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On whom and on what is our faith founded?

(This article was first published in November 2007)

The IndependentOn Tuesday 7 November 2007, the Independent newspaper  carried a piece on the front page -

A financial crisis that began in the US is coming to a home near you

As American banks admit the billion-dollar scale of their losses, Bank of England Governor warns that the worst is still to come in Britain.

A few weeks earlier, during the panic surrounding the "Northern Rock" crisis, I found myself writing a piece which has now been published in Sword - a Christian magazine. <Click here> to read it.

We live in a fragile and (sometimes) fearful world; and as God "shakes all things", we - as Christians - are put on our mettle. How we respond will bear testimony (or not) to where our faith and security is based.


Footnote: Sword is a Christian magazine published bimonthly. Its predecessor - Prophecy Today International - was published to take God's Word to our society. Sword's principle focus is to the church.

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Addendum 24/11/08

4 bear markets

The Editor, 18/09/2008

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