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Care for ex-offenders

David Martin writes:

Caring for ex-offenders

The will be a meeting on Wednesday 19th September 2007 at 7.30pm at the King's Factory, Smithton, jointly sponsored by Prison Fellowship and Caring for Ex-offenders, to discuss how churches might help Ex-offenders. Caroline Crombie will speak on her experience in Aberdeen is running such a scheme.

FamilyAs a result of running Alpha courses in prisons many prisoners give their lives to Christ, when they are released it is all too easy for them to slip back into old bad company and habits. To try to break this cycle Holy Trinity Brompton (Alpha) has set up the Caring for Ex-offender Scheme as an independent operation.

Churches are encouraged to sign up to the Caring for Ex-offender scheme, and the meeting is to explain what is involved. In the scheme someone will meet the prisoner at the prison gate on release and help them make contact with a church in the scheme in their home area. For the scheme to work the Church - not just one or two individuals in it - have to sign up for the scheme.

Do you think your church would be interested? Come and hear more on the 19th.
Please be in touch if you have any questions or require further information.

 David or Ruth Martin (Prison Fellowship Inverness) 01463 237949


See article on work in Norwich with newly-released prisoners across the board

David Martin, 11/09/2007

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Peter Carr 19/12/2009 21:44

Just another thought for you to consider. A Christian by true definition is a follower of Christ, accepting Him for who He is as presented in the Bible, i.e., the Son of God and the Son of Man. Co-equal with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. Seeing Him as Saviour and Lord...
Penny Lee 19/12/2009 22:54

I have to agree with the others on this. The minute actual dates and years are mentioned, it sounds alarm bells. The Bible itself warns us against making these predictions: "No-one knows but the father". Everyone else in history who has predicted an event to take place in a particular year has always fallen flat on their face and I'm afraid this is another instance of it.

In the event that Jesus was 'crowned king', a title He already owned, I think the world would have known about it! Jesus' return is going to come as a thief in the night and not even Jesus knows the day. No man can put a time to it or anything else prophesied to happen and it is folly to even try. All that is required for a Christian is to be ready for that day whenever it occurs. Of course we can be vigilant and take note of world events but that's all the knowledge which is given to us.

Please Francis, don't let others lead you away from the truths of the Bible.

Please Francis,
Francis McCann (Guest) 22/12/2009 16:17
I have just come to the libary to give to Andrea and Peter research that i have pain stakenly gathered to shed some light and understanding on the question that yo both had asked me but to my dissmay what i have witten and researched on your behalf for the purpose of bearing a thorough wittness to the truth. Yet if i had to write this dwn now its very clear to me that it would be read with eyes tht cant see and ears that cant hear, you all seem to thnk that i belong to a cult but please believe me that i have not aquired teachers to "tickle" my ears. I SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH FROM ALL DIRECTIONS then evaluate on credibillity and proof i have been on thistrail of the truth for 4yrs and thats day in day out as i liv alone and the way in which i have seeked the truth could only be done in which surrcumstances i find myself and after looking at how christians tody praise god and the son jehovahs wittnesess are the only ones walking in and living by gdly standards so this is goodbye and i do hope tha you all are well and keep in fine spirits. Francis ps are you celebrating these christmas festivities?
Peter Carr 22/12/2009 16:27

Yes, wholeheartedly celebrating CHRISTmas, the wonderful truth is that; Jesus alone is the reason for the season.

Just one thought is one thing knowing the word of God. It is quite another knowing the God of the Word. He is One God in 3 persons (Father, Son and Spirit) as revealed in His Word.
Paul Whitworth (Guest) 22/12/2009 17:31

No I do not celebrate christmas, but that is for me to decide and for no one to impose. I do not praise you for abstaining and I would not condemn those who take part. Each does as his own concience sees fit.

I have not made my statements to you based upon the common J/W stereotypes, but on what you have written and on whos doctrine you adhere to. So I hope you keep up the dialogue for both our sakes.

'I SEARCH FOR TRUTH FROM ALL DIRECTIONS' Then don't cut off this one. How do you know that it will not bear fruit?
Penny Lee 22/12/2009 18:52

I too responded to you as I would to anyone who asked genuine questions. I do not need to know what particular path you are on to be able to comment on what I find in the Bible as the answers would be the same regardless of who asked them.

Your statement that JWs are the only ones living as God intended is very wide-sweeping and you can't possible know what is in individual hearts. Of course some of those who call themselves Christian don't live in a way which reflects what they profess, just as there are JWs and those from every other religion who do likewise. Don't you also think that we are also sure that we believe the truth? Only one at best can be right so that leaves an awful lot of people believing the wrong thing, no matter how sincerely that belief is held.

I believe that I have found the truth and, no doubt, so do you so we will just have to agree to differ and time itself will confirm which was correct, although even now I have all the assurance I need.

Never stop searching for the truth, Francis. You might just find that what you believe now eventually leads you on to something which brings a peace that passes all understanding and a realisation that you've finally found the pearl of greatest price.
Francis McCann (Guest) 24/12/2009 13:46
Thankyou all for your kind words of encouragement, yes we all seek to know the truth.I believe that our lord jesus came not to bring peace to earth but to cause division between father from son mother from daughter to seperate ultimetly man from false worship and back to pure worship of the father alone and if man took his words that he preached with the sermon on the mount mth:5-7 truly into thier hearts and lived by these words hour by hour day by day year in year out then what a world we all would be part of, but sadly most christians have taken such a simplistic way to live ones life and turned it into what way fits them the best and the reason for people taking such action is that to live in such a simplistic way takes much endurance on ones part to fight the fine fight to the end. So now thier are christians that live by this sermon some of the time then there are those who apply it most of the time yet there are still a minute number that live by this sermon all of the time. And this is why our lord said at that he has come with a sword not peace for everyone that heeds our lords words then a division would come even into your own personal family as the words in mth10:36-42 shows . I do realise that every man has his own individual way of advancing to the father which can only be achieved by following our lord and king Christ Jesus and i do pray that all with faith wether it be misguided including myself be able to whiten and refine themselfs by applying simple bible truth into our lives hr by hr day by day year in year out for the coming of the great day of GOD ALMIGHTY and honestly i hope that all are able to stand on such a day. Once again thankyou all for your comments and i hope that your individual seeking of the truth bears much fruit but we all must remember that faith alone will not save us, fine works have to be faiths loyal friend for we all are not defined with what we believe our faith is defined by our conduct towards every individual that we may come across and by our works that we do to solidify our faith.Well its time for me to go so whatever you all maybe doing at this time be of good cheer and goodwill not just for the festive season but every day that you awaken into another god given day for that is a knoble cause to celebrate. Francis
Penny Lee 24/12/2009 16:03
Thank you Francis for your good wishes and I wish you too a peaceful and God-filled festive season,

God bless.
FRANCIS McCANN (Guest) 21/01/2010 15:21
Peter i would like to be totally honest with you, i have had this nagging thought in my head when you stated that i have a reconized degree in theolgy. Now when a man states this sentance it brings one thing to my mind that this degree has been obtained in a correctional facility, which i myself have been found in on numerous times but only by the grace of godthe holy father jehovah i have not been back since 2000 i hope that you do not think that i am being to personal for say a student says i have a degree in theolgy for he has the knowledge that his degree would be reconized anywhere but when a man says i hae a reconized degree in theolgy then this degree would have been obtaianed in prison so am i correct or wrong
Peter Carr 21/01/2010 15:31
You are Wrong with a capital W. I attended a recocgnised mainstream Christian theology college, with no prison in sight. I have no idea where your thought came from, but I do know that it wasn't from The Lord.
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