imagine the shock when we arrived in the hall on Friday morning to learn that Jean was due to lead the devotion time. After ten minutes of urgent prayer , Jean, inspired by the Holy Spirit , led us in what was a very meaningful hour of devotions. That was followed by teaching on the Ministry of Deliverance under the headings of the Arena of Conflict and the Assurance of Victory. That led to quite an amazing happening.

Some of those who were to form the local Ministry Team realised that they needed an anointing of the Holy Spirit. In response I invited them , fifteen in number, to come forward. With that, about one hundred people began to crowd forward. At first I thought it was a misunderstanding , and had to check it with the interpreter , but I soon learned that it was a movement of the Holy Spirit. The only way I could deal with it was to ask them to move out of doors, where they formed one great circle, all holding hands; it was an amazing scene; picture to prove it.. hands on each one, resulting in many resting in the Spirit. During this, there started the impromptu singing by a hundred African voices; I am getting goose pimples as I recall it.

One and half hours later I laid hands on the last one, after which I , and those helping me had hands laid on us. When I looked round, I found the circle intact, not one had moved away even though it was near 3.00pm, and very hot. After a late lunch, we gathered again for questions & review of the Seminar. We were encouraged by the meaningful questions and deep interest in the Ministry of Healing, and despite some reservations regarding the view of the Synod etc, there was a desire to see this ministry continued in their various Prayer Houses. Though we were ready to ‘flake out’ we were invited to the home of one of the members of the Evangelism Team and her friends for a meal. The friends had not been at the Seminar meetings and so we ended up in some deep discussions about it all. I was amazed at how the grace of God sustained us over those three days.

Saturday was to be a quieter day; it began with a visit to the home of one of the elders who had suffered a stroke, causing weakness in one side of his body. After praying for him in the Name of Jesus, and taking authority over the weakness, he was able to walk more freely, and felt a renewed strength in his body. Before we left, his son who was present asked if he could speak with us privately. We went into a bedroom with him and he told us that for some time he had been suffering much pain in his side 4)but when we came into the room it began to lessen. When we were praying for his dad, the pain disappeared completely; He ended up giving his life to Christ. Praise God ! that morning He gave out a double portion ; Praise His great Name.

We were asked to visit the hall when we returned, and there we found a large crowd of people who had enjoyed an hour of worship and were now being encouraged and taught from scripture by Edith (Evangelism leader).in her enthusiastic way. We of course were drawn into it , and though the programme said that 2 – 5 pm visitors time off, we were there till 4pm. The queue of people never seemed to diminish, and in the end we had to advise people to come to Church next day when there would be ministry.

Before the farewell meal, which was to be at 6.30pm we had arranged to meet with the Evangelism Team, in a final briefing and to appoint ‘ministry teams’ for Sunday. From the fifteen of us, we formed five teams of three. One, led by myself to be available in the Church and the others in the hall after the Service.
JR - blue tablesThe Evangelism Group, along with David and Maggie Steele, and some friends enjoyed a lovely meal, with an international choir entertaining us. After reading the scriptures, I began laying The various speeches contained words of appreciation, encouragement, and blessing that the Healing Ministry would continue there. At the end, Jean and I were presented with hand stitched and framed tapestries commemorating our visit to St. Andrew’s Mzuzu in the Synod of Livingstonia.

Sunday, 8am came all too soon and we found ourselves in St. Andrews Church which was rapidly filling up as the worship began. By 8.30, most of the 1000 seats were filled, and there was a great sense of expectancy. I had been given to speak on the ‘ministry of the laying on of hands’. I was conscious of the fact that another Service was due to commence at 10am. So, at the end, I asked my team to come on stage, and for only one person in need of ministry to come forward so that I could demonstrate the simplicity of our ministry.
There was to be an opportunity for others to meet with us in the hall after the Service.One woman from near the front came forward, and as I was preparing to minister to her I noticed another woman from half way up the Church struggling to her feet, and slowly , heavily dependent on a walking aid , begin making her way to the front. No matter how I discouraged her from doing so, it was obvious that nothing or no one was going to stop her. Then, as if in anticipation of what was to happen, I noticed that Jean, leading her team had come on stage.
The first woman was complaining of pains in her chest. As we prayed for her she rested in the Spirit; after which she said that the pain had gone completely. (we heard the rest of the story later). By this time, the second woman had arrived and struggled with help on to the stage. Jean and team began praying for her, and we watched as they encouraged her to walk alongside the stage unaided. It was obviously difficult for her.

So, they prayed some more for her, and she rested in the Spirit. On getting to her feet she went striding off the stage, and with arms held high and the words: "I have been healed!", walked freely back to her husband who was in floods of tears- the Church erupted in praise and applause as her walking aids were handed to a friend: "Hallelujah" was the cry!!!.

As we retired to the hall, hundreds of people followed, and it became a milling mass of people reaching out to be touched. It was difficult to get any order into team work as the place became like some great battlefield with people slain in the Spirit. Jean was overwhelmed at how God was blessing the children; for the first time she witnessed children of six or seven being overcome by the Spirit. She had one blessed experience when a mother brought forward her daughter of seven years. On asking what they wanted Jesus to do for the child, the mother said: “Just to bless her”.
Then Jean tuned to the little girl and asked: “What would you like Jesus to do for you?” And she replied , “give me wisdom”.. out of the mouths of babes……In the midst of it all, Jean was called away to minister to a child in the local hospital; the father of the child had car at the door and whisked Jean and Edith off to the hospital . Such was the crowd in the hall that I knew nothing about it till they returned . The medical staff had given up hope for the child, but not the parents, and how well founded was there faith. We received testimony to say that the child was completely healed ,

Jane prayed for our son at St. Johns hospital in Mzuzu .

We thank the Lord so much for blessing you with his love and healing power. Our son was healed, has recovered and is healthy .We had lost all hope but you restored our fiath and mostly you shared your love and healed our son Mbonisie.

We pray that God continues to bless you abundently and hope more lives get healed and saved.Thankyou, we hope oneday we will be able to thankyou in person .

GOD BLESS YOU .........

Even with the five teams working we were there till 4.00pm, when Jean and I were rescued for a late lunch pre-arranged at a local hotel. The lateness of the lunch didn’t seem to trouble the hotel folks, but was a bit of a problem for us. The reason being that as we gathered in the Church, Jean met an old friend from her days at the Sugar Plantation at Sucoma, who was now an elder at St. Andrews, and insisted that we join his family for dinner at their home, to be collected at 6.30pm.

On arriving at their home, we were told that owing to the crowd and the need to prepare a meal, they could not wait for ministry, and asked that we would minister to them and their five children. After the meal, we set about that and it resulted in a lovely time of family worship, an old tradition, which is practiced in many homes in Malawi. There were still cases to be packed in preparation for leaving in the morning. When we got back to David’s house, we learned that some of the folks were coming to see us off in the morning, and there might be a need for ministry.. Even that thought did not keep me from my sleep.

True to form, people began arriving as we prepared to leave, and we heard the story regarding the first woman for ministry in the Church.

About a month prior to our arriving, she had been given a dream; in it she was visiting her sister in Lilongwe who was ill, and she was laying hands on her for healing. Then she went to a niece in the same town and did the same. For a whole month she wrestled with what it was all about. Constantly asking God; “what is it all about”

She was working and could not attend the Seminar meetings. On the Friday, she was given a severe chest pain, and it was that which brought her to receive the blessing she got and the direction she needed.
I expect that she will have been obedient to His bidding, and brought healing to her sister and niece. God is so mysterious and marvellous in His working with, and for His people. Praise His Name

We were assured that we would have no trouble getting rooms at Salema, but on arriving at that lakeside resort we discovered that the Government were meeting there for a series of conferences, and most hotels were full. After some searching we got rooms at the Lakeside Hotel. The maid who showed Jean to her room asked what brought her to the area. Jean explained that we had been at Mzuzu, conducting a Seminar on healing. “Healing” said the woman. “I am a Roman Catholic, and believe in Jesus, and I have been having awful migraine headaches, would you pray for me?”.
Jean arranged for us to minister to her before she finished her shift, and the Lord delivered her from her pain. Praise God, she remained free from pain for the rest of our stay. She was so delighted that she told other members of the staff, which led to other ministries in the place. I would have to say that the blessings were far better than the food, but we survived.

On Wednesday morning we received a call to be at Blantyre for lunch with friends of Jean (Jack & Paula) who had been experiencing some difficulties in their lives. We spent the night there before travelling down to the Sugar Plantation at Sicoma, where we were due to conduct an evening meeting. On arriving we learned that owing to some mix up in communication we had been expected there on the previous Thursday.

Fortunately we had phoned on the Wednesday, and they had managed to get a small congregation gathered for the meeting. We were pleased that the Holy Spirit was there and it was a blessed time of fellowship, with many being blessed. Jean also met with folks she knew when she lived there and she enjoyed meeting some old friendships.

Friday lunchtime saw us back in Blantyre to spend some more time with Jack & Paula before flying on to South Africa.

It was mid-evening when we arrived in Durban, where , after some delay, we were met by Jean’s brother David and his son. It was only then that we were told that two days earlier, the hotel in which we were to be staying had been badly damaged by fire, and was not available. Fortunately Jean’s sisters had made other temporary arrangements for us at the Blue Waters Hotel. But the damage to the other hotel not only affected our accommodation but also the Conference Room facilities which we had arranged for a meeting of the family during our viist.

On the way from the Airport we had to check the location of the Church we were due to speak in at 9.00am next day. It was called Horeb Temple. By the time we did that, and collected the car which David’s wife Camel had offered us the use of, we were fairly late, and very tired on reaching the Blue Waters Hotel. Jean was delighted to see her sister Lynette, and cousin Jackie, who met us there, and that led to an even later night.

Sunday morning found us at Horeb Temple for a Service at 9am. The was an awesome sense of the Holy Spirit in that place, and the praise and the prayers were filled with His presence. We should not have been surprised, after all, Horeb, means ‘the mountain of God, it was the place where God met with Moses and declared it Holy ground Ex. 1:1-5.
It was the launching pad for God’s people to advance against the enemy to claim the territory for His Kingdom. Deut. 1:6. Horeb Temple is in the middle of a very deprived area of Durban, and its leader George Ankadu, and his people are reaching out into that area and its people. I pray that our visit with them will have been an encouragement to them. I would record just one blessing we know of. Gloria, a neighbour to Jean’s mother was the one who encouraged George , her minister to invite us to speak in the Church.

At the close of the morning service, Gloria was one of the many who came forward for prayer. She asked prayer for her son, Grant. He was caught up in drink and drugs, out every night in all sorts of trouble. Three days later we heard that Gloria was amazed; from the time we prayed for him through his mother, Grant had not left the house. Praise the Lord; Then, as Jean’s mother was going out to Church on Sunday, she met Grant coming home . I think she thought he had been out all night, but on making the passing comment, “you’re getting home” to her surprise he replied , “yes, I have been to Church.” How great is our God!!!
JR Group and white tableThe blessings continued into the evening Service, when George’s ‘Ministry Team’ were refreshed in the Spirit.

Tuesday was spent re-arranging our accommodation, meeting with Jean’s Minister The Venerable Cierigh Samaai to arrange Services for Sunday. The outcome of that was for me to be invited to speak at the 7.00am and 10.00am Services.

Wednesday morning we were leading the weekly meeting at John Dunn’s Old Folks Home. We ended up laying hands on, and praying for most of the residents. One woman who had difficulty walking was touched by the healing power of God.
By the time we left she was pushing around others who were in wheel chairs. Owing to a shortage of staff, one nurse was called in for the day, and when she realised what we were about she asked for prayer for the pain she had in her back. After we laid hands on her and prayed for her in the Name of Jesus , there was a look of astonishment on her face, and with laughter she bent down and touch her toes, completely free from pain and discomfort. She believed that it was a ‘God appointment’ for her, and so do we.
There was one woman , who owing to her excessive weight was bed-ridden, and unable to move her limbs. At her request, we prayed with her, and to the amazement of the staff, as we left she raised her massive arm to wave us good-bye. We have since heard that there were many other blessing from our visit the Home.

JR two women and boyWe had planned that on Friday we , along with Jean’s sister Adrianne we would visit the Valley of the Thousand Hill ( the stronghold of the Zulu Tribe). On Thursday I received a phone call from Rev. David Scott, of Fearn, Ross-shire, Scotland, asking that we visit and minister to his treasurer’s brother Patrick, who lives in Kloof, near Durban. God’s timing is usually spot on, and with Kloof being in the area of the 1000 hills, we made the diversion and ministered to Patrick.

Amid all this, Jean was spending a great deal of time trying to arrange a venue for the meeting with her extended family which had been postponed till the day before we were to leave. (All this because of the fire damage at the hotel) In between , we were able to explore some of Durban’s Water Front; visit the Sea World; have meals , and ‘briers’ (Barbeque) with members of Jean’s family, and even get a few hours on the beach.

All too soon came Sunday 5am wake up call. Being so early in the morning, I was surprised at the size of the St. Garbiel, congregation They follow the Anglican form of liturgy, but are sufficiently free in the Spirit to vary it for our visit. I spoke on the ‘ministry of the laying on of hands’, and in response to the invitation, a queue of people quickly formed.
Even with two ministry teams in place, we were still ministering to people when the 10.00am Service was due to start. The staff had arranged for and egg & bacon sandwich breakfast in the hall. We enjoyed that whilst the minister started the other Service. On returning to the sanctuary, we found that the well attended congregation was made up mainly of families. It gave me an opportunity to have a ‘childrens’ Message’ when I introduced ‘The Hankie”

I then spoke of the healing of the Ten Lepers, and in response to the invitation, there were so many that it was decided to conduct the Ministry time in the Hall. Again we had two teams, but did not get finished till 3pm. We then went to Jean’s mother’s house for lunch and became involved in some more ministry.; that was a day that was but in it God was glorified.

From Monday, it was arranged that we stay with Jean’s brother , David, and his wife Camel. On the way, a Ministry was arranged for Aunt Ellen; there we found Dawn, Dudley, and Megan. It was a lovely time of fellowship and blessing as we shared the joy of the Risen Lord, and ministered to Ellen.

On Wednesday, I received a message from Graham; during our visit in 2005, I met Graham who was manager of a resort at Balito, where I stayed for week. I learned that he had been diagnosed with cancer, and I offered to pray for him. When I got home I continued to do that and occasionally spoke with him on the phone. He had a successful operation and was given the all clear.
On contacting him when we arrived in Durban it was arranged that he take us for lunch on Wed. 4th. We had a wonderful lunch at a Sea Food Restaurant at Durban Harbour, an Graham was on good form.
The message I got a week later was to say that Graham , as a result of a check-up, was told that he had cancer in his liver and wished to see us. It was arranged that we go to Balito, forty miles out of Durban, on Thursday, over Friday to meet with Graham when it was convenient to him.

We were invited to visit Jean’s aunt Queenie who is mostly relying on a wheelchair for getting about. When we go there we found that she had invited ten of her friends and neighbours to meet with us, most of them in need of ministry. When I asked Queenie what she would like Jesus to do for her, I expected her to say: “get me out of this wheelchair” , but instead she said that she had been invited to visit members of her family in Australia and she was wrought with fear regarding the flight etc.

I found myself praying into her the promise of God recorded in Isaiah 41:10 - ‘Fear not for I am with you, be not dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you , I will help you. I will uphold you with my victorious right hand’.
After ministering to the others and enjoying tea & cakes, we left for Balito. On Saturday, we were told that all fear had gone from Queenie and she could not wait to get on her way; Praise the Lord- His Word is still mighty in its works.

It was Friday before we could meet with Graham, and at 3.00pm we met with him and his wife Liz and her mother Jean. Graham was very apprehensive as he waited for news from Cape Town regarding the extent of damage to his liver.
After sharing with them the joy and hope we have in Jesus, Graham was encouraged and more peaceful, Liz was strengthened , and her mother , Jean, one of God’s youngsters, was greatly blessed. We were then on our way back to Durban to a family Barbeque.

Somewhere along the line Jean had managed to acquire the hall at St. Gabriel’s Church for the family get-together. It was arranged for 3pm Saturday, when, nearer 4pm (people working to African time) between 50 to 60 of Jean’s extended family gathered. The meeting took the form of a service, followed by food and ministry time. I spoke on the theme ’Our Seeking God’ based on the lost sheep, coin and son (Luke 15).
 The message which incorporated a wonderful testimony by Rose, seemed to touch many hearts We met Rose in 2005 when she came to one of our meetings, she was suffering from cancer, causing her pain and bleeding.

When we prayed and laid hands on her in the Name of Jesus, she claimed that she felt something move inside her, and knew that she was healed. Three days later, we had that confirmed, and it was lovely to meet with her again and hear something of the measure of the healing she had received in the Great Name of Jesus.

The meeting also heard an amazing testimony by Alsa (Jean’s sister) regarding her husband Peter. We met with Peter during our 2005 visit when , owing to high blood pressure he experienced an Aneurysm (seeping of blood) in the brain, causing loss of memory, deranged thinking, loss of confidence, resulting in deep depression. The surgeons were considering a possible operation which would be so delicate and intricate, even life threatening.
We prayed for Peter in the Name of Jesus and experienced the Power of the Holy Spirit come upon him. Alsa was testifying to Peter being completely healed. The reason Peter could not be with us was that he is now shift manager at his place of work, and being holiday time could not get time off. How great is our God!!. It is not surprising that during the meal time we ministered to no less than twenty souls, and later leaned that some have come back into the ‘fold’ and others into a new relationship with the Living Lord; Praise His Name. We eventually caught up with the food back at David and Camel’s home about 8.00pm where there was great rejoicing.

Sunday saw us back at St. Gabriel’s Church for the 10.00am Service. It was good to be sharing in the worship & fellowship, and being blessed by a very interesting and challenging message given by Cierigh based on the Good Samaritan and the command to love the Lord with all your heart ………….. and your neighbour as yourself. We were greatly encouraged by learning that at the 7am Service some people gave testimony to the healing power of Jesus experienced in the previous week’s Services, and one person gave testimony during the Service.
Then it was back to David & Camel’s for a final family meal, and of course, more ministry. I was impressed by the number of JR - two womenyoung people who were seeking the Lord’s guidance for their lives. But there was one ministry which through sheer perseverance by Jean resulted in a wonderful blessing Lynette, her sister was involved in most of the family gatherings, but kept at arms length , with some interesting arguments, regarding the spiritual side. One of her problems was that for health reasons she needed to stop smoking, but she didn’t want to stop.
That Sunday afternoon, Jean persuaded her to receive pray in the Name of Jesus. Since the we have learned that Lynette has stopped smoking, and every time she thinks about a cigarette she gets a feeling of tightness in her chest. And just last week, Jean got a call to say that Lynette was going back to Church. Hallelujah! Camel, was the last to receive prayer, and the Holy spirit came upon her in the most amazing way; she is still wondering what it was all about. She is a lovely person, and is most deserving of God’s blessing.

A hurried last minute packing and we were off to the airport for the trip home, rejoicing in all that we had seen the Lord do in the midst of His people. Jean and I wish to thank all who supported us in prayerful and practical ways; the donations and the generous hospitality extended by so many. In doing so you have been part of it all, and we thank God for you and your thoughtfulness. The following communication would suggest that it not yet finished;-






Rev. Jim Rettie
2 Trentham Drive, Westhill
Inverness IV2 5TQ


Jim Rettie, 30/08/2007

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