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Satanic oppressionPeter Carr19/07/2007324/07/2019 21:20Mini
Economic DownsizingAndrew Moore13/05/20091030/05/2010 16:29Peter Carr
Open Doors: Prayer for Maryam and MarziehEditor12/04/20101  
Joyce Blancharda h06/06/20081710/03/2010 20:39a h
Pray for my friend.a h15/06/2009225/07/2009 11:07a h
Common good fund applicationTommie Mackay06/03/20081  
Palistinian ChristiansEditor14/10/2007214/10/2007 12:44Peter Carr
Prayer for Russian Bible SchoolEditor17/08/20071  
Summer Holiday clubs - outreachAnnette Maclean24/07/20071  
Prayer for work on Fortrose streets.Editor09/07/20071  
Prayer for Liam Munro from ThursoEditor27/06/20071  
Pray for additional Youth WorkersEditor25/06/20071  
Court Case for NI SORsEditor01/06/20071  
Prayer requests from the Scottish Christian PartyEditor14/03/20071