Keeping Faith in Schools

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Keeping Faith in Schools

CARE Scotland's current roadshow on schools' issues is due to visit Inverness as follows:

Monday October 29th
Kingsview Christian Centre, Balnafettack Road, Inverness IV3 8TF

Each event starts at 7.30pm and will run until around 9.30pm.

Tea and coffee available from 7pm.

Presenters: Dr. Alastair Noble and CARE Scotland Manager Bill Baird

Part of CARE's pre-amble reads:

  • The formality of school boards is being replaced by a more flexible structure of parent councils
  • Religious observance in schools has become a celebration of 'the shared values of the school community’
  • The current school building programme is arguably the most extensive ever
  • Some secondary schools now operate as community schools
  • The Curriculum for Excellence promises significant changes in curriculum and assessment at all stages
  • There is now a formal pre-5 curriculum
  • Current programmes of sex and relationship education can create tensions between promoting sexual health and respecting faith positions

For parents of school-age children these developments can easily seem bewildering; so much changing in a short space of time.

As an organisation actively involved in monitoring and commenting on education, CARE for Scotland senses that this is an appropriate time to help Christian parents understand some of the current developments in Scottish education.

The series of roadshows planned around Scotland for autumn 2007 aims to encourage, inform and motivate Christian parents in their involvement with their children’s education.

<Click here> for more information from CARE's website; which has a facility for on-line booking.

Editor 27/10/2007 19:19
This should be an interesting and important meeting for those interested or involved in education.

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