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To the church and the nation of Britain

This prophetic word was received by the late Stewart Dool (who headed up Intercessors for Britain) in the week 23-27 July 2007. It was weighed and tested by others in senior positions of ministry.

first published 20/09/2007

Church and nationI am about to send fire upon you, the fire of My judgment, and it will consume on the right and on the left. All who have spurned My ways and My words will reap what they have sown, for in My burning anger I will judge the gods in whom you have put your trust, the gods of materialism and covetousness. The gold and the silver will be taken from you, and your portion will be emptiness, desolation and vanity.

I will bring the stability of your currency into doubt, to show you that it is I alone who caused you to prosper in the past. I raised you to prominence among the nations and gave you authority over many peoples: so you became rich, and boasted in your wealth, but I will bring you low, and the nations over whom you once ruled will say “What has happened to this great nation?”

As you have feared other gods, and not feared Me, so I will visit your deeds upon you. Your idolatries have led you astray, and you have become like those before whom you bow down. I commanded your fathers that they should not fear the gods of the nations, but you have not obeyed Me. Therefore I have given you into the hands of abominations and all manner of uncleanness.

Darkness will envelope those who have led my people into false light, for I will no longer forbear in my wrath. I will blind them, and they shall stumble in the perversity of their ways. Many shall follow them into darkness and be taken in the snare of the wicked, for they have loved to wander, and they have not watched the path of their feet.

My people give heed to those who prophesy a lie, and they delight in the teachers of falsehood. They run to those who steal from them by their destructive heresies, for they cannot discern the paths of righteousness. A wave of deception is about to break forth that will sweep many away, therefore take heed to yourselves, and cling to the word of My truth. I am bringing My Church to a time of testing, and I will search the hearts of all who call upon My name, and I will know those who are mine, and they shall know their God.

My displeasure will be visited upon your Government, for those who rule over you have become offensive to Me, as they have set aside My laws and My statutes, exalting the wicked and despising My holy name. You have not abhorred bloodshed, therefore the blood of your sons and daughters will lie in your streets, until you learn that as the cry of the unborn calls to me for vengeance, so I shall require it of you.

All these things I will do, because you have rejected Me, and thought that your own power could save you. Yet even now, if you will cry out to Me, and turn from your wickedness, I will spare. Nevertheless, I will chasten you in measure, and you shall know that I am the Lord. My beloved ones, the hour of My patience will not continue much longer. I call your therefore to seek my face with earnestness and zeal, that I may extend compassion to your land and people.


The Editor, 04/02/2019

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Steve McCreery (Guest) 11/08/2008 14:16
One thing dear brothers and sisters in Christ that is becoming increasingly apparent and echoed through a number of Prophetic words is the need for believers, the bride of Christ, to unite in humble repentance and agonise for mercy against the wind of judgement coming upon our nation. To reverse the curse of the prevalent jezebel spirit and come clean before God. There is a planned March of Repentance next July 18th 2009 in London; prayerfully consider joining. Web page not up yet so further details from Project Events Manager------Ed note:Hello Steve,Thanks for your comments re the need for repentance. Many years ago (1988) Intercessors for Britain organised a Day of Prayer and Repentance for the UK, and (in Inverness) we joined into that initiative.Every blessing on your project and we would be interested in details once these become available. However, for Scotland, the main summer holiday period is July (and the beginning of July particularly).It would be interesting to gather thoughts on what (specifically) we need to repent of....
Anthony (Guest) 04/09/2008 13:44
Is this march of repentance also organised by the Intercessors for Britain?
Steve McCreery (Guest) 22/09/2008 15:54
Greetings Anthony,
The march is being organised by Chris Rowley (Elim), Christian Voice and hosted by Christian Concern for our Nation. It is open cross denominationally to any believer who has a heart and passion to redeem this nation... and as the Editor of this web site commented " it would be interesting to gather thoughts on what we need to repent of"?
What do you think?
Observer of the scene (Guest) 24/10/2008 09:40
In 2005 the following was posted on a message list (i.e. pre-Lakeland). It could probably be added to significantly.


* Church Growth Movement
In societies' flight away from God and the churches, many church leaders are being caught up in - even hungrily imbibing - what some have called a "Cross-less Christianity". In a desire to see large numbers in the pews, "principle" - what is "right" - has been abandoned for "pragmatism" -"what "works". The word "sin" is now politically-incorrect; and should not be used because it turns people off.
Leaders are running to and fro across the globe - and also accessing locally - whatever, in their estimation, is producing the best results. And by "best results" meaning numerical growth rather than true spiritual growth.

* McDonaldisation of the Church
The supermarket mentality (one-stop shop) is turning many urban churches into the equivalent of out-of-town shopping malls. "Have all your spiritual comfort-needs met here!" And much of what is "on sale" (literally and metaphorically) is designed to pander to essentially selfish ("what blesses me") desires. Worshippers criss-cross their cities to the ecclesiastical supermarket of their choice whilst small rural congregations are sucked dry of support.
There are Christians travelling literally hundreds of miles on a Sunday to get to their "church of choice".

* The "dumbing-down" of the Christian's mind
The multi-media rapid-fire messages of our consumer-orientated advertisment-driven society has now produced a generation of believers whose eyes glass over if presented with more than a page of text to read. It is just too much trouble!
Preachers are being urged to compact sermons into sound-bites (and these designed to bring self-gratification to the hearers rather than conviction). And there are stories of some preachers now breaking up their sermons with "ads" in the middle. How many Christians do we see carrying their Bibles about?
Many are now taking their theology and doctrines from paperback novels and ("Christian?") self-help books. And churches are doing "Bible studies" (sic) on seeker-sensitive best-sellers written by mere men. While - in any one book - some of the material which believers are reading is good, it is (often, increasingly and very dangerously) mixed in with new age spiritualities and secular business philosophies. This is creating a downward spiral amongst disciples who are reading books more than they are reading their Bibles; and accordingly are less-well equipped to distinguish between the Truth and the error contained (sometimes) in the human writings to which they are increasingly turning.

* The move away from personal salvation to community/city transformation
God's master plan for saving the world is to bring individuals - one-at-a-time and personally - to Himself through Jesus Christ.
However there is (it would seem) a widespread notion that what God wants to do is "clean up our communities". And that He aims to achieve through Christians who, by their efforts and cleverness, can unite to create a kind of spiritual vapour spray which will cleanse the prevailing atmosphere. Communties are (will be) transformed by personally changed lives rather than Christian "politics" in high places (good though that might be). '"Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit', says the Lord Almighty".
Meanwhile, and very sadly, it seems that Christians are often unable to assemble humbly and inconspicuously together in any one place to pray, but rather create another/high-profile "World Prayer Centre" or "Global Prayer Network". (Matt. 6:5)

* Managing problems rather than dealing with the issues
Many churches are allowing serious spiritual problems (faulty relationships, occult practices, serious error, etc.) to continue unchecked in their fellowships, provided these are "kept out of sight"; or the various situations "managed" to achieve a (false) peace. It is much less trouble to tolerate the situation than bring a biblical discipline to bear. (cf Phil 4:2-3)
But - sooner or later - these problems (which are meanwhile a continuous drain on the sprititual life from a fellowship) erupt in a very public and damaging way.

* Trusting in human efforts
It is tremendous that many Christians and organisations continue to take their various stands for righteousness; and vigorously seek to oppose the contrary and downward trends in our societies and legislation. And we pray that God will encourage every one of His saints who seeks to be "salt" in a putrefying world.

However, it is unlikely these efforts will, in themselves, succeed. They might win some victories; and these might serve to slow the rate of decline, but our societies and nations are (mainly) in open rebellion against God. And it is only a sovereign move of God which will correct this situation. Oh that God would bring us to our knees; and maybe He is or maybe He will.

* Married to the spirit of the age
Many of us have succumbed to the values, world views, life-styles, ambitions, aspirations, priorities and fashions of the prevailing secular culture. Kids' education, cars, holidays, kitchens, houses, careers, entertainment, recreational pursuits, etc. etc. absorb so much of the mental, physical and financial resources of God's people, that they have little left to give into the work of the Kingdom.
These "things" have become false gods.

* Turning to "Egypt" for help
Many Christians - in terms of personal well-being and financial support - are turning to secular "helps" and methods rather than going to their Father in heaven. This is very marked when it comes to matter of health. Believers are resorting to new-age (alternative) medical treatments rather than "calling for the elders of the church". (James 5:14)
This is not to say that every treatment in the "alternative" camp is essentially wrong or harmful; but many are - some are deadly even. And without discernment (which is often cast to the wind) the Christian puts him(her)self in great peril.
Meanwhile, in terms of financial security, I wonder how many of yesterday's missionaries ensured that they had well-stocked pension schemes before they embarked on their life's work? (Matt 6:24-34)

* Caught up in "busyness"
I am sure that the Lord looks down on us and says: "I never made them in order for them to behave that way."
And the still small voice that would say "This is the way; walk in it", is overwhelmed by the "noise" of our activities. If the enemy of God can't get us flat on our backs he will have us run off our feet.

Brian Johnson (Guest) 09/12/2008 21:51
Readers may be interested to visit the UK website which is calling UK Christians to prayer and preaching for revival.
Editor 10/12/2008 10:30
Thanks for the information Brian. If you wish to leave links to websites etc. please be in touch and we can discuss that.
John.B (Guest) 05/11/2009 23:33
As a Christian I thank God for people like those in Intecessors for Britain. People who have the courage and determination to earnestly seek a message from God about our nation. Our nation is a mess no doubt about it and deserves judgement, but we must remember that all is not yet lost. We must repent as a nation and realise that God is holy and righteous - there is still hope. God disciplines us because He loves us and he must judge sin. He also forgives the repentant. Never forget the cross and what was done there!
Stuart Kirkham (Guest) 19/03/2010 12:02
I came across this excellent website. As a member of Intercessors for Britain I was interested in information on Stewart Dool. My wife & I know Ray Borlase though we have not met Stewart.
We received an e-mail from a friend today informing us that Stewart had been admitted into hospital,I don't know the exact details, it maybe his conition has deteriorated. In any case he needs prayer, so I thought I would inform those who hadn't heard the latest news.
God Bless.
Richard (Guest) 18/10/2010 11:05
I've been a Christian 45 years and have long carried a burden for my country.

In that time I have lived through an almost complete degradation of the institutional church, watched it sell out to public opinion and off stage pressure groups; the while neglecting the most precious and revealing Word.

I have seen many 'movements of the Spirit,' come and go, largely proving false and money makers for the few while the Holy Spirit is scorned and rejected.

Compared with just 45 years ago, the Christian scene in the UK is shattered, invaded by the world, given to griefs and greed. It has severed it's own head by disconnecting from the Head.

Most grievous of all to me is the observation, Christians have been forced into a Diaspora; perhaps it's where it all began, the few in a worldly wilderness.

We're disconnected from each other; our prayer abilities curtailed because we no longer meet together. Our influence for good in this nation is ignored - we are no longer allowed a forum from which to guide this nation whom God once made great.

And this, by our own hand.

We Christians have allowed humanists, secularist, gays, lesbians and so many other unbelievers to gain sway and take power - we did not stand up and be counted or heard. Too many have believed another gospel, and we all are paying the price.

What a place have we made for Satan. In my generation we have allowed a verdant pasture to become a corrupt playing field, a minefield for all who venture onto it.

That our nation is being judged by Almighty God according to his Word is of little doubt, and we can't now cry out against it. We have been terrible stewards of that which was delivered to us by the Apostles and our natural fathers.

What answer do we give when called to give a personal account. And be sure, that is going to be our lot!

Peter Carr 18/10/2010 11:49
Richard (guest) said "We Christians have allowed humanists, secularist, gays, lesbians and so many other unbelievers to gain sway and take power - we did not stand up and be counted or heard. Too many have believed another gospel, and we all are paying the price."

How do you square your statement with Rom 1: 24?

"Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another."

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