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To the church and the nation of Britain

This prophetic word was received by the late Stewart Dool (who headed up Intercessors for Britain) in the week 23-27 July 2007. It was weighed and tested by others in senior positions of ministry.

first published 20/09/2007

Church and nationI am about to send fire upon you, the fire of My judgment, and it will consume on the right and on the left. All who have spurned My ways and My words will reap what they have sown, for in My burning anger I will judge the gods in whom you have put your trust, the gods of materialism and covetousness. The gold and the silver will be taken from you, and your portion will be emptiness, desolation and vanity.

I will bring the stability of your currency into doubt, to show you that it is I alone who caused you to prosper in the past. I raised you to prominence among the nations and gave you authority over many peoples: so you became rich, and boasted in your wealth, but I will bring you low, and the nations over whom you once ruled will say “What has happened to this great nation?”

As you have feared other gods, and not feared Me, so I will visit your deeds upon you. Your idolatries have led you astray, and you have become like those before whom you bow down. I commanded your fathers that they should not fear the gods of the nations, but you have not obeyed Me. Therefore I have given you into the hands of abominations and all manner of uncleanness.

Darkness will envelope those who have led my people into false light, for I will no longer forbear in my wrath. I will blind them, and they shall stumble in the perversity of their ways. Many shall follow them into darkness and be taken in the snare of the wicked, for they have loved to wander, and they have not watched the path of their feet.

My people give heed to those who prophesy a lie, and they delight in the teachers of falsehood. They run to those who steal from them by their destructive heresies, for they cannot discern the paths of righteousness. A wave of deception is about to break forth that will sweep many away, therefore take heed to yourselves, and cling to the word of My truth. I am bringing My Church to a time of testing, and I will search the hearts of all who call upon My name, and I will know those who are mine, and they shall know their God.

My displeasure will be visited upon your Government, for those who rule over you have become offensive to Me, as they have set aside My laws and My statutes, exalting the wicked and despising My holy name. You have not abhorred bloodshed, therefore the blood of your sons and daughters will lie in your streets, until you learn that as the cry of the unborn calls to me for vengeance, so I shall require it of you.

All these things I will do, because you have rejected Me, and thought that your own power could save you. Yet even now, if you will cry out to Me, and turn from your wickedness, I will spare. Nevertheless, I will chasten you in measure, and you shall know that I am the Lord. My beloved ones, the hour of My patience will not continue much longer. I call your therefore to seek my face with earnestness and zeal, that I may extend compassion to your land and people.


The Editor, 04/02/2019

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Peter Carr 04/07/2008 15:43
There seems to be a reality coming to life from this prophecy. However my concern is how do we share it with our churches without causing panic, or in a way that can see it accepted without being blown out of the water?
Iain Smith (Guest) 04/07/2008 23:31
I don't think that these questions would have troubled Jeremiah or Ezekiel....
Peter Carr 05/07/2008 07:56
True, but God is the same God of time and eternity, therefore what was relevant for those prophets was consistant to what God was doing then. It is now more than 2000 years later, we live in a different culture with a different mindset, therefore we are called to be relevant to this culture and not to one from over 2000 years ago!
joan fletcher (Guest) 05/07/2008 09:49
True peter the culture is different, but the message of the truth must still be proclaimed especially to those who are blind and ignorant in our churches. If we fail to share the truth, we fail in our responsibility to snatch them from the fire. Jude v 23
Peter Carr 05/07/2008 11:16
Good we are agreed on that! But going back to the prophecy which is for the church and Britain. My concern is still (concerning the church);

"There seems to be a reality coming to life from this prophecy. However my concern is how do we share it with our churches without causing panic, or in a way that can see it accepted without being blown out of the water?"

Iain Smith (Guest) 05/07/2008 21:11
We speak out clearly (with humility) what we are hearing from the Lord by His Spirit and His Word. It is neither our responsibility nor concern regarding how it is received.

Young Jeremiah stood at the door of the temple and warned about temple worship (can you imaging how that would have gone down then; or how it would go down now)?
Meanwhile Ezekiel was told in advance by God that the people wouldn't listen to him; but he was still given the message to speak.

What is of more concern is whether today's message is being watered down to take account of the sensitivities of the listeners. And those at greatest temptation are those pastors/teachers who are in single pastor/teacher churches and dependant on a large congregation for their support.

By extension those who are at most risk are those in these congregations i.e. of hearing only diluted and sanitised messages.
Peter Carr 06/07/2008 07:44
Thank you Iain!
Joan Fletcher (Guest) 06/07/2008 10:54
Thank you Ian "He that an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches;
Anthony (Guest) 08/07/2008 17:47
Perhaps panic is called for?

The church has been complacent for so long.
joan fletcher (Guest) 18/07/2008 10:26
No dear anthony panic would acheive nothing but prayer will. If we turn to The Almighty God seeking His mercy and forgiveness in true repentance. Then He may hear our cry. Remember jonas message to Ninevah ? God heard and spared them. 2 Chronicles 7- 14 Let us pray that He will bring us to our knees in the same manner and His mercy prevail.
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