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Highland Festival
Press Release by Luis Palau Association

In an otherwise dull and declining spiritual climate, church leaders in Scotland are moving forward with hope and faith. Their hearts for sharing the love of Jesus Christ – and winning their country back to its Gospel roots – compel them toward Highland Festival with Luis Palau on June 19-20, 2009.

In the weeks leading up to the culminating large celebration in Inverness, mini-festivals will take place in a number of the smaller communities across the Highlands (including Thurso, Buckie, and others).

You can help! Join the Luis Palau team in proclaiming the truth of Jesus Christ to a land in desperate need of His love. Together, we will encourage pastors, bless leaders, and boldly proclaim the truth throughout Scotland.


Highland Festival with Luis Palau includes nearly 50 evangelistic events over two weeks

(Inverness, Scotland) In an otherwise declining spiritual climate, an excitement is burning today in Scotland. More than 100 churches have come together to partner with world evangelist Luis Palau for a far-reaching campaign with the goal of winning Scotland back to Jesus Christ.

“I have a tremendous love for Scotland,” said Palau. “My family in Argentina became Christians back in the 1940s through the witness of missionaries from this area. Today, it is an honor for me to partner with the churches and believers there.”

More than half the region’s churches are involved, representing most denominations. Highland Festival with Luis Palau is anticipated to be the largest and most significant outreach since the Highland Revivals in the 1940s and 50s.

The mission spans two weeks and includes nearly 50 events that will culminate in Inverness. Starting June 8, Luis Palau, son Andrew Palau, and other partner evangelists with Luis’ Next Generation Alliance® will proclaim the Gospel in 8 towns and villages throughout the Highlands. They include Gairlock, Mallaig, Lochinver, Golspie, Buckie, Fort William, Thurso, and Forres. In addition, affinity events are planned specifically for women and business leaders, and thirty school assemblies will feature live action sports demos for youth.

On June 17-18, Luis Palau will speak at large indoor gatherings featuring traditional music performances by the All Souls Orchestra from London. The culminating outdoor festival will be on June 19-20 at Bught Park in Inverness. Performing artists include Delirious, Hillsong London, LZ7, and other musicians well-known in the United Kingdom. Local churches have committed to follow up with those who respond to the Gospel or have questions about the Christian faith.

In an effort to bless the community through this campaign, a massive area-wide food drive is being conducted throughout June, helping meet the needs of the community and replenish area food banks.

Luis Palau and his ministry have shared the Gospel with more than 1 billion people worldwide through events and media. His radio broadcast in both English and Spanish are heard by millions on over 2,600 radio stations in 48 countries. His festivals have produced some of the largest audiences ever recorded in cities from south Florida to South America.
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