Inverness/Highland/Island Christian Orchestra?

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Over a period of years there has been a steady increase in the number of gifted Christian musicians in the area. And with organisations like the Gospel Male Voice Choir, Highland Harmony and events such as the recent Prom Praise there is obviously a heart to work together in the field of music to the glory of God.



My Jesus, My Saviour

Has the time come to form an

Inverness/Highland/Island Christian Orchestra?

There are choirs already formed - the Gospel Male Voice Choir and Highland Harmony
                               Highland Harmony Singers
Highland Harmony Singers (for more information <click here>)

If you are interested in the prospect of an orchestra, you are invite to: -

Christians Together, 03/09/2008

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Editor 04/12/2007 23:13
Hi Jason, Thanks for your helpful and supportive comments. Will give you a ring as I am building up a list of interested parties; and we will need to think and pray through how to proceed.
Colin Peckham (Guest) 05/12/2007 21:55
Great idea. All the best with it. Good wishes from those of us at Origin Scotland (Exile Chamber Orchestra and Choir) - Any help we can offer feel free to ask. I see Jason has already offered to support as well. I'd certainly take him up on that if I were you!
God bless your endeavours for Him,
Ministry Leader
Origin Scotland
Editor 05/12/2007 22:44
Thanks Colin. Will give you a ring if I may. It sounds as if you (and Jason and others) have "done the business and got the tee shirt". We can learn from you. Much to chat about. And say "Hello" to your Mum and Dad.
Editor 06/12/2007 08:06
There seems to be quite a bit of interest in all of this.
And it has been very encouraging (and perhaps significant/providential) that both Jason McAuley and Colin Peckham (see earlier messages)have obviously become aware of this discussion and - "out of the blue" - commented as they have; and so supportively.
So with the approach of "The Year of Homecoming" in 2009 maybe the Lord is giving us all a "prompt" to look at how this might go forward.
In a chat with Elsie Normington last night (Elsie organised the recent "Prom Praise" in Inverness) on an unrelated matter we got talking about all of this, and the notion of that sort of rally could become a yearly event as part of it all.
Let's continue to pray and to share thoughts in order to discern what exactly the Lord's direction is in these things.
Elsie Normington (Guest) 06/12/2007 18:31
After hosting the hugely successful "Highland PROM praise" in November, I am very keen to hear from any Christian musicians who would like to share their talents at another "Highland PROM praise" event in November 2008. It also has potential to grow into a week-end of activities, where we could provide Master Classes, Jam Sessions, Worship Sessions and Forum for discussion on Christian Music issues. I would appreciate feedback from these ideas.
Editor 07/12/2007 11:02
Thanks Elsie for sharing your thoughts.
And picking up on Elsie's note, there is a "Send in your contact details" link further up this page which you can use to send in your essential details to the site.
Or just click on -
This can then be used to keep you informed; and also to carry your thoughts and news to others.
Editor 12/12/2007 13:20
Two encouraging conversations -
1. Major Paul Billard (Salvation Army) thinks that a Highland "Songs of Praise" would be a great thing to do.
2. There is someone locally who would be very well able and is willing to serve as "musical director".

Great possibilities for the glory of God!
Editor 31/01/2008 15:52
There are some developments in the discussions about a Highland Christian music grouping. If you are interested, then please register your interest -


Editor 03/09/2008 14:57
An informal meeting was held in Inverness recently with some of those who are interested and involved in the local music and choir activities.
Jason McAuley who is the Artistic Director of the New Scottish - - very kindly came up to Inverness from his home in the Central Belt to share with those gathered some of his wealth of experience with Christians involved in music, singing and drama.

Interested parties are invited to add to this discussion thread and/or register their interest at -

Alternatively, please be in touch with -
Helene Macrae 03/09/2008 16:24
..ummm ..hello..while still in b.c. canada..when i was moaning to the Lord..why didn't you give me the gift of singing... He smiled back and said.. "some of my children have to be listeners and encouragers.." guullp..okay.. so to all of you in the highlands that desire this music for the Lord to take place..say yes.!. please and agree and do..set this music weekend up for the glory of God..and He will fulfill all your other desires about His name only.. yes..?.. ahmen...
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