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Abortion, euthanasia and the SCP

Letter from Donald Boyd (SCP)

Dear Friend

 Today is the 40th anniversary of the Abortion Act 1967.  Since then 6.7 million abortions have taken place, rising from 2,000/year to almost 200,000/year.

 The British Medical Association has changed its stance on euthanasia.  From a position of opposition it will now adopt a neutral stance and let the public decide, as if doctors are not in the best position to give an opinion.  Neither a medical nor a moral lead will be given.

 We need a Christian Party more than ever.

 Following our successful Highland Conference in Inverness on 15/9/2007, delegates wish to have monthly meetings to discuss policy issues on a one by one basis.

 The first of these meetings will take place on Monday 12/11/2007 at 7.30 p.m. at the Kingsview Christian Centre, Inverness, God willing.

 Even if you cannot come yourself, please pass on this notice to anyone whom you think will be interested.

 For those of you who can manage, we will also have a lunchtime Prayer Meeting in the CYC (Christian Youth Centre), formerly the YMCA, Bank Street, Inverness on each Monday of the month which does not have a Business meeting.  Come and go as you are able. 

So the first Prayer Meeting will be 5/11/2007, the second on 13/11/2007, D.V.  The lead for this will be John Lister who can be contacted at

Brian L (Guest) 28/10/2007 18:23
On the 40th anniversary of the Abortion Act, does anyone know of any Christian leader/denomination that has spoken out publicly on the issue of abortion issue (apart from the Roman Catholic Church)?
Editor 31/10/2007 08:58
Excellent Media Coverage

We thank God for using The Rally so powerfully

Saturday 27th October, the 40th anniversary of the abortion law in the United Kingdom, was hailed as a success by the organisers, as an estimated 2000 people stood outside Parliament to listen to speakers including an MP, Pro life group leaders and a 17 year old girl who was nearly aborted.

The rain held off as many gathered to listen to opening speech by MP Jim Dobson. Jim Dobson, a member of the All Party Pro Life committee, recounted his view of how the Abortion bill initially became law in 1967. He ended by saying he felt the mood was changing in the nation, particularly by a new generation of doctors who are voting with their feet, and increasingly refusing to get involved in performing terminations for women.

Marion Bletchley a mother, gave a moving testimony of her choice to have an abortion many years ago which she has grown to regret ever since. Citing little opportunity to really discuss the options at the time, and peer pressure as a young working lady, she has latterly come to realise that she wishes she hadn’t made the choice she did. She later found herself pregnant again but this time chose to not abort and, despite difficulties, raised that child as a single mum.

Antoinette, a 17 year old - born to a disabled mum who was advised to terminate early in her pregnancy - took the microphone and proudly listed her artistic achievements and exam results. As she spoke she was a visual prophecy of what could have been many millions of times over for the children that have been lost to abortion since 1967. She pleaded that the government listen and realise that time had come to end abortion

March & Services

After further speeches from Pastor Ade Omooba, Julia Millington from Pro Life Party and Andrea Williams from Christian Concern for our Nation/Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship the crowd started a march towards Westminster Cathedral where the cathedral was packed for a service of commemoration. A powerful service also took at Westminster Chapel where the preacher Greg Haslem challenged the Church to stand for Truth in a society which had let go of biblical values.

Excellent Media Coverage

Throughout the day the event got excellent media coverage, with BBC News 24 and Sky News covering the story repeatedly over the day.

You can watch and read media reports of the event on our new CCFONtv Media Centre web page – including the reports from BBC & Sky, as well as links to the news paper articles from Sunday 28th’s editions at

We have also uploaded an 11 minute video of the event showing many clips from the rally and march, including an interview from Andrea Williams. This is also on the CCFONtv Media Centre webpage above.

A selection of photos from the event can also be seen online on our website.

(Posted on behalf of from CCFON)

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