What can you do in ... 7 Minutes?

Make a coffee? Hang out the washing? Send a text message? Clean your shoes? Or .........????
7 plus picturesThistle Channnel TV and Christians Together are, and have been compiling a series of interviews with believers in Jesus Christ.

And 7 Minutes is just what it says: 7 Minutes.
These interviews have been edited down into 7 minutes to match the attention-span of our very busy sound-bite age.
Each 7 Minutes is designed to convey a sample of what it means to one of a range of people to follow Jesus and a life with God.

You can see (below) a 'trailer' comprising snapshots from some of the interviews that have been completed. These interviews are intended to be stories from all walks of life and testimonies covering all aspects of life: no subject is off-limits. We are talking straight forward, honest and open discussion…….

 7 Minute 'snapshots' 
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Our first interview was with Brian Irvine, former professional footballer who told us of his life as a footballer, playing for Aberdeen, appearing for the Scottish international team; scoring against Celtic in a Cup Final and then faced with the shocking news of a diagnosis of MS. But God met with him in it; indeed prepared him in advance.

Laura Maxwell has been interviewed by us for her 7 Minutes when she visited the Highlands to complete a DVD that will accompany her book. Getting involved in spiritualism and the occult. From tragedy through this Laura went on a quest to discover the true meaning and agenda of the spiritual world.

Other life-stories that are being edited right now include Major (Rtd.) Iain Alasdair Macdonald, Rev David Robertson, John Wilson, Drew Kuzma….. and more.

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Brian Irvine Womans head Mans head Womans head
Brian Irvine

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Thistle Channel/Christians Together, 31/12/2010