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Coaltion for Marriage launch
[Please note: The following comes from the Christian Institute. Scotland has a separate but related initiative but the consultation period for this issue (in Scotland) is now closed. - Ed.]

A new campaign is launched today: the Coalition for Marriage. The aim of the Coalition is to stop the redefinition of marriage to introduce same-sex marriage. Homosexual activists are demanding this radical change which would abolish the traditional definition of marriage and impose a new version on the whole of society.

The Scottish Government recently held its consultation on redefining marriage. The Government at Westminster will begin its own consultation next month. There is widespread opposition across Britain to same-sex marriage. The Coalition for Marriage will seek to engage concerned citizens across society, from religious and non-religious backgrounds, in the campaign to protect marriage. Together with many others, the Institute is backing the campaign.

Marriage has always been for one man and one woman. Throughout our history and across the world marriage has been the bedrock of society and enabled communities to prosper. If marriage is redefined, what is to stop it being rewritten in other ways? Will the legalisation of polygamy be next? There will certainly be profound consequences for religious liberty. The implications are far-reaching.

Sign the petition now
The starting point for the campaign is a new nationwide petition which gives people across the UK the opportunity to register their concern. Please sign the petition online now at: and then email your friends encouraging them to sign up too.

The Coalition for Marriage is an entirely separate organisation to Scotland for Marriage ( but has its full support. Scotland for Marriage remains the umbrella group in Scotland.

Politicians from all parts of the UK will vote on any legislation at Westminster. Coalition for Marriage is therefore seeking signatories to its new petition from across the UK.

Do encourage your friends and neighbours to sign the petition. Anyone who is aged 16 or over and who lives in the UK can sign. The British public have a great affection for marriage. Many non-Christians will support keeping marriage for one man and one woman.

We are aiming for 100,000 names by Easter. If everyone on the Institute’s mailing list signs up five people this is easily within reach.

Please pray
It is vitally important that Christians pray for the protection of marriage. Please do pray for people in public life to courageously defend marriage, for The Christian Institute and for widespread opposition across society to redefining marriage.

Yours in Christ,

Colin Hart
Editor 20/02/2012 19:49